U.S. Pulls Trigger on Libya

As the attacks began, Libyan state TV claimed that ‘civilian’ targets in Tripoli were being bombarded by ‘planes of crusader enemies’. It later added that the international coalition had also ‘targeted ‘fuel stores’ for Misurata, which Gaddafi’s forces attacked with tanks and heavy artillery on Friday, killing more than 40 people.

Operation Odyssey Dawn: A Tomahawk missile is launched from the guided missile destroyer USS Barry in the Mediterranean Sea . The U.S. fired more than 100 cruise missiles from ships and submarines

Gaddafi appeared on TV to say he was opening up munition stores to the people. He said: ‘It is now necessary to open the stores and arm all the masses with all types of weapons to defend the independence, unity and honour of Libya.’

There were reports of loud explosions east of Tripoli amid unconfirmed reports that the Tomahawks had successfully hit Gaddafi’s air traffic control installations and aircraft hangars.

It followed a day of high drama in which tanks and armoured vehicles were also destroyed in air strikes by French warplanes after pro-Gaddafi forces attacked the rebel stronghold of Benghazi in violation of the UN resolution.

About 20 French Rafale and Mirage warplanes were involved in the first phase of the operation. France last night denied that one of its aircraft had been shot down.

It was unclear if the RAF’s Typhoon and Tornado fighters had played a particular part in the Benghazi operation, although the French were quick to acknowledge the success of their own role.

‘Yes, we have destroyed a number of tanks and armoured vehicles,’ said a French official.

It was later reported that four Libyan tanks had been hit to the south-west of Benghazi. The final decision to launch military action was taken at an emergency summit in Paris attended by world leaders, including David Cameron, who declared that ‘the time for action has come’.

Along with European and North American allies, a number of Arab nations signed up to a communique pledging ‘all necessary action’ to bring an end to the ‘grave and massive violations of humanitarian law’ being committed by Gaddafi.

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