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France Moves to End U.S. Trade Talks Over NSA Spying

Paris: France today called for the temporary suspension of European Union-US free trade talks over claims of US spying on European offices, but Germany said they should go ahead as planned.

The talks, on what would be the biggest free trade deal ever negotiated, are due to start in Washington on Monday, but revelations


Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey And Jordan Consider Alliance

Israel is considering partnering with several moderate Arab states in a US-brokered defense alliance that would be aimed at containing Iran, which is accused of nuclear weapon ambitions, a British newspaper reported Sunday.

The alliance would see Israel teaming up with Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey and the United Arab Emirates to forge a


Kerry Warns Iran: Time for Talking is Limited

How Long Have we been hearing this….

US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned Iran that talks on its nuclear program cannot last forever, after a new round failed to make progress.

John Kerry (right, foreground) is seen here facing Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu (opposite) at talks in Istanbul

“This is


Israel Becomes More Anxious, Coming Discussion Over Iranian Military Strike

The leaders of the United States and Israel are about to have some serious face time — five-and-a-half hours culminating in a late-night dinner on Wednesday. Three key issues will dominate the agenda: Iran, Syria and the Palestinians. In the first part of our “On the Brink” series, NBC News correspondent Martin Fletcher — who


China and U.S. May Talk on Cyber Security

China offered on Tuesday to talk with the United States about cyber security amid an escalating war of words between the two sides on computer hacking, but suspicion is as deep in Beijing as it is in Washington about the accusations and counter-accusations.

The world’s two leading economies have been squaring off for months


Iran Ready to Talk, Really?

The United States and European Union on Friday expressed cautious optimism that Iran is serious about returning to talks with world powers over its nuclear program.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said they were continuing to study Iran’s response to a proposal to restart the stalled


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