YouTube Suspends Alex Jones

alex-jonesYouTube just suspended the hugely popular Alex Jones channel that has attracted millions of views and got on popular YouTube lists from what I have heard and now YouTube has suspended an account called TheAlexJonesChannel

To confirm this go to: and see that it has been suspended, unless of course by the time you read this YouTube has come to their senses and re-instated the channel.

YouTube has censored a channel because it getting too popular for their britches.

This is proof that Alex Jones is telling the truth and is upseting YouTube so they look for excuses while giving no reason why they suspended it which is odd.

I also made a call to Google headquarters.

She was kinda rude to me at first when I told her the word censorship she told me I’m using foul language and if I continue to use it she will drop the call.

but I told her to send a message to the google executives and she agreed.

I told her to tell them to suspend the account of TheAlexJonesChannel.

I also told her stuff like it’s political censorship.

She tells me things like I can’t complain about someone else banned channel (even if I like it) I can only complain about a channel I own. This is nutz I can’t vouch for another persons channel thats unpatriotic, undemocratic the elite bastards.

3 comments to YouTube Suspends Alex Jones

  • Kogan2012

    I just lost the game.

  • ChemtrailingNess

    Please do not censor Alex Jones.He is one of the few people i can trust for honest news.Chemtrailing,Monsanto,G.M.O. seeds,N.W.O. socialism taking over America.I enjoy sharing this information,and learning from the Alex Jones show.Glenn Beck bullied off air for wanting to talk about American prison camps set up by Fema.I miss good ole Mr. Beck.America lets nasty stuff on T.V. all day for kids to watch that is not cencored.Please let Alex Jones have his free speech,and free thinking views.Alex Jones for president 2012.Ness County Kansas loves you.Stop the plum island bio-lab from moving to Manhattan Kansas.Ban cell phone tower radiation from being placed near schools,and people.Keep up the good fight Alex.Love chemtrailkansas.P.S. how is that
    fukushima radiation doing??

  • nylynlv

    Whatever happened to FREEDOM OF SPEACH???

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