Who is Controlling Obama

presidential controlIn the 18 months since the election, our new president seems to have undergone a 180 reversal in his politics. As well as reneging on nearly all his campaign promises, he has continued and expanded the pro-war, pro-torture, pro-covert assassination and anti-civil liberties policies of his predecessor George W. Bush. Eighteen months into Bush’s presidency, the major corporate players who influenced Bush and Cheney were blatantly obvious. Bush had extensive prior (family) ties with the oil industry and Cheney with both oil companies and defense contractors. While Obama also seems to be at the beck and call of corporate backers, exactly who they are is much less clear. The question has led many analysts on both sides of the political aisle – to take a closer look at his background before he came on the national stage as a US senator from Illinois senator in 2004.

Obama’s secrecy and evasiveness about his early life hasn’t helped. In fact there are gaping holes in his resume that have led to all kinds of (mainly right wing) conspiracy theories about the authenticity of his birth certificate, his secret adherence to the Muslim religion, a possible stint with the CIA during the years nobody remembers him at Columbia, and his allegiance to a secret international Marxist/socialist conspiracy. I think the birth certificate issue is a red herring to distract people from growing evidence that Obama has a past in intelligence. Likewise a so-called Marxist/socialist conspiracy would require financing – and wealthy elites are very reluctant to fund Marxist-Leninist groups that seek to deprive them of their wealth.

According to Obama’s unofficial biographer Webster Tarpley and Wayne Madsen, a former National Security Agency employee and member of the Association for Intelligence Officers, more and more credible evidence is surfacing that Obama had some type of intelligence career before entering public life. The Russians certainly thought he did when they detained Senators Obama and Lugar in 2004 following a three day fact finding mission related to disarmament talks. In fact they accused Obama of spying for the British (?) and demanded to search his aircraft (as he was leaving, not entering, the country).

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  • Hmm? Well, I don't get it, as the article admits all the holes in the resume, secret college transcripts, potential CIA work, various potential handlers and supporters, (skips the medical records issues, etc, etc.) and then in the article we have this; "(mainly right wing) conspiracy theories" well, if there are questions unanswered, there is smoke, and where there is smoke there is fire. So, something is a miss, as the article points out. And thus, it is rather obvious. So to say that "mainly right wingers" are the ones asking the questions is curious. The article almost appears to be a hit-piece much like the main stream media of anyone who asks questions.

    What is this, the whole "Emperor Has No Clothes" game?

    You see, anyone who thinks, and has not thrown away their minds to join a political group can easily see someting isn't right. Why then the trashing of right-wingers in this? American People deserve to know the truth about their leaders, and transparency was a common theme in this last presidential election, so, then; it's okay to ask the questions. If answers are not put forth then there will always be speculation, and what do you know? In this case there is, well, of course there is.

    The main problem with President Obama right now is that he is "Unfit to Lead" and has done a poor job, all this hidden information could explain why, and had it all been explained prior to his election, maybe we wouldn't be here today, asking these questions still. The mass media elected Obama, along with some $700 million in campaign spending. They trashed a war hero, to elect this guy? You have to be kidding me? I could have gotten my dog elected for $700 million dollars, he is a mut too, and I don't think he has legitimate papers or history either,.

  • Well, I'd like to remind everyone here of something; You may not question this gentleman, and if you do, then you are automatically:


    Ha ha ha.

  • LadyHawk

    Right after Obama was elected — after he went "behind closed doors" with Bush and others for a briefing — he appeared to the public looking "white as a ghost." My first thought was to wonder what they had told him. He appeared to be in shock.

    There have been other indications that his is not his own man — like the time he appeared before the nation to announce Osama Bin Laden's murder. As he chose his words carefully, he said: Tonight I can tell you. . ."

    Something is going on behind the scenes that "We The People" do not know. Someone either has a gun to his head, or else they have threatened him. Perhaps he was told that he was elected to go down in history as the president who sold out the country.

    Obama is a shell of himself who is living in fear.

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