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If Pandemic Strikes, Avoid Honolulu

MIT researchers have analyzed which airport hubs would be key to spreading a virulent disease, with some surprising results

World map shows flight routes from the 40 largest US airports. Image: Christos Nicolaides/Juanes Research Group

When the next outbreak of More…

Study: H1N1 Killed Far More Than Reported

(HealthDay News) — The pandemic H1N1 flu in 2009 may have killed more than 500,000 people around the world, 15 times more than reported, a new study suggests.

During the pandemic, 18,500 laboratory-confirmed deaths were reported to the World Health Organization from April 2009 through August 2010, but as many as 575,400 may have actually


Is the CIA Spraying a Mutated Swine Flu Virus World Wide

Reports circulating in the Kremlin today are stating that a US government contracted airplane piloted by American CIA agents and carrying a cargo of a “mutated”swine flu virus intended for aerial spraying was shot down at China’s Shanghai Pudong airport by a saboteur team of what are believed to be Israeli Mossad soldiers seeking to


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