U.S. Black Project Aircraft Photographed

Date of Sighting: April 19, 2008
Time of Sighting: 11:24 AM EDT
Date Sighting Reported: April 19, 2008
Duration of Sighting: At Least Three Minutes (Object Was Seen Before Photos Taken)
Location of Sighting: Greenville, South Carolina
Latitude: 34.8 Degrees North
Longitude: 82.4 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Visibility 8 Miles in Light Rain. Clouds Were Broken at 1,800 Feet and Overcast at 4,000 Feet. Winds Were From the South at 8 MPH.

Description: Have I got 2 photos for you. This triangle object flew over my subdivison and I thought it was a B-3 bomber. (No, it’s not!!) There were thunderstorms in Greenville this morning and it was raining and windy. (The clouds did not help in the lighting.) Anyway, I was outside checking on a bird nest that made my front porch its home, when I spotted a triangle shape object heading toward my subdivison. I went inside and grabbed my camera and took 2 pictures of the unknown object. I would of taken more but my battery pack died. (I wonder??) The UFO or aircraft came from the west and headed east. Could this be Lockheeds new toy? It barely made a sound as it flew over. (It sounded like a low humming transformer.) Take Care and Have a Great Weekend.

Second Report by Witness: I live in Greenville, South Carolina. The sighting lasted for 2, maybe 2 1/2 minutes. When I went inside my home to get my camera it was still connected to my computer. I was going through some photos of George Clooney and Rena Z. (They were in town a couple of weeks ago.) The object moved very slow. The time on the photos is correct. I put down 11:30 AM., because my clock in my home said so. (My clocks might be off a few minutes.) The object seem to drift a little as it few over my home. It was raining fairly hard.

Information About Third Photo Submitted by Witness: Dear Mr. Puckett: For the past couple of days I’ve been trying to extract a third photo from my camera. As you remember my battery pack died as I was taking as many pictures of the black triangle craft as I could. When I downloaded my camera to my computer it would only access 2 pictures, but there was a third picture that the computer would not load. (So I sent you the 2 pictures I had.) I called around and talked to some people in the camera department. (I called Best Buy, Circuit City, and Wolf Camera.) They all gave me some suggestions to what the problem may be! One person told me that when I snapped the photo and the camera was writing the information to memory the battery power loss might have interrupted the transfer process. He asked me to scroll through my camera to see if the photo showed up on my cameras lcd display. (It did!) Then he told me to reset my memory card by taking it out and resetting it. ( I don’t know how that would help and I did what he suggested.) Then he said to see if the thumbnail on my computer photo software had a little box to the side had been checked. (It wasn’t checked.) So I downloaded the camera to my computer again and found that the little box on the thumbnail was not checked. (It only displayed a large box with a big red X.) I put a check in the little red box and the picture popped up. (Woo-Ho!!) I spent 3 days trying to extract that third photo, gave up and called the professionals. So, I’m sending you the third and final photo of the black object. (There is even a bird flying by at the bottom of the photo.) Now I can rest my brain.

Comments: This could be it! This could be a real photo of the mysterious Aurora or TR3B Flying Triangle that has longed been rumored to be in construction. The craft must have been flying very low given the low cloud ceiling. In addition the low sound certainly excludes any Stealth aircraft. Analysis shows that these photos are authentic. Additional analysis does not indicate any fabrication. It is believed that the photos are of a real object in the sky.

Update April 25, 2008: The third photo of the triangle recovered by the witness certainly reveals very useful information because one can see the top and rear of the object. The photo reveals more detail about the shape and structure of the object. The object is moving away from the witness towards the east. According to the camera clock the third photo was taken 1 minute and 27 seconds after the second phot. The second photo was taken 55 seconds after the first photo. Therefore two minutes and 22 seconds elapsed in the three photo session. More study will be conducted regarding the possible identification of this object. Anyone with information about this aircraft is urged to file a report.

Update April 26, 2008: We have received comments that the triangular object is a Mugi Evo, a radio control plane made from Correx. This is a possibility, but not known. See drawing below of a model of the Mugi Evo:

Drawing of Mugi Evo Model Remote Controlled Model Airplane.
Drawing of Mugi Evo Model Remote Controlled Model Airplane.

More information on the Mugi Evo can be found at: http://www.mugi.co.uk/evo_intro.php

P.S.- If you go to the above URL and look at this Model, it is obviously NOT the aircraft in the Photo, there are very Marked Differences, not to mention that it is obvious that the photographed craft is LARGE.

First Photo Taken at 11:24 EDT.

Second Photo Taken at 11:25 AM EDT.

Third Photo Taken of Triangle on April 19, 2008.
Taken Near 11:27 EDT
(Photo Was Later Recovered From Camera)

Map Showing Location of Greenville, South Carolina.
Greenville is in Extreme Western South Carolina

9 comments to U.S. Black Project Aircraft Photographed

  • Willie Sweetman

    That pic looks so fake man.

  • T.A. Gordon

    A rather poor fake at that.

  • Gordy

    Why is it that in virtually every instance of mysterious aircraft photos, there seems to be a battery malfunction or SD card fill up? Surely that explains the lags in getting the photos "out of the camera"? Not!

    Please note that while a minute apart that same treetop is in the first two photos. Must have been moving really slow, eh?

    Have your fun.

  • Is it possible to contact the photographer for original unedited images for analysis?

  • dodonetus2

    if yo chk in CARPAT'S mountain (Romania )only in september till december , the extraterial activity you…… found ….many questions !

    some lenticular secret ufo with appears only night.

    i have 5 pictures , and i support any expertise about my photos.

  • soda

    i belive i have seen this … in freepori illinois in the early part of 2002 –

  • GS

    Been living in Greenville 47 years. Lockheed has a facility here but never heard anyone mention this sighting. If it were the real craft and visible for 3 minutes, I think more people would have seen and reported.

  • Tjhutch187

    looks like a RC plane

  • Denver

    “Advanced Alien technologies will be those series of distributions through playtime whose matter defies the laws of physics.” Earths terrestrial officers Tyler and Denver on Work and Playtime

    Monopoly World : It’s time to play Monopoly World everyone. So get ready. And watch your head. They’re back! UFOOWNERS or Earths terrestrial officers Tyler and Denver on Work and Playtime

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