U.S. Optical Camouflage Technology Exposed in Iraq

Apparently this is a video that shows optical camouflage, which is essentially invisibility technology being used by the US Military in Iraq, in the last few moments of this video you can see a transparent figure running from the right side of the screen and then climbs up into the tank itself


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  • Kelly

    Is this the real deal? I spoke with an SF tech guy, and he says that DARPA has developed the technology and that it will be fielded, but I had no idea it would be this good! Think it's fake?

    • smarterthenyou

      yes kelly its fake lol … its not possible with the current generation of nano materials being produced , its just not … yet. optical lenses for microscopes have been improved using nano materials , but a working optical cloak in our visual spectrum is veryyyy unlikely , they have issues with how it would be worn , because creasing under the arms and bunching in other areas would be a problem and would make for an extremely un effective cloak , just use your common sense go have  a read about meta materials and 3d optical camoflage …. its in the works.

    • rottendrew

      developed by a Canadian company

  • Bob

    It always starts like this. The F117 was used long before the gulf war, but it was so classified that no one really new about it. If this is real, all I have to say is WOW. Great work whoever developed this. Just one question, how is it invisible against A multi colored, textured background, but did not seem to work against the solid colored tank? Guess everything has its limitations.

  • obama

    this is not new technology, but now i know what i have been seeing around my house, i chased some guy in a suit and he disapeared, optical camoflauge, this government is dirty!they use these suits to spy on people, AGAINST THE LAW!!!!!

  • Keith

    BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! That's hysterical! Wow! Those sure am some good invisibility clothes! Couldn't even see the guy there. What a crock. Do you tools realize that you're watching a video created by the insurgency? "Allahhu Akbar"??? Anyone else catch that one or was it just me?

  • batvette

    Keith, if you have an intelligent or factual rebuttal to present, I'd certainly give it an open mind. So who the hell do you think is sitting around in Iraq with a camera in the right place and time to catch something like this? Jews? Southern Baptists? Maybe…. Arab Muslims? Pretty silly to discredit a source for its own identity when that source is the only possible entity…. oh, buwahahahaha to you too.

    Or maybe the point was..it can'texist because YOU don't know about it and won't be satisfied until the military admits it?

    • smarterthenyou

      i love your comment dude haha , its supposed to be a stealth cloak of invisibility …. so how the fuck did the terrorists know where the invisible man would be … ya know cos hes invisible lol …

      i think america just got trolled by the king of PUNJAB ! 

  • Burt__Reynolds



  • bgstrong

    Sure…Why would I not believe Islamic propaganda ?

    Because I am not an idiot…..Thats why !

    • Cho

      That's what the government want you to think. Would an insurgent climb into a US tank? No way, so open your eyes, and stop thinking that the U.S. is always the "good guy" here. This is not Islamic propaganda man!!! you know how much the U.S. government can do when it comes into war. The weapons on the field are already at least more than 10 years old and been in the storage for a long time, they will never release the new stuff until they have develop something even better.

      • smarterthenyou

         quick question cho … do you know who filmed this clip ? insurgents the same guys who blew the tank up , ur a complete moron

        u think ur own government would blow frikin smoke about there top secret new toy? use your tiny little brain and think before you open your pie-hole , you sound like a complete dumbass

        nobody has this technology . nano tech is not nearly refined enough to acheive this kind of a cloak, and meta materials cannot be mass produced because of  how there built , why dont u read up about it in a real article not some lame propaganda bullshit made by islamic terrorists. GOD americans are so paranoid …

  • maby they made this fake video to scare other governments into thinking they have great technology 


  • CWD

    It quit working as he came nearer to the tank because of the wave jamming equipment fitted to the tank to counter remotely triggered IEDs.

    FYI, it's on an insurgent video, because they happened to be the only ones with a camera rolling at a time. If an embedded reporter would have filmed the same thing, to you really think it would have made it onto TV? Nondisclosure agreements, bro.

  • webby

    have you ever thought that perhaps that the suit is made of a mataerial with a negative refractive index? (by the waty i can't watch the video because it's been removed/don't have access)

    • MG

      ok, the video to this report is now back

    • smarterthenyou

       u saying "perhaps that suit is made of a material with a negative refractive index" is about as vague as saying radiation tingles …. are you tryin to be smart sound smart? wooo u understand the theory … wootpy doo basil!!! 

      they have openly developed meta-materials which are bound and grown in a specific way to make the structure more dense using carbon nano tubes , this effectively allows for more freedom over the manipulation of light waves but as of yet have only been able to manipulate microwaves in the non visual spectrum … nobody has the technology yet your just  a  paranoid moron lol …

  • u.s. congress

    oh yeah the powers to be are whith us now. what you see happening today is for the rest of live since the year 2000. examples gas went up over 200% never went back down, the patriot act never left us, now the economy 2 years in this is it folks…

  • wowreally

    This is just a propaganda video hahah, you can tell by the engrish.

  • nice

    The source of the vid doesn’t really matter. I believe it was a hidden camera to record the IED exploding some military vehicle. Either the person who set the camera there retrieved it after the incident occurred and released the video to whoever entity that trademarked it, or the military seized it after the fact and it somehow got released. In any case its good footage of possible military technology in use. The tank didn’t disable the optical camo, the wearer did to let the squad know he was friendly and hopped in.

  • thisisfake

    "Why they remove it?"

    Lol are you kidding me? If you're going to make a lame propaganda video and post it up on some weirdo website for hype-beast morons, at least get your grammar right.

  • Ethan

    The so called “invisible guy” obviously came out from behind the wall in the scene and the circle you put in is just to play a trick on your eyes. The reason it was removed from youtube is because it is footage from a news station and you do not own the rights to the footage nor have permission to broadcast or publicize it.

    • plus it’s not really invisible, is it? what Ethan said about the circle is a very common illusion to make the eyes think that the person needs to be pointed out, so you focus on the circle instead of the person. if you watch the video unedited, you would still be able to see the person. and if he is hard to see, It’s because he’s wearing normal camouflage to blend in with his environment. that’s not new technology, either. and If you guys hate the American government, don’t live in America. simple as that.

      • This is a fake. The spelling should be correct, first of all. Secondly, people can use a computer and make a dinosaur (that is in no way living or could possibly living) look as if it is eating someone in a video.

        Why make a website against the government that you live in? If you don't like it, then go vote for a new government!!!!

        • MG

          You are mistaken, I am not anti-government, I , like many people from all nations have problems with certain aspects of government………….I love my country but like everyone else have a few problems with government and will point them out as they come along in a reasonable manner, there are no militants or radical extremists over here…….I know you didn't say that but I just wanted to make that clear since the subject has the potential to be taken the wrong way.

  • wow

    Wow this optical camouflage is pretty awesome, it looks like he doesn't have any gear on him though, i wonder why he did on the tank too..

  • I think it would have worked in front of the tank too, but he probably just turned it off when he knew that he was in the clear.

  • guest123321

    Why is he jumping into the tank?  Don't we own the perfectly good tank?

  • mm

    you are dumb!!  Don't go exposing your countries military defense secrets.  What a freaking nutter.  Why not just give your enemies all the passwords too.  Good grief, common sense.

  • Koaheart7

    Loose Lips sink ships…..I think someone needs their mouth glued shut…blabber mouth.

  • Anon1776

    Nope! Their was only one soldier invisible and the rest were looking for soldiers in the tank and since they have cloaking material it was like a bad @$$ chameleon! 2 checked out the back of the tank while the one checked the front. They didn’t see anyone inside and the door on top was open so they assumed they all fled the tank and ran down the wall. But actually it was the other way around. A good possibility as to why the camera was picking up more of the silhouette around the tank because it is still nano technology in the works and the camera is catching it from a different perspective with a lens that is wide enough so it can catch light refraction going on at multiple angles with a wider frame ratio.

  • kushdout

    this technology is real and does exist. however the military are not the ones who discovered it. it was actually a canadian guy named guy cramer, and the suit is actusly digital textiles.. he shoed the video of what he had been working on thinkin the army was already way a head of him, well shortly after the video he got a call from the U.S. military saying “you cant show that videk ever again” and since has gained the contract and currently has over two million army issued uniforms and 3000 vehicles and fighter jets using there patterns around the world.

  • I have seen the exact same technology in my backyard. There is a company doing testing next door to me.Their technology involves a type of “smoke screen”,that they either pump up from the ground.or pump out from a large truck.kind of looks like a firetruck. It is very effective when seen through security monitoring. I believe they project images from drones onto the smoke screen.all of my building exterior doors ect.now have a brown tint to them.when they are active in my immediate area, my dog sneezes and my eyes water. Does anyone out there have information on this type of camouflage? ?

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