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Claim: U.S. Special Forces Conducting Torture in Afghanistan

Afghan officials say they’ve got video of a man overseeing the torture of Afghan civilians. Exactly who ordered the man to torture is a matter of fierce dispute — and also helps explain this year’s erosion of trust between Washington and Kabul.

Allegedly, there’s a videotape in Afghan government hands showing a man named


American Nightmare: Concentration Camp for Boys

For years, almost no one at the Dozier School even knew about the burial ground in a clearing in the woods on the edge of campus. It was forbidden territory. The soil here, churned in places by tiny ants, holds more than the remains of little boys. Only now is it starting to give up


North Korea prison camps ‘like the Holocaust’

NORTH Korea’s prison camps are a closed-off world of death, torture and forced labour where babies are born slaves, according to two survivors who liken the horrors of the camps to a Holocaust in progress.

“People think the Holocaust is in the past, but it is still very much a reality. It is still going


Secret CIA Rendition Site Discovered in Poland

cia prison poland

The story begins on a wintery Thursday. On Dec. 5, 2002 at 2:56 p.m., a Gulfstream G-IV identified as N63MU lands at the tiny airport of Szczytno-Szymany in northeastern Poland. Its seven passengers get into a SUV with tinted windows and race off.

They drive 22 kilometers (13.7 miles) north, to some woods off


Handcuffs of Tyranny

handcuffs of tyranny

A patent for next-generation handcuffs offers a future in which the detained can be zapped directly from their restraints, and even injected with a medication, sedative, irritant, paralytic, or other fine substance.

Handcuffs of Tyranny

Sometimes an invention comes along that makes you excited about the future.

For a long time, it seems that


Bush Official: CIA Committed War Crimes

A top adviser to former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice warned the Bush administration that its use of “cruel, inhuman or degrading” interrogation techniques like waterboarding were “a felony war crime.”

What’s more, newly obtained documents reveal that State Department counselor Philip Zelikow told the Bush team in 2006 that using the controversial interrogation techniques


Torture: Rumsfeld Stripped of Immunity

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was stripped of immunity in a case involving the torture of two United States citizens.

Two FBI informants, Donald Vance and Nathan Ertel, were detained and tortured by United States military personnel in Iraq in 2006. They filed suit against Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for


British Army Revenge Attack Exposed

Shocking video footage which appears to show British soldiers beating an Iraqi civilian during the investigation into the murder of six of their fellow Servicemen is being examined by the Ministry of Defence.

The attack allegedly left the victim badly hurt, covered in blood and with his jaw ‘literally hanging off’. It was apparently recorded


Revealed: Britain Tortured It’s Own Citizens

The true extent of the Labour government’s involvement in the illegal abduction and torture of its own citizens after the al-Qaida attacks of September 2001 has been spelled out in stark detail with the disclosure during high court proceedings of a mass of highly classified documents.

Previously secret papers that have been disclosed include


CIA Performed Experimets on Prisoners

Over the last year there have been an increasing number of accounts suggesting that, along with the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation” torture program, there was a related program experimenting with and RESEARCHING the application of the torture.

For example, in the seven paragraphs released by a British court summarizing observations by British counterintelligence agents


CIA Connections to Palestinian Torture

Reports that CIA agents may be helping their Palestinian security counterparts to torture prisoners are bad enough. What is more of a concern to me, though, is that Palestinians, for so long holding the moral ground in the struggle for justice in the Holy Land, could actually torture their fellow Palestinians; this concern applies


CIA Torture Prison Exposed

The CIA built one of its secret European prisons inside an exclusive riding academy outside Vilnius, Lithuania, a current Lithuanian government official and a former U.S. intelligence official exposed it this week. [flashvideo filename= /] Outside Lithuania the CIA used a former barn to interrogate al Qaeda members. Where affluent Lithuanians once rode show horses


Medieval Torture Used in Uzbekistan

The CIA relied on intelligence based on torture in prisons in Uzbekistan, a place where widespread torture practices include raping suspects with broken bottles and boiling them alive, says a former British ambassador to the central Asian country.

Craig Murray, the rector of the University of Dundee in Scotland and until 2004 the UK’s ambassador


Waterboarding Psychologists Identified

According to current and former government officials, the CIA’s secret waterboarding program was designed and assured to be safe by two well-paid psychologists now working out of an unmarked office building in Spokane, Washington.

Bruce Jessen and Jim Mitchell, former military officers, together founded Mitchell Jessen and Associates.

Both men declined to speak to ABC


Dick Cheney and Waterboarding

In this video Dick Cheney Admits to Sanctioning waterboarding torture tactics for some gitmo detainees.


That term waterboarding is actually used to describe several interrogation techniques. The victim may be immersed in water, have water forced into the nose and mouth, or have water poured onto material placed over the face


Chinese Government Tortures Activists

A Human Rights Group Candidly accuses the Chinese Government of torturing certain political and activist prisoners in a lecture to the United Nations.

Chinese Human Rights Defenders, a coalition of lawyers, academics and activists from round the country, has grown in the shadows of state suppression in the last two years.



Laws Broken by the Bush Administration

Here is a video illustrating some of the laws broken by the Bush Administration. [flashvideo filename= /]

Torture Terms Used by the U.S. Military

Waterboarding, according to the CIA – some of whose most senior officials are currently giving evidence before a congressional inquiry into the organisation’s decision to deliberately destroy video recordings of two al-Qaida captives being subjected to the practice – is merely an “enhanced coercive interrogation technique”. This magnificent phrase prompts the following brief reminder of


CIA Destroyed Torture Tapes

The Central Intelligence Agency in 2005 destroyed at least two videotapes documenting the interrogation of two Qaeda operatives in the agency’s custody, a step it took in the midst of Congressional and legal scrutiny about its secret detention program, according to current and former government officials.

The videotapes showed agency operatives in 2002 subjecting terrorism


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