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China’s Emerging Drone Force

Determined to kill or capture a murderous Mekong River drug lord, China’s security forces considered a tactic they’d never tried before: calling a drone strike on his remote hideaway deep in the hills of Myanmar



Drone Laser: Powerful, Light and Lethal

Predator C Avenger

Next-generation US drone now equipped with Laser Lethality


Predator C Avenger

The next generation of military drones, unveiled by a leading US manufacturer, will not just carry a limited supply of rockets – but will likely be fitted with an ultra-light laser, capable of repeatedly destroying objects at the speed of light.


Iran Brags Further Over Dozens of Past Drone Incursions Highlighting it’s Military Prowess

Mideast Iran Israel Drones

A senior Iranian military official claimed Tuesday that Iranian-made surveillance drones have made dozens of apparently undetected flights into Israeli airspace from Lebanon in recent years to probe air defenses and collect reconnaissance data. An Israeli official rejected the account.

The Iranian official declined to give further details on the purported missions or the


Iran Touts It’s Military Prowess Over Drone Incursion


Never mind making a mountain out of a mole hill, these guys are experts at making a mole hill into a fricken solar system, the childish bragging that comes out of Iran never ceases to amaze!… such as this delightful piece of unmitigated fabrication….Here

Iran is once again Bragging up a storm


Hezbollah Claims Responsibility for Israel UAV Incident

israel shoots down drone

Israeli Fighter Jets Shoots Down Iranian UAV Launched by Hezbollah

The leader of Hezbollah claimed responsibility Thursday for launching an Iranian-made drone aircraft into Israeli airspace earlier this week, adding more tension to an already explosive Mideast atmosphere.

Sheik Hassan Nasrallah warned that it would not be the


“Public Safety” Drone Testing to be Conducted by DHS

The Department of Homeland Security has announced in a solicitation to drone manufacturers that it will begin testing “Robotic Aircraft For Public Safety” at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, indicating that small spy drones will be used to keep tabs on Americans in the near future.

As Infowars reported back in


Israel Shoots Down UAV


The Israeli air force has shot down a small unmanned aircraft after it entered the south of the country, the military has said.

Troops are searching for remains of the aircraft in the north of the Negev desert. It is not clear where it came from.

Local media quoted officials as saying the


Iranian Media: Muslim world should celebrate Islam’s nuclear weapons development

The Mideast becomes increasingly dangerous. Iran continues pursuing nuclear weapons. Israelis encrypt UAVs as cyber-war widens. And Turkey fears the Syrian conflict will spill over into its country. Israel National News reports: Iranian state-run media declares that the Muslim world should celebrate Islam’s nuclear weapons development program. Under the leadership of Iranian President


Completely Autonomous Armed UAV’s “Kill Bots”

Autonomous Kill Bots Continue A Trend An American team has developed software that enables an armed UAV to seek out, identify and attack (with a missile) targets, without any human intervention. While this created some alarming headlines, this capability is nothing new and first appeared during World War II. Work on these robotic weapons has


5 Emerging Technologies within Government

Augmented reality technology may safeguard officers while making them more effective

When future historians look back on 2011, they’ll certainly conclude that we were a society obsessed with video games, minicomputers masquerading as phones and an endless supply of online distraction. But in a few years, many technologies developed in service of these functions


Surveillance Drones Spreading Across U.S.

AP noted last year:

Unmanned aircraft have proved their usefulness and reliability in the war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq. Now the pressure’s on to allow them in the skies over the United States.

The Federal Aviation Administration has been asked to issue flying rights for a range of pilotless planes to carry out


Finding Tracking and Killing Individuals

The Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel, an unmanned reconnaissance drone, is the most recent aircraft to emerge from the military's "black" budget. Nick Kaloterakis

Every year, tens of billions of Pentagon dollars go missing. The money vanishes not because of fraud, waste or abuse, but because U.S. military planners have appropriated it to secretly develop


Predator Patrolling Southern U.S. Border

The U.S. government will have unmanned surveillance aircraft monitoring the whole southwest border with Mexico from September 1, as it ramps up border security in this election year, a top official said on Monday.

Predator B is powered by a turboprop engine and can carry a greatly increased payload.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet


Military Gleans Surveillance Technology from TV

Source: JewishWorldReview

As it rapidly expands its drone program over Afghanistan, the U.S. military is turning to the technology that powers NFL broadcasts, ESPN and TV news to catalog a flood of information coming from the cameras of its fleet of unmanned aircraft.

The Still in Testing Phase Predator C Drone: Look Mom,


Huge U.S. Airships to Patrol Afghanistan

Military Airships will have a multitude of electronic detection and surveillance equipment

Giant unmanned airships that can fly for up to three weeks at a time could soon be providing cover for British soldiers in Afghanistan.

The LEMV (long endurance multi intelligence vehicle) is being developed by a team of British


UAV Video Feeds Vulnerable

MQ-1 Predator Operators

In Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S. military depends on an array of drones to snoop on and stalk insurgents. Now it looks as if insurgents are tapping into those same drones’ broadcasts, to see what the flying robot spies see. If true — and widespread — it’s potentially one of


Beast of Kandahar UAV Unmasked

For the first time US Air Force has confirmed that its arsenal contains an advanced stealth aircraft called ‘Beast of Kandahar‘. The images of the unmanned drone appeared on the Internet sometime ago. Before Tuesday, the Air Force kept it covered in secrecy. It has been developed by eminent aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin and


The Protector, Israeli Robotic Attack Craft

The Israeli navy will shortly begin deploying unmanned craft along the Mediterranean coast, particularly off the Hamas-held Gaza Strip in the south and Lebanon in the north where Hezbollah guerrillas operate. [flashvideo filename= /] Video Detailing the Protector Naval UWV These highly maneuverable unmanned surface vehicles, operated by remote control from land stations, can carry


UAV Pilots Stay Clean and “Disconnected”

[flashvideo filename= /] Captain Adam Brockshus commute to work takes about 45 minutes to drive from his four-bedroom suburban home outside Las Vegas to Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs, Nevada, if there’s no traffic. His commute follows Highway 95 northwest through a stretch of the Mojave freckled with Joshua trees and flanked by


Autonomous Killer Robots Examined

Noel Sharkey of the University of Sheffield said that a push toward more robotic technology used in warfare would put civilian life at grave risk.

Technology capable of distinguishing friend from foe reliably was at least 50 years away, he added.

However, he said that for the first time, US forces mentioned resolving such


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