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Ex Russian Spy Proposes Marriage to Snowden

Chapman, 31, was outed as a Russian spy posing as a real estate agent in New York City in 2010. Now, she’s a model and celebrity with the hots for the NSA leaker.


Former Russian spy Anna Chapman was deported with nine others to Russia in a prisoner swap.



U.S. Decides to Charge Snowden, Seeking Extradition

edward snowden

US prosecutors have filed a sealed criminal complaint against a fugitive former intelligence analyst who leaked details of a secret internet surveillance operations, US media say.

The Washington Post says former National Security Agency (NSA) analyst Edward Snowden is being charged with espionage and theft.

It says the US has asked Hong Kong


Spy Access Built Into Windows Since Late 1990’s

social network spying

In researching the stunning pervasiveness of spying by the government (it’s much more wide spread than you’ve heard even now), we ran across the fact that the FBI wants software programmers to install a backdoor in all software…Digging a little further, we found a 1999 article by leading European computer publication Heise which noted


IRS Ordering Spy Equipment


The IRS, currently in the midst of scandals involving the targeting of conservative groups and lavish taxpayer-funded conferences, is ordering surveillance equipment that includes hidden cameras in coffee trays, plants and clock radios.

The IRS wants to secure the surveillance equipment quickly – it posted a solicitation on June 6 and is looking to


U.S. Spy Gear Allegedly Tested on New Zealand Public

GCSB refuses to comment on claims communications were intercepted 

The Greens and Labour have repeatedly called for an inquiry into the actions of the GCSB. Photo / Tim Cuff

The Greens and Labour have repeatedly called for an inquiry into the actions of the GCSB. Photo / Tim Cuff

A high-tech United States surveillance


Internet Providers Offered Immunity to Help Spy

internet surveillance

In these post-constitutional days it’s not just the government that is out to violate your rights. Count on Corporate America to be a co-conspirator.

Internet Surveillance

In a one-two knock-out punch to the Fourth Amendment, officials within the Obama Administration have secretly authorized major telecom firms to intercept communications carried on portions of their


Downfall of DIA Agent Ana Montes


(Photo illustration by Andy Potts)

By Jim Popkin

Ana Montes has been locked up for a decade with some of the most frightening women in America. Once a highly decorated U.S. intelligence analyst with a two-bedroom co-op in Cleveland Park, Montes today lives in a two-bunk cell in the highest-security women’s prison in the


How the Pentagon Uses Video Games to Spy on you

Source: Cryptogon Full interview.

Via: Democracy Now

Spy Frenzy: Another Espionage Act Prisoner Released

Spy fever with US federal prosecutors is passing McCarthy-era levels, as the Obama administration’s seventh Espionage Act case charges an American with mishandling classified documents. The case is notable for its total lack of evidence of espionage.

A federal judge has released a linguist contracted by the Navy from jail and ordered him to


The Remarkable Internet Police State

I’m going to start with three data points.

One: Some of the Chinese military hackers who were implicated in a broad set of attacks against the U.S. government and corporations were identified because they accessed Facebook from the same network infrastructure they used to carry out their attacks.

Two: Hector Monsegur,


British Intelligence Installing Internet Spy Devices


U.K. intelligence agencies are planning to install surveillance ‘black boxes’ on phone networks and ISP servers that utilize deep packet inspection to monitor Web traffic—including Facebook, Twitter, and Skype, among others.

The U.K.’s Global Operations Security Control Centre. (Credit: Home Office)

The U.K.’s intelligence agencies are planning to install ‘black box’-style surveillance devices in


DOJ Document: Killing U.S. Citizens Legal


The United States can lawfully kill a U.S. citizen overseas if it determines the target is a “senior, operational leader” of al-Qaeda or an associated group and poses an imminent threat to the United States, according to a Justice Department document published late Monday by NBC News.

The document defines “imminent


Europeans Warned About U.S. Data Snooping

internet surveillance

Leading privacy expert Caspar Bowden has warned Europeans using US cloud services that their data could be snooped on.

Internet Surveillance

In a report, he highlights how the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Amendment Act (FISAAA) allows US authorities to spy on cloud data.

This includes services such as Amazon Cloud Drive,


Remember the Legal Problems of John McAfee Founder of McAfee Software?, Well………………………..

john mcafee

75 laptops, 29 “pillow talk” operatives, and one crazy gringo.

The craziest story of this last week? It’s an easy call—John McAfee’s self-told tale of becoming a spymaster in Belize, passing out malware-laden laptops to officials and overseeing a ring of 29 “operatives” who distributed and monitored the


Kim Dotcom Gets Green Light for Lawsuit


A ruling in the High Court of New Zealand means that the country’s security service will have to reveal details from when itspied on Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom and his associates.

Judge Winkelmann’s decision means that the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) must be added as a defendant in


Verizon’s Big Brother DVR Patent

spied on by tv

Remember that book 1984, the one you read in elementary school that talked about the future and how to prepare for a dystopian world that was bound to happen in the 1980s? Then you remember it was the 90s when you read it, and you probably have nothing to worry about … at least for


Defense Intelligence Agency Turbo-Charging Clandestine Operations

The Pentagon will send hundreds of additional spies overseas as part of an ambitious plan to assemble an espionage network that rivals the CIA in size, U.S. officials said.

The project is aimed at transforming the Defense Intelligence Agency, which has been dominated for the past decade by the demands of two wars, into


Obama Pursuing Whistle-Blowers as Spies

whistle blower

Eric Holder, attorney general under President Barack Obama, has prosecuted more government officials for alleged leaks under the World War I-era Espionage Act than all his predecessors combined, including law-and-order Republicans John Mitchell, Edwin Meese and John Ashcroft.

The indictments of six individuals under that spy law have drawn criticism


Domestic Intelligence Products and Reporting Pervasive


DHS Intelligence products have become pervasive and widespread, they range from public access to top secret.

Public Intelligence

The Department of Homeland Security’s production of domestic intelligence has increased substantially over the last few years according to a brochure of “intelligence products” published last month by Cryptome. The 2012 DHS Intelligence Enterprise


“Public Safety” Drone Testing to be Conducted by DHS

The Department of Homeland Security has announced in a solicitation to drone manufacturers that it will begin testing “Robotic Aircraft For Public Safety” at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, indicating that small spy drones will be used to keep tabs on Americans in the near future.

As Infowars reported back in


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