Toddler in Wheelchair Hassled by TSA


At some point the agents confiscated Lucy’s stuffed toy, “Lamby” – reducing the child to tears.
“She was crying for her stuffed animal which they wouldn’t let her have for the longest time,” he said. “It’s only about a half foot long. It’s a lamb down that talks – but she loves it.”
As TSA agents discussed what they were going to do, the video shows Lucy weeping uncontrollably.
“I don’t want to go Disney World,” she screamed as her parents tried to offer reassurances.

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  • Are you kidding me, they need to learn more on how to screen children? Do they really expect us to by this lurid excuse, they know exactly what they're doing and that's abusing their power & authority, they have let this get to their heads and as evil as this is, they enjoy this kind of intimidation…Learn my southernmost, they know better already!

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