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The Omega Agency

The Omega Agency is the one running the show. They run the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, control the Bilderburgers, the whole ball of wax. They are who people are talking about when one says orders come from “above the President”.

The Omega Agency consists of a network set up much like the CIA. There

are thousands world-wide who take their orders directly from the ruling

council of the Omega Agency. This council consists of 10 to 12 people.

George Bush and Alexander C. Haig are the only two names that I know at

this point who sit on the council of the Omega Agency. The OA is the

driving force behind what is commonly called the “New World Order.” The

OA’s office is located at Langley AFB.

The OA originally planned to establish their world-wide control in 1995.

But it was deemed that the time was not right, so they set a new target

date for sometime in the year 2000. They are, above all else, a patient

lot. Their plans to bring the world under one governing body, namely

themselves, have been long in the making and thoroughly thought out.

They plan to establish their NWO, for lack of a better term, in a time

span of no less than 5 days. And they intend to do it without open war.

How exactly this will be accomplished, I don’t know yet.

Recall when President Reagan was shot. Haig made the statements to the

press that “I’m in charge now.” If you’ll remember, he caught a lot of

flack for that, and shortly thereafter, he was accused of various things

that ruined his name politically. This was done by members of Congress

who were aware of his seat on the Omega Agency council, and they feared

losing their claim to power. Haig jumped the gun in his statements, and

ended up giving up his political position because of it. Had Reagan died,

we would have had Bush as President, and Haig as Secretary of State. Two

men in power who sit on the OA council. But because of the stink raised

by a few members of Congress, Haig faded into the background rather than

risk exposure of his connection to the OA, or of the OA itself.

Recall when the Gulf War started. Bush used the exact words “ New World

Order” in his speech to the country. He said it several times, that the

Gulf War marked the beginning of a NWO. The Gulf War was not a war about

oil or the freedom of the people of Kuwait . It was a test of how well

multi-national troops under the guidance of the UN would react in a war

situation. The same holds true for Somalia and Bosnia . Multi-national

troops under the direction of the UN. The Omega Agency controls the UN.

Bush didn’t lose the election to Clinton . Bush needed to be out of the

limelight of the presidency in order to concentrate on and escalate the

plans of the Omega Agency. And in Clinton , they had a stooge who would not

rock the boat and who would do what he was told. Notice how quick Clinton

has been to commit US troops to UN peace-keeping forces here and there.

Notice who Clinton appointed as Secretary of State - Madeline Albright, the

UN lady. Notice who Clinton gave federal land to - the UN.

Why the need for a one-world government? The reasoning of the Omega Agency

is this: Simply put, the bullshit has got to stop. Crime is out of

control on a world-wide basis, especially in the US . People are out of

control, not taking responsibility for themselves or their actions.

Population growth is out of control on a world-wide level. The judicial

system of the US is a joke. The political system of the US and most

countries world-wide is a joke, corrupted and polluted by greed and

power-hungry people who don’t care about the population they were elected

or appointed to serve. Under the governing body the Omega Agency plans

to put in power, this would end. End of trial by jury. End of living off

of society and not contributing your fair share. End of taking advantage

of others for one’s own personal gain. All who are able would contribute

to the growth and well-being of the world’s society, or they would pay the

price for not pulling their fair share.

What is this price? Basically, it will be like this:

Those who are able physically and mentally to work will do so. If you have

a job/profession at the time that the OA takes over, you will continue in

that job/profession. If you are drawing welfare, but are physically able

to work, you will work. Personal freedoms to come and go as one pleases

world-wide will not change. Basically, the OA doesn’t care what people do

to amuse themselves, entertain themselves, etc., as long as they are

working and contributing to the society as a whole. But there will be zero

tolerance of any act that hurts/harms another. Crimes against another

or against society will be met with the death penalty, if such crime is

of a severe nature such as murder/rape/robbery. What is now considered

a felony crime will be punishable by death. What is now considered a

misdemeanor crime will be punishable by imprisonment on a work farm for

a number of years equal to what the OA considers suitable payback for said

crime against society. These work farms will be in the business of growing

food, manufacture of clothing, textiles, etc. People sent to these farms

will work for the specified time, or will be eliminated.

There will be zero tolerance for any crime that hurts/harms/infringes on

the life of others. Example - a person making threatening phone calls to

another will be picked up and sent to one of the work farms. A person

committing a drive-by shooting will be punished with immediate death.

The policing of the populous will be carried out by men/women who are

already chosen and merely waiting for the time when they will go to work

for the OA openly. Most are current and/or former military people who

worked special ops while on active duty. These people will be responsible

for seeking out those guilty of a crime. Once the person is located, they

will inform that person that they are guilty of said crime and immediately

put a bullet in their head. End of crime problem from that person. Should

the person’s crime not warrant the death penalty, these Public Security

Officers will pick up the person and deliver them to the work farm. If

the person resists, they will be shot on the spot. No trial, no jury,

no lawyer, no Miranda rights. The Public Security Officer will have the

authority to act as sole judge, jury, and executioner of the punishment

that the OA declares fits the crime.

Population control will be accomplished by mandatory birth control by

all people, men as well as women. Abortion will be freely available.

There will be zero tolerance for child-bearing out of wedlock. The

institute of marriage is looked upon with favor by the OA. There will

be a limit of 2 children per couple allowed. Should one become pregnant

after the 2-child limit has been reached, and dispite the use of birth

control, then the options will be either to have an abortion or to increase

one’s work load to compensate society for the burden of the extra child.

Birth control and abortion will be completely acceptable in the eyes of

the various religions world-wide. It will, in fact, be encouraged and

mandatory under some religious doctrines. Recall VP Gore’s meeting behind

closed doors with religious leaders and NASA officials at the beginning

of 1997.

But bringing people under control is not the only reason driving the OA

There is another. The other reason is the extraterrestrials. They are

here on this planet, living and working with the OA. Exactly which race

this is, I’m not sure at this time. I highly suspect it is not the greys

that are so well known. These ET’s are helping the US with its space

program and are working toward devising a plan to restore the planet’s

environment after the OA takes over. Their main reason for being here

is to help the OA put a stop to the violent, out-of-control nature of

the human race in general. Why? Because they fear us. They realized

when we accomplished the first manned space flight that it was only a

matter of time before we moved out into the universe. And they don’t want

our ways to infest their society. They are helping the OA for reasons

of self-preservation of their society. They realized that we are the

most violent race in the universe that is on the verge of space travel.

And they don’t want us spreading our warlike, violent, greedy ways to

other parts of the universe and disrupting the order of their societies

on other planets. They agreed to help the OA in the advancement of our

technology and in the repairing of the damage we’ve done to the Earth’s

environment in exchange for the OA’s cooperation in changing the ways of

this world, bringing us humans into line with the societies of the

other planets in the ET’s sphere of control in the universe.

The OA has not taken control yet because there are forces within the

existing governments of the world that are aware of their plans and oppose

them. In the US , these forces are largely centered in the CIA and NSA.

The CIA wants world control, but on its terms. The CIA wants to see a

more communistic-type government set up on a world-wide basis. While the

OA professes to believe in the maintaining of personal freedoms so long

as one is a contributing member of society and not infringing on the lives

of others, the CIA would rather see a world where all people are controlled

in all ways, from what type of job one does to how one worships. It is

the CIA/NSA/Air Force that is maintaining secrecy where the ET presence

is concerned, not the OA. The Omega Agency, once it comes into power,

plans to reveal everything to the people of the world. From the running

of drugs to finance the Viet Nam war to the presence of ET’s on this

world for the last 50 years or more. George Bush himself is said to have

made the statement that he will personally tell of his involvement in

the running of drugs to finance the Nam war while he was CIA director.

To the OA way of thinking, the ends really do justify the means, and in

the case of the Nam war, the running of drugs was necessary to finance the

operation in that country. Therefore, it was a justified endeavor. Not

one to be proud of, but justified nonetheless.

The CIA/NSA/OA all monitor the internet closely. Especially IRC. The Net

is described as the most dangerous tool in the world at this point in time

because it is uncontrolled. Those who talk about these types of things or

carry information about these things on their web sites are closely

monitored. In “government talk”, orders to “watch” someone translates into

instructions to keep track of them by whatever means necessary, and if

they cross the line, if they stumble upon the truth of the matter and

don’t keep their mouth shut, “take them out”. This can be done in any way

that works without drawing too much suspicion. Such as brakes on the car

failing, a random victim in a drive-by shooting, a random target in a store

robbery where that person just happens to be shopping at the time, etc.

The determination as to whether a person needs to be “taken out” is left

up to the discretion of the one doing the watching. It is, in effect, an

open license to kill to protect the Omega Agency from public exposure

before it has deemed the time is right for it to take control of the

planet. In some cases, it is determined that the person in question would

pose more of a threat if they died. In such a case, the machinery of the

OA goes into action to discredit that person. Character assassination,

manipulation of others so as to turn people against the person, campaigns

to brand them a disinformation agent, a liar, a mentally unstable person,

etc., are put into motion. This has been found to be an effective method

of dealing with someone who gets to the truth and doesn’t keep silent.

In fact, it has been found to not only discredit the target victim but

to cast a shadow of doubt and suspicion on others who may have listened

to the targeted person.

This plan for the establishment of a one-world governing body, namely what

is now known as the Omega Agency, has been in the works for a long time.

And it is said that it cannot be stopped. In fact, the person who related

this information to me is looking forward to it. Those who oppose the

establishment of the OA’s NWO, and who cannot be brought into line through

persuasion or manipulation will be eliminated as threats to society.

This person passionately believes that this plan is the solution to the

world’s problems. This person is also awaiting the start of a new job - as

a Public Security Officer. This is a position this person was trained for

and accepted before leaving active military service.

Looking into this person’s eyes for approximately six hours while we

talked about these things leaves this impression:

I don’t think this person is lying.


“We’re the Good Guys”

·        the Omega Agency

I continue to talk on an almost daily basis with the person who claims to

work with the Omega Agency. Talks on the phone and face to face

conversations. Looking into the person’s eyes, I am still left with the

same impression:

I don’t think this person is lying.

What follows is a summary of some of the things we’ve discussed over

the past few weeks. I am now learning how to phrase my questions so as

to get more detail in the answers.

Add Arlen Spector, Colin Powell, and (probably) Gerald Ford to the list

of those who sit on the ruling council of Omega. Consider how Ford came

to be president. Nixon learned of Omega’s existance, and wanted in. But

he wanted it all, total control. Nixon had to go. Under Omega’s way of

thinking, no one man should have total control. Such would be too much

of a temptation to abuse that power. The break-in at the Watergate Hotel

was not planned by or encouraged by Omega. But they did take advantage of

it. They made certain that the press didn’t let go of the story, didn’t

bury it. They fed the info to Woodward and Burnstein. Omega was behind

and was feeding “Deep Throat”. Nixon fell in disgrace for coveting too

much power, in the eyes of Omega.

Omega claims to be “the good guys”. There are 15 people who have already

been selected to function as “sector chiefs” under Omega’s plan for a

global governing body. A Sector Chief will be responsible for all the

Public Safety Officers and people living in his area. One area will cover

a wide territory - what is now several southwestern states, extending up

to the border of Canada , west to the Pacific coast, and parts of Mexico ,

as an example. The lands have already been divided up into these sectors.

Each Sector Chief will report to a superior, who will in turn report to

the Omega Council. There is currently an Omega “Field Office”, for lack

of a better term, in every major city in the US and worldwide. These

offices are run by Omega personnel as private businesses - stores, general

offices, service-oriented businesses, etc. Most are businesses that deal

with the public, giving the people employed there access to public thought

and opinion. (Its not that hard to strike up a conversation with someone

in a check-out line.) These stores/offices are where the “field

personnel” hold meetings when such is deemed necessary.

Omega Agency uses America Online extensively for communication, but not

exclusively. It is easily accessible from anywhere in the world, and it

is a closed system. Recall that Alexander Haig, along with George Bush,

was mentioned in the original posting about Omega as a member of the

Council. Who are the members of the Board of Directors of America


The main entrance to the underground base at Albuquerque , New Mexico , is

located on the grounds of Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque . The

base beneath the city is massive, spanning nearly the area that the city

occupies. The security system at the main entrance consists, in part, of

retinal scans. These are reported as “foolproof”, in that not only is the

retina of the eye being scanned for identification, but also brain wave

patterns are being recorded for the same purpose. There is no “machine”

one has to place one’s head in for the scan to be done. Merely stepping

up to the door initiates the security scans.

Here, in the base under the city of Albuquerque , the aliens (mostly the

greys and the greens) carry on their lives here on Earth. They conduct

scientific experiments, study human nature, human emotion, our

civilization, etc. They are most baffled by our apparent need to worship

a god-figure. They believe that there is an all-powerful creative force

that did indeed create the universe in which we all live. They don’t,

however, feel the need to worship it.

The aliens that are here are physical beings, just as we are in that sense.

They do possess technology that allows them to time travel and dimensional

travel, but neither the past nor the future, nor another dimensional plane

of existance, is their place of origin. They know that the time is

approaching when their presence will become known on a world-wide basis.

Not just hints of their existance, not just stories of encounters with

isolated groups of them. But rather undeniable, irrefutable evidence that

they are, and have been, here. They are nervous about this, fearing for

their safety. They base this fear on their observations of humans’

general reactions to change, to the unknown, and to anything “out of the

ordinary.” But, at the same time, they realize that this must be done.

The grey aliens, as well as the greens, have both male and female of

their species. Both races reproduce through sexual means. The race of

aliens commonly called the “Nordics” are a myth, made up by those charged

with the responsibility of keeping off track those who would expose these

things ahead of Omega’s schedule. The stories were created, and nutured

and expounded on, by Omega influence. This has been done in many, many

situations and in regard to many topics considered as “fact” by those who

profess to belong to the “ufo community”. It is the ease with which

unsubstantiated material quickly becomes accepted as fact that has aided

Omega most in keeping a degree of control over which direction ufo and/or

alien presence investigations have gone. And it is the same principle

that has allowed them to remain in the shadows, going about their work

basically undetected and unknown.

The grey aliens are mainly vegetarians, though they do have a taste for

fish and chicken. And they have been known to enjoy a steak now and then.

There is a fruit native to their homeworld that is very similar to the

mango here on Earth. The mango is a favorite of theirs.

Recently a new, previously unknown alien race arrived on planet Earth.

These new “visitors” are in the care of Omega personnel, and are at the

present undergoing the “getting to know you” process. There is not, at

this point, reason to suspect them to be of a hostile nature. Caution,

however, is being used in dealings with them, as there is the possibility

that these new aliens are not what they present themselves to be.

Under Omega’s watchful eye, the world would become a place where all

people of all races...earthly races as well as extraterrestrial races...

would live side by side in peace. Each will contribute his or her fair

share to the betterment and well-being of the community. The concept of

war will become foreign to us, as it has become foreign to the aliens,

who long ago purged it from their civilization. Feelings, impulses to

act in certain ways, etc., will be dealt with first on a personal level,

each taking responsibility for themselves. Only when self-discipline

fails to curb the socially undesirable behavior will the law-sustaining

elements of Omega step in. Violence in any form will not be tolerated.

Recall Colin Powell’s current project dealing with education of our

children regarding violent behavior. The Omega-approved education and

preparation of the next generation has begun.

There are those forces at work who wish to counter the plans of Omega.

The most active of these groups is the CIA. The reason for the CIA’s

non-support of the Omega agenda is this: Under Omega guidance, there

will be no need for an organization such as the CIA. It is marked to

be disbanded under Omega’s system of world government. And this is not

something that the powerful machinery that is the CIA wants to see


Omega claims that they are the “good guys”....that they have

the best interest of the people of Earth and the people of the universe

at heart. They claim that under their leadership, the Earth will be

able to take its place in the galactic community.

I’ve come to know this person rather well over the course of several

months now. I have been able to substantiate through independent sources

at least some of the things this person has told me in regard to a

personal history and background. The things that I have been able to

verify have been corroborated through more than one source on each


So, again, based on the facts at hand and the personal experience of

talking face to face with this person, I must continue in my original


I don’t think this person is lying.


Omega: The Shape of Things to Come?

Omega is a multi-level, multi-structured organization of secrets upon

secrets. The organization was not thrown together overnight, and they

did not, at the time of their creation as a group, expect to bring

about the culmination of their plans in a matter of a couple of days.

These plans for a unified governmental system that oversees the whole

of planet Earth started years ago, near the turn of the century. The

plans “jelled” and escalated in the early 1930’s, when first contact

with an other-wordly race was made. These extraterrestrials are not

referred to as “aliens” by those in the inner circles of Omega. They

refer to them simply as “visitors”. And they look at them as people..

not “aliens” in the Hollywood sense of the word or in a derogatory manner

in any way. The Visitors are merely people of a different nature than

we humans.

There is within the inner ranks of Omega, a group known only as the

“15”. This group is “supervised” by a man known to me only by the name

The Zodiac. Often, in conversation, Zodiac is referred to as “Mr. Z.”

At one time, Mr. Z used the alias Mr. Hallaran. This is but one of

many aliases this man has used over the years. Mr. Z is what is known

as a “freelance assassin”, having done work of that nature for the CIA,

among other agencies and individuals. He is described as a “chameleon”

of sorts, able to blend in to the local populus in just about any

country in this world.

Mr. Z either formed or came into control of the 15 during the later

years of the Viet Nam war. At the time, Mr. Z was in Nam to work with

the CIA and their assassination jobs and drug running. The 15 originally

did assassination work into Laos and Cambodia for the CIA. Their work

was known as “Project Phoenix”. The group was formed to escalate the

Nam war through selective assassinations of key figures. At times they

even wiped out entire units of our own men, making it appear as though

the Viet Namese were at fault. And their particular brand of work -

assassination on demand - continued after the end of the Nam war.

The 15 are now in the service of the Omega Agency. They will, after the

planned world government is in place, become “sector chiefs” of sorts.

Omega seems to be set up on a heirarchial platform, with those in authority

under the sector chiefs reporting directly to them. From that level, any

information deemed worthy of calling it to the attention of the Ruling

Council will be passed up the chain of command. The Public Safety Officers

- those given the authority to act as judge, jury and executioner, if the

crime warrants that punishment, fall under the authority of the sector

chiefs...the 15.

From Omega’s point of view, their plans are not for world domination. They

believe they are working toward world betterment. Domination denotes

control, and betterment merely sets the world to rights, so to speak. It

intends to see the world living as one people, not as segregated countries

with segregated peoples, each following their own agenda. Omega would see

the world as one race - the human race - with all of its people working to

contribute to the betterment and advancement of the human race as a whole.

Omega would see the Earth take its place in a universal society, with the

members of the Omega Ruling Council speaking for the Earth in that universal


Omega’s plans for the future of the world are based on the history of the

Visitors. As the person who tells me these things said, “It worked for

them, it will work for us.” The Visitors (all races of them) each come

from a world that is unified under one system of government. Each had a

history similar to ours, with a multitude of countries on their worlds,

each with its own system of government. The people of their worlds were

united as a race, under one governing flag, prior to their moving out into

the universe and openly interacting with other worlds. Omega intends to

see the Earth do the same. The world will be organized as a unified planet

under Omega’s flag, and inter-galactic trade will begin, with Omega as

the sole body empowered to negotiate trade agreements for the planet Earth.

Omega does not intend to “take over” by force. They plan to be welcomed

with open arms by the people of the world. Look around you at the condition

of the world now. Crime is out of control in most major cities. People

live behind closed, locked doors with elaborate security systems. Third

World countries depend on hand-outs from other countries (in particular

the United States ) for the very food they put in their mouths. Racial

hatred continues to raise its ugly head all over the world. Religious

tolerance is non-existant in some parts of the world. One of the first

things we teach our children is to not talk to strangers. We are doing

this to ourselves, teaching our children from the earliest of ages that

our own kind is not to be trusted. The world is out of control. We as

a people are out of control. We have been manipulated into segregating

ourselves in our own little spheres of reality. And from there, we

cannot see the events going on around us, cannot see the many parts that

make up the whole of the Omega plan for our lives. And we dare not open

our doors to take a look at the world around us, for fear of getting a

bullet in our heads from a random, senseless drive-by shooting.

Is the current condition of the world the result of human failings, the

result of coincidence upon coincidence leading to the current state of

human life? Or is it by design? Consider the following statement:

“Out of chaos shall come the New World Order.” - George Bush

Omega believes that the world will gladly accept them as the sole governing

body of planet Earth. They believe their plan, when revealed in its

entirity, will so greatly appeal to the people of Earth, that there will

be no bloodshed, no revolt, no war for the right to speak for the people

of this planet. They believe that with their help, and the persuasive

help of the Visitors, that the people of Earth will “see the light” and

accept Omega’s system for world government. But make no mistake - Omega

has the power to force the issue if they so desire. The military system

is a system that follows orders. It is a heirarchial system that does not

allow for independent thought at the lower levels. And the orders come

from above. Orders are given and orders are followed without question.

And Omega pulls the strings of the military, from the Commander in Chief

on down the line.

This systematic breaking down and rebuilding of a world is a plan that was

conceived in the minds of the men who formed Omega Agency. The plan “came

together” after first contact was made in the early 1930’s. The Visitors

have told and have shown the men of Omega how a similar plan worked on

their home worlds, and Omega believes it will work here. And they have

been striving to bring that goal to fruition for a very long time.

Consider how often it is said “We are being prepared for something.”

Consider just our recent history, such as the increase in movies, TV

shows, books dealing with the subject of ET life, ET visitation of earth,

etc. Consider the governing body of the Star Trek world, the “United

Federation of Planets.” Consider NASA’s press conferences relating the

possibility of life on other planets. Consider the Catholic Church’s

reversal of their traditional stance on the subject of life outside the

Earth. Step back and take an objective look at the history of the world

in this century alone. It would seem that we are being moved toward some

goal, that we are being manipulated toward a certain mind-frame, a certain

way of thinking. And it would seem that, unless something drastically

changes, the people of the world will not survive the current downward

spiral of the world’s societies. And then, consider this once more:

“Out of chaos shall come the New World Order.” - George Bush

Coincidence? Fate? or Design?

Omega’s plans for the governing of the world do not include the right of

the people to vote. The members of the Omega Council will look at possible

candidates for offices of authority (as they do now), will investigate the

character of these candidates (as they do now), and will judge whether or

not these candidates are worthy to hold any given office of authority (as

they do now). Under the Omega system, there will be no presidents, no

senators, no congressmen. No lawyers, no judges, no courts. No jails as

we have them today. Those who must be separated for the good of society

as a whole will be placed on “farms” where they will work for the good

of the Earth’s peoples in general - growing food, manufacturing clothing,

etc. The taking of a life will cost a life. An eye for an eye, literally.

The Public Safety Officers, and their patrols, will be charged with the

duty of keeping peace and law at the low levels. They will be the most

visible and accessible of Omega’s members to the public at large. These

patrols will not be “wandering murderers”, but will act, swiftly and

permanently if needed, against any citizen witnessed committing a crime,

such as armed robbery, rape, etc.

This does not mean groups of men and women physically walking a beat

necessarily. Much of this patrolling of the people of the world will be

accomplished by technology. Technology that is far beyond any that is

currently known in the public sector. Technology that is a result of

human and Visitor research and development.

And the current target date for this new system of governing going into

effect is the year 2000. But Omega is, above all else, a patient lot.

They will wait until the time is right to make their move. They have

postponed the date once already, and will do it again if necessary. For

Omega claims to truly have the best interests of the people of Earth

at heart. Based on the knowledge they possess, knowledge gleaned from

decades of interaction with Visitors, from years of studying the governing

systems of other worlds through first-hand experience of those worlds,

from years of observing the trends in the Earth’s societies, from first-

hand knowledge acquired through the manipulation of worldly events, Omega

feels that they have what the world needs. In their minds, their plan for

our future is the only logical, viable means for the Earth to advance and

take its place in an inter-galactic society.

The people of Omega Agency watch the world closely. By all means at their

disposal. This includes the Internet. America Online is their system.

They use it for communication among their peers. The people of Omega have

jobs, families, lives of their own. They are merely waiting for “the day”,

as they call it, finding the term “New World Order” and its connotations

somewhat distasteful and misleading as to their real goals and purpose.

How much of this information given me is verifiable at this point? Very

little. Thus, the argument that “people in positions to know these things

don’t talk about them” falls to the wayside. Because this information cannot

be verified immediately, it poses no threat to Omega or their plans at this

time. Telling me these things, and me in turn getting it to the Internet,

presents no problem to Omega. It is, in fact, in their best interest at

this time. What releasing this information does accomplish is a “testing

of the waters”, so to speak. By having this posted to the Internet, Omega

can sit back and watch, which is something they do very well. They can

observe discussions of this material on newsgroups, email lists, web

sites, IRC, AOL chat rooms, etc. And they can judge how well it is

received, how much opposition there appears to be to it, but most

importantly for their purpose....how much non-reaction there is. Apathy

is the straw that will break the camel’s back in the world today. It is

the means by which Omega will move into power and remain there.

What portions of this information have been verified? Three independent

sources have confirmed the existance of the man known as “The Zodiac.”

One even gave me a physical description matching that of my source person.

The existance of Project Phoenix and its assassination teams has been

confirmed by four ex-military people who were in Nam during that time.

Descriptions of the security system in place at the entrance to the

underground facility at Albuquerque , New Mexico , has been confirmed by

two sources, one of which told me about the security system a full year

before I got the same information from the Omega person currently talking

to me.

And looking into this person’s eyes, I still am left with the impression

that this person is not lying. I may not be receiving the whole truth

at this point...in fact, I’m fairly convinced that I’m not. There have

been a few instances where my source has stumbled, revealing to me that

there are still secrets being kept, and I have been purposefully mislead

on some points.

But overall, I believe, at this point, the information I am supplying here

is basically valid. I strive daily to find a way to confirm these things,

to verify the truth to these matters, or to expose it all as a fabrication

of a sick mind. But I am alone in this, and I am not an investigator or

researcher by trade. I am a nobody. I did not set out to find Omega.

They found me. And they have a plan for me, one that frightens me. But

I will see it through. I will do whatever it takes to get to the truth of

this matter, for to turn away now and bury my head in the sand is not

an option that I can live with. If the price of my involvement here is

my life and soul, then so be it. Nothing comes without a price, and the

truth is worth the price in this case, I believe.

We must know the truth. We cannot survive without it at this point. If

these things are true - Omega, the Visitors, the universal society of which

Earth must become a part - then we have no choice but to see this through.

We must accept the facts that we have, as a race, been lied to and manipulated

for countless centuries. We have been misled as to the real nature of

the universe and all its many planes of existance, from the Creator own

down to the physical world we live in. People of this world have known

the truth for ages, and have kept it to themselves, passing it down to

a select few and keeping the masses in ignorance and darkness. This is

the way of our world, and it is the way that must stop, and stop now.

Reality is a hard thing to face, especially when that reality is not what

we have been taught to believe it to be. If Omega, the Visitors, and a

universal society of many races is the reality of our lives, then we must

know this, and we must face it and learn to deal with it. For if a group

like Omega is the future governing body of this planet, we have no one to

blame for their rise to power but ourselves.

Omega is right on at least one point. The bullshit of this world must

stop. We must open our eyes, see the universe as it really is, and learn

to live within its boundaries.

“There is nothing so powerful as truth,--and often nothing so strange.”

·        Daniel Webster

Mr. Webster recognized this fact years ago. Why can’t we now?


Omega Agency: The Truth is Out There

This is the fourth installment in my essays on the Omega Agency.

There has been much discussion of the material contained in these

files. Those who know me personally have asked me questions about

it, and I think it time that I address some of the most prevalent


First of all, why am I being given this information? Isn’t this in

conflict to what is generally accepted as the nature of the ufo

field? People who know of these things don’t talk about them.

That’s the general assumption. Isn’t the goal of the coverup

conspiracy to keep such knowledge OUT of the public’s hands

and minds? I will address these questions with a question of my

own. Is it not generally taken as a “given” that there is some sort

of plan in action worldwide, some sort of agenda utilizing the media,

radio, television, movies, books, etc., aimed at preparing the

people of the world for some big event? There doesn’t seem to be a

lot of dissention on that point. So what is the prime goal of any

plan? Is not the goal to see that plan through to its successful

completion? Given that fact, why is it so hard to accept that as

a part of the completion of this plan, disclosure of secrets long

held will have to be made? It appears that there is a general

assumption that when such disclosure is made, it will come through

either a known, credentialed news media source, or a respected and

credible researcher in the ufo field. But this is merely an

assumption. Without the full details of the plans known, is it safe

to assume that full disclosure will be made as it seems to be

expected? Those who study the ufo field and its related topics

should know that rarely is the expected the true nature of the way

things are.

Second, I’m asked why I should expect anyone to believe these things

to be fact. To that, I can only reply thusly: I don’t expect anyone

to believe it based solely on these writings. I would hope these

writings would peak the curiosity of others, and they would, in

turn, begin investigating these matters on their own. All I ask of

anyone reading these files is that they consider the possibilities.

I can say that I no longer have doubts as to the existance of Omega,

the connection to the Visitors that Agency has, the agenda that

they have planned, their connection to the military, etc. While I

know that I’m not being given the whole truth at this point, I do

know that the person telling me these things is not lying about his

connection to Omega and the Visitors. I asked for proof of this,

and received it. The experience shattered my concept of the world

and the universe we live in, destroying all I have been taught

throughout my lifetime in a matter of 20 minutes. Though I still

don’t know a lot about what is going on with Omega, and where this

is all leading, I do know this: we are not alone in the universe,

and there are people of this world who have known this for a very

long time. And they are now working to bring that knowledge to the

public at large in a way that will be as least disruptive as


Omega is not about mass control, it is not about mind control or

forcing the world to bend to its will. Omega is about bringing the

people of planet Earth into a universal forum, where we humans can

begin to enjoy the wonders of space travel openly, can mingle with

races from other worlds, and learn from their cultures, their art,

their science, their philosophy. The men of Omega, especially the

group known as the 15, have dedicated their lives to this purpose.

And they will see it through. Omega has the power, the technology,

the military might at its disposal right now to force the world

to its rule. But they will not do that. Though I do not agree with

some of the tactics they have used and are planning to use, I can

see the reasoning behind it.

The Omega plan calls for the re-education of the world, of all the

world’s peoples, not just the citizens of the United States . Their

plan is based on similar plans that have been implemented and have

worked well on other planets, other cultures and civilizations that

were in much the same shape as the people of Earth today. The plan

was first hinted at by the Visitors during the time of first contact

early in this century. According to Omega, it is a method of

re-education that has worked on many, many worlds, and they are

confident that it will work here.

This re-education program is far-reaching and in-depth. It will

reveal the truths so long kept in secret from the people of this

world. And this is not merely the truth to the “ufo phenomenon”.

It reaches to the core of our society...from our erroneous views

on the true nature of the Creator to our concept of the space/time

continuum. And Omega does not expect to be able to re-educate

the entire population of the planet. They are targetting the

approximately 1% of the population that are open-minded,

non-judgemental of other races and cultures, do not waste time

arguing over trivial God images, have respect for the health of

the world’s environment, and are generally willing to explore all

possibilities. The other 99%, according to Omega, are basically

“sheep” and will follow where they are led.

The third most common question I am asked is why am I allowed to

speak of these things, and to pass the information to the Internet.

That answer is very simple. Its all part of the education process.

Omega professes no desire to control, in the sense that most think

a world-wide governing body would control their daily lives. Under

Omega’s rule, people will retain their freedoms, such as freedom

of speech. No one will be a slave to Omega or any other organization.

In fact, slavery of any sort is illegal in all worlds. Under Omega,

majority will rule. And the ruling council will be made up of

people from around the globe, representing every country and culture

in the world today.

The Visitors are not here to conquer planet Earth. They are not

here to rape our planet of its resources or to enslave the Earth’s

people for use as their work force. They do not consume humans as

a food source, and the total number of true alien abductions numbers

slightly over 800 total in the past 40 or 50 years. Those agencies

and groups who are working to thwart Omega’s plans are responsible

for far more abductions than any of the Visitors combined.

Each Visitor race has representatives here on Earth at this time.

Many have been here for 50 or more years. The Visitors are not

angels, they are not demons or devils as portrayed in Biblical text.

They are not interdimensional creatures. They are physical beings

that are born, grow up to maturity, grow old and die, just as we

do. They have not come here to save our souls, or to exploit our

world. They have come here to help us move out into the universal

neighborhood that they call home, and by doing so, they preserve

their own way of life. Just as we expect anyone who comes to the

United States , for example, to abide by the laws of the US , so the

Visitors expect us humans to abide by the laws of their universal

coalition when we journey to their lands. I personally don’t think

this is asking too much.

Those involved with Omega, humans as well as Visitors, bear a symbol

of that agency on their dress uniforms and their ships. The symbol

was described to me in this way: A triangle, its point turned upward.

The outline of the triangle is black, the interior background yellow.

Inside the interior, centered in the triangle, is a graphic

representation of the Earth (in the case of humans and our craft),

a representation of the homeworld of a Visitor race in their case.

From each side of the triangle, originating on the inside aspect of

the outer line, is a lightning bolt. These two bolts cut across

the yellow background and terminate at the planetary graphic in the


There is much to learn, and much to sort out, before all of the

information available to these select few of Omega comes to light.

And there must be a willingness on the part of the people to accept

it before full disclosure will be made. As I have stated before,

Omega is, if nothing else, a patient lot.

This I can now say with absolute certainty. While I know that I

have not as yet been given the whole truth, I do know one thing.

The person telling me these things is not lying about who and what

he is.


Omega Agency: The Secret That Is No More

“When everything is secret, nothing is secret.”

·        Justice Potter Stewart in his opinion on the Pentagon Papers case

I continue my contact with “Robert”, the man who is one of the 15, a

member in high standing in the group known as the Omega Agency. At this

point in time, Robert and the others of the 15 are basically in control of

the Omega agenda. Those who will make up the Ruling Council of the global

governing body are basically “waiting in the wings”. They are consulted as

needed by the 15, but the day to day running of Omega’s plan for planet

Earth lies in the hands of these few men.

My understanding of the situation is that it was the Visitors who desired

that these 15 men control the re-education process currently underway.

Each of these men has a history of military type service, mostly in the

fields of covert and black ops, including assassination on demand and

manipulation of the war in Viet Nam . The logic behind the choice of these

men is this: One must know how to make war in order to prevent it. One

must know how incredibly cruel man can be to his fellow man in order to

prevent it in others. And if the way of life that the Visitors enjoy on

their homeworlds, which all of the 15 have experienced first-hand, can

change the hearts of men such as these, it can change the heart of any


And that is the basis of the Visitor agenda, and thus the Omega Agency’s

agenda. In its bare form, the Visitor mission can be stated simply as

they work to “clean up” the universe so that people of all races, from all

worlds, can live in peace on a galactic scale. That includes the people

Earth. We are in our infancy as a race compared to many of the Visitors,

but we have advanced technologically to the point that we pose a danger to

their society and their way of life. Our social, emotional, and psychological

development has not kept pace with our technological strides. Humans have

an innate fear of the unknown, and it is that fear that keeps us from

questioning, from questing toward what should be our goals. We prefer to

become “comfortably numb” rather than face the reality that our history

has been warped to meet the goals of certain individuals, our religions

have been used as a method of mass control and social manipulation, and

certain factions of our society as a whole, on a world-wide basis, have

been manipulated to the advantage of those opposing a global, unified

governing body and a transformation of our way of life from one of

separationism and isolationism to one of global and universal acceptance

of those who are “different”.

A world living in peace on a global scale is something that many profess to

desire. They teach their children to pray for world peace. Yet there are

those who profit from the misery of those around them. Consider for a

moment. What type of reaction would you expect from pharmaceutical

companies if it were known that there is a cure for every form of cancer

known? Would these companies, that now receive thousands of dolllars per

treatment for chemotherapy, be happy to know that there is a way to cure

cancer that requires but one injection? What if there was a cure for

AIDS that required only a series of three injections? How would an oil

company react to the knowledge that there was a power source, one that was

abundant, non-polluting, totally efficient? And that conversion of an

automobile to this power source could be done at a cost of approximately

$20.00? Would such a revelation be welcomed by those sitting on the Board

of Directors of a major oil company? Somehow, I think not.

Yet, this is the way of the Visitors. It is their way to share their

technology. They do not try to hide it from others in their intergalactic

neighborhood. They do not understand our tradition of hiding our

technological advancements in fear that someone else will develop it to

its fullest potential first. Nor do they understand the need to withhold

beneficial technology, such as could be used to reverse the pollution level

of the planet or cure the diseases of humans, merely for monetary gain of

a few.

Under Omega global rule, intergalactic commerce and trade will become the

norm. There are products we manufacture that ET races wish to import to

their homeworlds. They likewise have manufactured products that they feel

could be marketable to the people of Earth. Individual companies will be

allowed to negotiate trade agreements with Visitors, but all will fall under

Omega guidelines. There will be fairness to all, with no one company

monopolizing the market. Fossil fuel will be a thing of the past. In the

educational system, the “mistakes in accuracy” that is taught now to our

children in history class will be corrected. The World Health Organization,

as well as the United Nations, will be disbanded. The cures for diseases,

as cancer, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, to name a few, will

be released to the public for immediate treatment for those needing it.

(An interesting note here is that there has been no transmission of ET-based

disease to humans. Visitors have, however, gotten sick from humans. There

have been cases of Visitors contracting chicken pox, AIDS, pneumonia, and

the common cold.)

Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque , New Mexico , will be the global

headquarters for Omega after “the day” that they take the reigns in the

arena of global government. The underground base beneath the city is

currently the center of Omega field operations. A large number of people

now employed at NASA are affiliated in one way or another with Omega. The

late Gene Roddenberry was a member of Omega, that group approaching him

because of his ideas of what a future intergalactic society could be like.

John Glenn is also aware of the existance of Omega, as is Hillary Clinton.

The Omega agenda continues. It may be accellerated, or it may be delayed,

as world conditions dictate. But it will not be stopped. There is little

choice in the matter at this late date in the game. The fact is that we

as a race are not alone in this universe, and we must learn to live

according to the laws set down by the majority in this universe. We cannot

remain isolated. We will not remain isolated. We would be welcomed into

the galactic neighborhood if we could find it in ourselves to change our

ways for the good of us all. If we do not, the future could be a very

uncertain place. The Visitors came here in peace, and they offered a

helping hand. But unlike the men of Omega, the Visitors are not infinitely

patient. There are those among the Visitors currently residing on Earth

that desire to go home. They are tired and they miss their families,

their homes, and their world. Our stubbornness, immaturity, and refusal

to open our eyes to the reality around us is what prevents them from

going back to their homes, back to the lives they led before coming here.

It is a rare thing to find a human who will sacrifice their life for

another. Why should we expect the Visitors to be any different?

Omega is a “secret” organization that has been quietly doing its work

for many, many years. One will find no documentation to support its

existance, no financial records will “miraculously” surface to show how

it has been funded. An organization that does not wish to be discovered

prior to the time of its choosing does not leave a paper trail to be

followed. But there is circumstantial evidence, documentary evidence,

that points to its existance and its agenda. I ask no one to accept my

writings here as gospel. I ask that you consider the possibility, and

investigate it on your own.

There is a universe of truth in the following statement:

“Truth can only be discovered when the mind is open to all possibilities.”

·        The Tucson Kid

That is all it takes to discover the existance of Omega as a real, functioning

entity. Take off the blinders, open your eyes, and start facing the reality

of the world around you. We are quickly approaching the point where we

have no choice but to do exactly that. And it would be far better to face

reality on our own rather than have it forced upon us.

For there is a universe of truth in this statement, as well:

“If folks want to keep their head in the sand—then their butts will

eventually get blown away.”—Charmaine Ferreira

Would life under Omega’s guidelines be better? I answer that with another

question. How could it be any worse?

Think about it.


Omega Agency: Final Words

This will be my final posting on the information I have on that group

of people, that entity known as the Omega Agency. I will no longer

be communicating with my source person, known in these postings as

“Robert”. A perplexing set of circumstances, almost a comedy of

errors, if you will, has led to this breakdown in communication. And

after careful thought and soul searching, I have reached the reluctant

conclusion that I can no longer be the outlet to the Internet for

information on Omega. Robert has been my sole face-to-face contact

within the ranks of Omega. But the price of continued personal

association with Robert is too high.

In the beginning, almost a year ago, my understanding was that Robert

told me the things he did, showed me the things he did, for the

purpose of setting to rest doubts and confusion within my own mind.

He not only fed the obsession within me to know the truth to this

whole ufo/alien phenomenon, but he took an emotionally battered,

psychologically abused, frightened woman and befriended her. He gave

to me what I needed at that time - someone who cared, and who

showed that in his actions. I gave him what he needed - someone to

alleviate his loneliness and get him back out into the world, showing

him how to take joy in something as simple as digging in the dirt to

find pretty rocks. A very close personal relationship developed,

with Robert and I spending virtually all of our free time together.

We got to know each other extremely well. Because of this relationship,

I overlooked certain things that didn’t add up in the information he

gave me on Omega. I allowed my emotional attachment to my friend to

blind me to the “glitches” in the information he passed to me. In the

past month, our relationship has deteriorated rapidly, and these same

inconsistencies have cropped up again. They have not been overlooked

this time, and therein lies the “rub”, as best I can tell.

I do not think that Robert lied to me about the existance of Omega.

I have found and witnessed too much that verifies its existance. I

do, however, think he “sugar-coated” the nature of the organization.

I will state, for the record here, that I do agree with the ideals

on which Omega appears to be founded - the unification of the people

of this Earth as a global society, with each culture supporting the

other in an atmosphere of acceptance of us all as humans first. I do

agree that a global governing system is what is needed to move us

as a race, the human race, out into the universal neighborhood that

awaits us. I do agree that the negativity that pulses through the

minds of so many needs to change. What I don’t agree with, and

have always questioned, is the method that is being used to bring

about these changes.

Much to Robert’s consternation, I continually asked him this question:

“What gives you the right?” He has never answered that question

fully or satisfactorily.

I have had no direct, face-to-face contact with any of the other members

of the 15, that group of which Robert is a part. I have had no face-to-

face contact with anyone else who admits to being involved with Omega or

has knowledge of its existance and workings. I have had telephone

conversations and mail exchanges with others that I believe have at least

a working knowledge of this organization. The majority of my experience

with Omega has been through Robert, and thus, he is the only example I

have as to what type of person is chosen or recruited to participate at

such a high level within the Omega power structure. As it was explained

to me, there will be no direct voting by the populous as to who sits on

the Ruling Council for Omega’s global governing body. These people will

be selected by those already seated on the Council.

Robert has often told me that Omega, put simply, adheres to the principle

of the “needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”

Omega seems to interpret that philosophy to mean that the majority of the

population of this world is insignificant, categorizing them as “sheep”

that will follow where they are led. This may be a true statement, but

that does not make it right to perpetuate that mind set. He advised me

on more than one occasion to focus my attention on reaching the 1% of the

population that Omega considered important. I found this impossible

for me to do, because I consider all people to be of value. I cannot

write off such a large portion of the population, regardless of Omega’s

wishes in that area.

Omega has claimed to be the “good guys” in this silent war for the

people of and the planet we call Earth. Many of the OA ideals are, indeed,

very “good”. Crime must stop. War must stop. Child abuse, rape, murder

....all of these must stop. We cannot continue to prey upon each other

and hope to survive in the galactic neighborhood. Inflationary taxation,

destruction of the environment, government preying upon the weaknesses

of its own people, must stop. Hatred of another based on nothing more

than the color of one’s skin, or the religious beliefs one holds, must

stop. A scenario Robert was fond of using as an example was this: “Can

you imagine a world where you can go to bed at night with your window

open, and not have to worry about someone coming in and raping you?”

Under Omega rulership, that is the type of world that is proposed. It

will be a world in which one is free to pursue his or her life’s work,

raise a family, and feel secure within the walls of his or her own home.

Another question that was never fully answered: “But at what price?”

Yet, the inconsistencies remain. Again, I can speak only from my personal

experience with this man and the organization he represents. Omega is

responsible for some of the abductions that occur. Robert tells me I

have been abducted 7 times, and that my father was also abducted. I have

no conscious memory of these experiences. Omega employs the services of

those popularly known as “MIBs”. This I have seen, waking to find one

standing in my bedroom. Recent postings to the Internet that I have made

have caused concern in the ranks of the 15. Their concern, again based

on what Robert related to me, was that I was currently displaying a

somewhat “negative” attitude toward Omega. The options being considered

as to how Omega would deal with my attitude, as outlined to me by Robert

in a phone conversation on Thursday, October 23, 1997 , were as follows:

a)   he stated that one of the members of the 15 asked Robert if he wanted me “taken out”.

b)   action will be taken to totally discredit these writings and any past or future writings I do relating to the ufo field, thus eliminating me as a possible voice of disagreement with Omega’s now publicly known ideals and goals.

c)   use of techniques known to Omega that would “blank” my memory of any and all recall of my involvement with Robert, Omega, or my search for the truth in the ufo/alien phenomenon.

d)   bringing me into the underground facility beneath Albuquerque , New Mexico , and keeping me there for an indefinite period of time, until

my attitude could be “swayed” toward a more positive stance.

I attempted to talk to Robert about these “options” that night, and again

the following Monday night. He informed me that the decision lay in the

hands of the other members of the 15, that he and the others had decided

that Robert’s position on my fate would remain neutral. Speaking strictly

from a human standpoint, I find this most difficult to understand.

Betrayal and abandonment are not “good” qualities by socially accepted

standards in human society in general. Yet the one man who has spent

time with me personally, face to face; who has laughed with me and held

me when I cried, who I helped on more than one occasion when he needed

help, speaks no words of defense on my behalf with his co-workers. Nor

does he allow me to offer a defense on my own behalf. Is this a

character flaw in Robert that I never knew existed in the year I’ve known

him, or is it a reflection of the mentality of the high ranking members

of Omega? I don’t know the answer to that question, and don’t know if

I ever will. In fact, I don’t know if I would want to know, for the

implications of the latter are far too frightening.

There are those forces that oppose Omega and its plan for the betterment

of the world. I have named these forces in previous essays on Omega.

I know that I have attracted the attention of a few who pledge their

loyalty to these opposing forces. Two people that I associate with, and

who know my identity, have been threatened. And though Robert did not

specifically state that a government agency-affiliated individual was

here in town to assassinate me, he implied it heavily. This man was

dealt with, according to Robert, by members of Omega within a few blocks

of my home. I have no way to verify the validity of this information.

But valid or not, the result is the same. It is normal to be frightened

when it is implied that others want one killed. If this information is

true, then I owe Omega my life. If it is not true, then only Robert

knows why he would desire to terrorize and torture me in such a way.

My phone conversations are monitored, my computer has been tampered with,

my emails, public and private, are monitored. All activity I do on the

Internet is monitored, including what websites I visit. I do not know

the names of those who do this monitoring, nor what agency or group

they are affiliated with. What I can attest to is that Robert has

quoted me from private emails I sent to others, he has criticized my

research techniques based on websites I have visited, he has stated to

me the name of someone I spoke to on the phone, giving me the length of

time I spoke to this person.

In our phone conversation of Monday night, October 27, 1997 , Robert

strongly urged that I stop my investigation into ufo related matters,

and concentrate on the job Omega wants me to do. Although the original

agreement between us was that I would do what they wanted me to do, but

I would do it in my own way, Robert is now finding fault with my methods

and what he perceives as my negative attitude toward Omega. Efforts on

my part to discuss this with him, to plead my side of this situation,

have thus far fallen on deaf ears. And I grow weary of the trying.

I regret the loss of a friendship. I regret the loss of access to

information that many are asking about, that many are craving. I feel

as though I am letting people down by my plan to disassociate myself

from the only avenue of access to Omega’s inner workings that I am

consciously aware of. But I see no other choice for me at this point

in time, given the current situation and the above stated options that

are being considered. Those who know me personally know that I will

not release Robert’s real name. That decision is not based in fear of

reprisal from him, or someone he may be associated with. That decision

is based in personal honor. I gave my word that I would not reveal his

name to anyone. And personal honor is something that, once lost, is very

hard to regain.

In the last two years, I have undergone massive changes in my personal

life. It has been a most difficult and traumatic time for me, and Robert

was aware of this before he met me in person. I have learned that

decisions I made were often times “suggested” by employees of the Omega

organization. Minor manipulation of my life to “steer” me in the

direction they believed my life should take. While I personally

consider this sort of action to be wrong and a violation of basic human

rights, Omega’s professed position of the “ends justify the means” in

most cases has won out in regard to me.

Omega has the potential to bring great changes to the world, changes that

I do believe will be in the best interest of all of us. It has the

ability to introduce us to the varied and wonderous worlds of the Visitors,

and all the mysteries and excitement of their cultures. It has the

power to move the world forward technologically by leaps and bounds.

But it seems to lack heart, and compassion, and empathy for the people

it would govern. And that concerns me. I have to wonder how long a

house, united or not, will stand on an uncertain foundation.

I cannot give the answers to the many questions that remain, for the

price of my continued active association with this group is too high.

I do not think that Omega alone is responsible for the invasions into

my life of late. I have reason to believe that the opposing forces are

equally as interested in where my loyalties lie. My loyalties lie where

they always have: with the side of right, the side that offers the best

hope for all of us, not just me alone. Omega was honest in stating what

it is that they want from me. I apparently misunderstood or was mislead

as to how they wanted that accomplished, though. I was also not told

what the price for involvement with them would be. In this, however,

Omega is ahead of the opposing side. The motives of those on that side

are unclear, and their methods of operation far more secretive. Robert,

at least, told me what my fate may be. I can do nothing now but sit and

wonder what tomorrow will bring for me. Robert offers me no indication

of when a decision will be made concerning me, or what that decision is

likely to be.

The tone of this writing is far more personal than any of the other

essays on Omega I have written and posted to the Internet. The reason

for this is I am human, and I have emotions, and cannot and will not deny

them, though it has been suggested more than once that I drop my emotions.

And right now, the strongest emotion I feel is fear. I know there are

many who doubt the validity of these writings, who question the motives

behind them, and who suspect it is nothing more than, at best, a hoax.

At the worst, disinformation designed to further muddy the waters of the

ufo field. As one person that I introduced to Robert said, “It sounds

too good to be true, Robert. Show me.”

He did show me. I do not doubt the reality of this organization or its

connection to the Visitors, with all of their technology and their

abilities. Neither do I doubt that the 15 will carry out whatever decree

they determine is appropriate in my case. Perhaps I am considered the

experiment that went wrong, or the project that failed. I don’t really

know what I am considered by Omega. Robert told me that it was never

meant for him to be a direct source of information to me. It was never

meant that we were to develop a close personal relationship. It was

never meant for me to get so deeply involved in ufo/alien research.

When I asked Robert why he did these things, why he fed the hunger for

information that he knew I possessed, and why he allowed the relationship

between us to develop on a personal level, if he was never meant as an

active part of the plan for me, his only reply was “You were there, you

were nice. It just happened.” What I suspect is happening now, based on

things that Robert has said to me over the past month, is that I am

paying the price for his mistake. But I don’t blame him alone. I knew

from the beginning that Omega had the potential to be dangerous, as did

Robert. And I persisted in my efforts to get to the truth anyway.

To remain in Omega’s “good graces”, if I must change what I am, if I

must sacrifice my personal integrity, my right to privacy in my phone

conversations, my emails, my computer, within my own home, and in my

very dreams, if I must betray people that I’ve come to see as friends,

then the price is too high for me to pay. Perhaps if I understood the

reasoning behind the actions, I would feel differently. But, as I have

said, the one question that constantly resurfaced and was never answered,

keeps me from adopting the attitude that others seem to desire in me.

Where Robert seems to view the question as nothing more than emotional

reaction to impending change, I view it as a valid and necessary point

that should be addressed if Omega is to be openly accepted as the best

hope for the survival of the human race and planet Earth.

What gives you the right?

~~~Tell me not, in mournful numbers,

Life is but an empty dream!

For the soul is dead that slumbers,

And things are not what they seem.~~~


I’ve thought about this all day, since the first posting this afternoon

asking if anyone had abduction experiences they wanted to share. Someone

(sorry, I don’t recall who) made a statement to the effect that talking

about these types of things is one way of gaining understanding of them.

That particular statement gnawed at me all day. There is a great deal of

truth in it. We can’t hope for understanding if we don’t share the things

we learn through experience. I’ll probably regret posting this, but maybe

its time. I don’t know. I guess I’ll find out.

So....I shall post here a recounting of something that happened. You can

take it for what its worth, and consider the implications of it, or not, as

your conscience dictates. There are no pictures to back this up, no other

witnesses to verify it, other than the man involved at the time, and he

would not be considered an impartial witness. There is no physical evidence

to analyze. All you have here is a recounting of an event that took place

on the weekend of August 1, 1997 . Please don’t ask me who the man is in

this text. I will not reveal his name.

This is exactly what happened. You may draw your own conclusions on it:

On the weekend of August 1, 1997 , I went with “XXX” to Elephant Butte State Park ,

south of Albuquerque . At about 1030 Saturday night, he pointed out a light

in the sky. We were sitting on the lake’s edge. It was very dark, no

lights on around to limit vision. And we had no fire or lights going. We

were on an isolated part of the lake, far from anyone else. He pointed out

a particular light in the eastern sky, over the mountains that make up the

east border of the lake. He said “Watch that.”

Then he said, out loud, “Ok. We’re ready here. Go south.” The light moved

to the south. He said “Now give us a flash or two.” The light increased in

brightness, from about the brightness of a larger star to the brightness of

a welding torch. It did this, gaining in brightness and then receeding, a

couple of times. Then he says “Now go back north to original position.”

The light moved immediately to the north.

I asked him what was going on, what was he doing? He said, “You wanted

proof. There it is. You got 20 minutes. Make the most of it.” I told him

to make the light go in a figure 8 pattern. He repeated my request, and the

light did exactly a figure 8. For 20 minutes, whatever I said for it to do,

he repeated and the light did it. North, South, up, down, circles, figure

8, stop and back up, 90 degree turns at high speed, changed colors,

following exactly the color sequence I gave him. The only thing he refused

to have it do was come in low over the lake. There were a lot of people at

the park camping and such. He said he couldn’t bring the ufo in low, that

“they” didn’t want another frenzy like the one in Phoenix recently.

After the 20 minutes was up, the light streaked upward, leaving a bright

trail behind it, and disappeared in a matter of a second or two. I asked

him how he did that. He said he was communicating on a telepathic level

with the pilots of the craft, that they were ET in origin, although there

were humans on board as well. He said he had an implant that helped to

“boost” his natural telepathic ability. I asked him where this implant was,

and he said behind his left ear. I made him let me check. There is

definitely a foreign body behind his left ear, below the skin. I’m a nurse.

I know what a foreign body feels like. What is there is not a cyst, not a

clogged sebaceous gland, not a wart or mole.

Sunday morning, he made the statement that I should not be surprised if

someone came looking for him. We were still at the lake. We stayed there

all night.

About an hour later, 2 f-16s (I think that’s what they were. I’m not that

good at knowing one military jet from another) came from the south end of

the lake. They circled over us at a low altitude, maybe 100 to 200 feet.

I’m not real good at judging distance, either. They were low enough that I

could clearly see the missles strapped under their wings. They were both

fully armed. They circled the lake and came back for another pass directly

over us. He waved to them, and the jets did the banking back and forth move

that they do to signal everything is ok. Then they flew back to the south.

I asked him what that was all about, and he just shrugged and said, “I told

you that someone might come looking for me.” I asked a man who lives at the

park if it was normal for jets to fly armed over the lake like that. He

said no, that they very rarely came over the park or the lake. The only

place they could have come from is White Sands, which is south and slightly

east of Elephant Butte.

I have been over this and over this in my mind. I was completely sober,

wide awake, and not tired or sleepy. The only conclusion I’ve drawn that

explains what I saw, what I witnessed him doing (relaying commands that were

followed by this object in the sky, and getting buzzed like that by two

f-16s) is that he’s not lying about who and what he says he is, about his

connection to the ETs, military, etc. My limited education in these matters

won’t let me draw any other logical conclusion. I know what I saw, and I

have no other explanation for it.

If there is no other explanation for what I saw, then I have no choice but

to believe that this man is legit. And that, frankly, scares the hell out

of me. I know what I saw, I know what he says about it, but

I want to make certain I’ve exhausted all possible avenues of explanation

before I completely believe I wasn’t hoaxed somehow. But for the life of

me, I have no way to explain how he did it, if it was a hoax, or how he

managed to arrange that little show by the f-16s.