Terror Renditions Approved by Federal Court

A sharply divided federal appeals court on Wednesday
dismissed a lawsuit involving the Central Intelligence
Agency’s practice of seizing terrorism suspects and
transferring them to other countries for imprisonment and
interrogation. The ruling handed a major victory to the Obama
administration in its effort to advance a sweeping view of
executive secrecy power.

By a six-to-five vote, the United States Court of Appeals for
the Ninth Circuit, reversing an earlier decision, dismissed a
lawsuit against Jeppesen Dataplan Inc., a Boeing subsidiary
accused of arranging flights for the C.I.A.’s “extraordinary
rendition” program, as it is known. The American Civil
Liberties Union filed the case on behalf of five former
prisoners who say they were tortured because of the program –
and that Jeppesen was complicit in their treatment.

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1 comment to Terror Renditions Approved by Federal Court

  • don

    here goes Big Brother blocking this countrys safty again. again i say ” wont be long untill we are bowing to th east 5 times a day”. PLEASE LETS MAKE A MAJOR CHANGE THIS NEXT ELECTION///////////////////////

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