Woman from 1928 Filmed Using Cellphone

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George Clark, a film maker from yellow fever productions says he noticed something strange while watching an old behind the scenes look at a Charlie Chaplin movie entitled “The Circus” from 1928.

At the premiere at Manns Chinese Theater in Hollywood, the scene shows a large woman dressed in a large black hat hiding most of her face, with what appears to be a cell phone, talking as she walks by herself past the camera.

Mr. Clark Claims to have examined this film closely and repeatedly over the past year, also showing it to many other folks who can come up with no definitive answer as to what this woman is actually doing if not talking on a mobile phone or communication device.

Clarks only theory is that she is a time traveler using a Mobile Phone.

My biggest problem with that theory is that there were no cell towers to make a mobile phone work at that time.
Although, Instead of seeing it as a “mobile phone” I could maybe accept (with a really open mind!) that it is some sort of communication device that is speaking with another “time traveler” locally, or a temporal communications device capable of talking across time…..if this person were actually a time traveler.


4 comments to Woman from 1928 Filmed Using Cellphone

  • Daphne

    At first I wasn’t too impressed and thought the person was probably talking into a shoe or something.
    Then as I watched it over & over again it gave me the creeps!

    As I looked carefully I could see the person had their tongue sticking straight out sideways and then turn with it pointing towards the camera, as if to say he knew (in the future) we would be watching, because he knew the future.

    But then she could have been just joking around because she was on the set of a movie.
    But if this women was just a passerby, it is truly creepy!

  • b

    Phones wouldn’t work back then – there’s no cell phone towers.

  • curtis medina

    in this day and age, regarding anything with movies, its hard to except, because hollywood is very great at recreating an era, plus the use of blue and green screen, and the technology of animation has gotten way better. funny thing is this is what they call a b roll shot, that can be shot and placed in, i work on films, and its going to be hard to explain this.

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