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Claim: U.S. Special Forces Conducting Torture in Afghanistan

Afghan officials say they’ve got video of a man overseeing the torture of Afghan civilians. Exactly who ordered the man to torture is a matter of fierce dispute — and also helps explain this year’s erosion of trust between Washington and Kabul.

Allegedly, there’s a videotape in Afghan government hands showing a man named


Is the U.S. Conducting Seek and Destroy Missions in Iran?


US Special Forces, which have been training for operations in Iran for years, could be responsible for explosions that sabotaged Iranian nuke sites’ power lines, Daily Beast suggests

Aerial Photo of the Fordow Nuclear Facility in Iran

Could the United States be behind a move to sabotage power lines at More…

Special Ops Cause Stir in New Orleans

Residents in and around New Orleans have been hearing the sounds of low-flying helicopters and what sounds like bomb blasts over the past few nights, but the sounds are part of a training exercise for some of America’s elite military troops.

At one Lakefront home, Gigi Burk normally hears her son, 6-year-old Beau,


Special Ops Clean House in Sadr City

Video of US and Iraqi Special Operations Forces conducting a combat mission inside Sadr city, Baghdad in order to capture known insurgents and terrorists. The Operation was conducted at an undisclosed date and time in support of operation Iraqi Freedom.

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