Will Panetta Cut Military Pay?

In a parting shot Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta has recommended a pay CUT to our military. Below is the Army pay scale.

army payscale 2013


officer pay

When one in five Federal workers is making over $100,000 (459,000 workers) it is atrocious that our soldiers pay should be first cut. As is obvious from the above chart most of our brave enlisted men and women barely make enough to care for themselves, let alone a family. Many are already eligible for food stamps and other low income assistance.

Do you know we taxpayers paid $28,000 per week so that Secretary Panetta could fly home to be with his family every week?

Why cut those who serve in harms way to keep us safe? Is this politics as usual? Or is it because the GI’s have little say and are not represented by the powerful public sector unions?

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