Vaccine Targets Heroin Addiction

DarkGovernment: This isn’t your typical vaccine that targets and protects against a virus or other (living) pathogen, but instead, targets and neutralizes a substance, in this case heroin.

opium poppy

Opium Poppy

Scientists from the Urals State Medical Academy in Russia have developed a drug that will help fight drug addiction of opium, including heroin. The idea of ​​creating a synthetic immunogen had emerged about five years ago.

According to scientists, the drug acts on the same principle as the measles vaccine. “It creates a group of antibodies in the body, and when the drug will bind to and remove from the body the opiates unchanged.

Currently, the drug has already passed the first stage of preclinical trials and tested on small animals. The next step involves checking for large animals, then humans. Scientists estimate that the process will take about two years.

Opium is extracted from the opium poppy is the raw material for the manufacture of medicinal preparations of the opiates codeine and morphine. Opium is also used for the synthesis of drugs like heroin, which is synthesized directly from morphine.


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