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Sham II: Syrian Rebels Hit the Streets with Road Warrior Style Homemade “Tank”

Syria’s rebels may have taken the concept of a video game a tad too far. A homemade rebel tank has recently been seen rolling down the road like a post-apocalyptic battle wagon — and armed with a machine gun controlled like it’s a PlayStation.

The Sham II — reportedly so named after ancient Syria


Javelin Missile Destroying Tank

Just thought I would post this for fun, If anyone wants to know a little more about this weapon you can go HERE

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World’s Largest Silencer

Photo Taken at German Army artillery range

The side expansion chambers will be to accommodate the blast of the cannon’s muzzle brake.

I know what you are thinking: “Why?”

Well, apparently it was made not to use in battle but to reduce noise to nearby communities in Germany.

The vehicle pictured is the


M1a1 Abrams Tank Demonstration

Excellent video demonstration of the m1a1 abrams tank in action with technical explanations and details

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