U.S. Developing Mind Reading Technology

mind-reading-technologyThe use of scanners to read brain signals allowed the researchers to correctly determine which of two images their guinea pigs were looking at 80 per cent of the time. The test is one in a series in which scientists have read minds using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners, which are normally used in hospitals to detect the flow of blood around the brain using a radiomagnetic field and radio waves.

Dr Stephanie Harrison, who led the study at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, asked six volunteers to look at different images on a screen – one of a circle with almost horizontal lines across it and one of a circle with almost vertical lines across it.

As they were shown the images, monitoring showed that different sides of their brains had lit up.

They were then asked to remember one particular circle and, from looking at the pattern of brain activity, the researchers were able to tell with considerable accuracy which one they were thinking of.

Writing in the journal Nature, Dr Harrison said: “Decoding accuracy greatly exceeded chance-level performance of 50 per cent and proved highly reliable in the six participants.”

While the study does not unlock the secrets of mind-reading or thought prediction, it does allow scientists to determine which parts of the brain are involved in short-term visual memory.

Previously, scientists in California asked volunteers to look at 1,750 images then used MRI scans to correctly judge, in nine out of ten cases, which one they were thinking of.

Lead researcher Dr Jack Gallant warned after the results were published last year: “It is possible decoding brain activity could have serious ethical and privacy implications. We believe that no one should be subjected to any form of brain-reading involuntarily, covertly, or without informed consent.”

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  • mike

    yeah for about a year I am

    hearing voices in my head the american government had is in my head some how

    these people are being payed just to terrorize me I need help this is no joke

    I have no idea about how many people that they have done this to


  • MIKE

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  • Yeahh

    Same f++++++ problem.I have had it about two years now..But my diffrents are that my parents and friends knows about it and they make me a fool, some how some kind.. .Well i will stop it tomorrow with a suicide! better luck to you with "the thing".

  • tami davis


    I know this sounds strange, but there definately IS a machne that can read your mind. It has been happeninjg to me for @ the past 10 years. I have a lot to say, please e-mail me at-


    Thanks, you won't reret it!


    • Tyler Eugene Nelson

      There sure is. Seems government is more interested in covering up things than being honest. They will get us killed because they are selfish and want to be elites with no integrity. Watch and listen to them run away from "themselves", and the "truth", of course.

  • Darrellbeattie

    hiya ive been under a 7t brain scanner for the past year in scotland it has been giving me voices in my head sleep deprevation indigestiob burning to the eyes and decompresion to the ears its israeli in origin stolen by the gang running it  on me and the technology is so advanced the medical establishment do not belive me it is a gamma ray machine that tunes into your individual brain schematics that records your thoughts and your speech and is an advanced 7t high field brain scanner which has been ran for twelve months with no way to stop as going underwater in tuned back in at the surface and it tunes in through the ears a criminal gang are using it as a torture facility

  • Tyler Eugene Nelson

    It is done covertly using satellites. Government lies to everybody. No implants are needed to lie to you 24/7 and the cell phone towers make you hear them. I have no confidence in a government that cannot acknowledge truth. My government cannot handle shit!

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