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IRS Quietly Upgrades Tracking Technology


The Internal Revenue Service is collecting a lot more than taxes this year — it’s also acquiring a huge volume of personal information on taxpayers’ digital activities, from eBay auctions to Facebook posts and, for the first time ever, credit card and e-payment transaction records, as it expands its search for tax cheats to places


The Remarkable Internet Police State

I’m going to start with three data points.

One: Some of the Chinese military hackers who were implicated in a broad set of attacks against the U.S. government and corporations were identified because they accessed Facebook from the same network infrastructure they used to carry out their attacks.

Two: Hector Monsegur,


FBI Files Reveal History Behind “Stingray” Cellphone Tracking Tool

It was described recently by one rights group as a “secretive new surveillance tool.” But documents just released by the FBI suggest that a clandestine cellphone tracking device known as the “Stingray” has been deployed across the United States for almost two decades—despite questions over its legality.

Stingrays, as More…

Rain Forest Trees Fitted with Tracking Devices

rainforest logging

Trees in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest are being fitted with mobile phones in an attempt to tackle illegal logging and deforestation.

Devices smaller than a pack of cards are being attache d to the trees in protected areas to alert officials once they are cut down and the logs are transported. Location


FBI to ACLU: Nope, we won’t tell you how, when, or why we track you

gps tracking system

In the wake of the Jones decision, FBI refuses to release search-related memos.

Back in August 2012, we reported on how the American Civil Liberties Union was compelling the FBI to fully disclose how it interprets the results of the United States v. Jones case—a unanimous Supreme Court decision


How Facebook Tracks Your Internet Activity


Facebook really is watching your every move online.

In testing out a new diagnostic tool called Abine DNT+, we noticed that Facebook has more than 200 “trackers” watching our internet activity.

Abine defines trackers as “a request that a webpage tries to make your browser perform that will share


California Passes Location Privacy Bill 2012

warrant cellphone-tracking

California again proves itself as progressive in considering new laws to stave off rampant privacy and safety issues, like labeling GMO’s, medical marijuana, emissions and in this particular case, requiring a warrant before accessing gps cellphone tracking data.

A new bill designed to require law enforcement to obtain a warrant before collecting any GPS


How They’re Tracking you by Cellphone


“There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment. How often, or on what system, the Thought Police plugged in on any individual wire was guesswork. It was even conceivable that they watched everybody all the time. But at any rate they could plug in your


Feds Track you, Share Information with Insurance Companies

license plate recognition

Federal Agencies Trade Motorist Data to Insurance Companies Department of Homeland Security agrees to track motorists using a database built by the insurance industry.

Federal agencies are giving away data on the movements of innocent motorists in return for software and equipment


Obama Says Warrantless GPS Tracking OK

The federal government informed an appeals court on Thursday that it has the right and the power to place GPS tracking devices on the privately owned vehicles of citizens without obtaining a warrant. This is in open rebellion to a Supreme Court decision from January that held that such warrantless installation of tracking


Advertisers Upset Over Microsoft “Do Not Track” Policy

Microsoft’s decision to turn off Web site tracking by default in IE10 is not sitting well with advertisers.

The Do Not Track feature prevents third-party Web sites from tracking your online activity. Web sites that receive the Do Not Track, or DNT, signal from your browser are supposed to honor that request, just as telemarketers


Debating the “Human Barcode”

Aren’t we already bar-coded with our fingerprints?…..just saying.

Would you barcode your baby?

Microchip implants have become standard practice for our pets, but have been a tougher sell when it comes to the idea of putting them in people.

Science fiction author Elizabeth Moon last week rekindled the debate on whether it’s a good idea


Combating Techno-Tyranny


By Brandon Smith

Disclaimer: The following is a series of fictional accounts of theoretical situations. However, the information contained within was taken from established scientific journals on covered technology and military studies of real life combat scenarios. Alt-Market does not condone the use of any of the tactics described within for “illegal”


New Precise Location Tracking Chip

A New Microchip Knows Just Where You Are, Indoors and Out

Broadcom has just rolled out a chip for smart phones that promises to indicate location ultra-precisely, possibly within a few centimeters, vertically and horizontally, indoors and out.

The unprecedented accuracy of the Broadcom 4752 chip results from the sheer breadth of sensors from which


Count the ways: 13 Methods of Tracking

Privacy is eroding fast as technology offers government increasing ways to track and spy on citizens. The Washington Post reported there are 3,984 federal, state and local organizations working on domestic counterterrorism. Most collect information on people in the US. (Source) Here are thirteen examples of how some of the biggest government agencies


Carriers Profiting for Tapping and Tracking Cell Phones

Earlier this week the American Civil Liberties Union revealed information it obtained from a FOIA request to local police departments across the country about how police track and tap cell phones, often without warrants. Also contained in the release is information that cell carriers make money by charging law enforcement for that information. Robert Siegel


How Police Use Your Cell Phone to Track You

With the phrase “Big Brother is watching,” George Orwell captured the central role constant surveillance plays in dystopian visions. It’s no surprise that Americans are made uneasy by ubiquitous video cameras tracking our movements in much the same way as 1984’s screens, or the prospect of countless, effectively invisible drones monitoring our streets from the


Court Approves Cell Phone Tracking

Police Can Track Your Cell in Real Time

In a case more interesting for its look at the state of modern tracking technology and the brave new world we all live in than for its legal ramifications, a Florida appeals court said Wednesday the police didn’t violate a drug dealer’s rights when they used his


Tracking Technology Approaches “scary” Level

Thought military tracking technology couldn’t get any creepier? Hold onto your tinfoil hats and hide behind the nearest curtain because the next generation of manhunting gear just took another step closer to reality.

The Pentagon’s bleeding-edge research shop, Darpa, announced this week that it awarded a $14 million contract to


Invasive Tracking Technology Contracted by Air Force

Don’t bother with the iris scanner or the fingerprinting machine. Leave the satellite-enabled locators and tell-tale scents back on the base, military manhunters. If an Air Force plan works out as planned, all you’ll need to track your prey is a single camera, snapping a few seconds of footage from far,


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