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Growing Piracy Threatens Maritime Industry

Over the last few years, thanks largely to Hollywood’s “pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, maritime buccaneers have acquired a highly romantic image.

The reality of modern piracy is far removed from the images peddled by Tinseltown. In the most recent nautical attack, Somali pirates on 6 July attacked the 900-foot Brillante Virtuoso, which was carrying


Somali Pirates use Captured Ships for Further Attacks

MOMBASA, Kenya – Somali pirates’ use of “mother ships” to attack their prey is complicating foreign navies’ efforts to improve safety in the Indian Ocean, a senior anti-piracy commander said Jan. 14.

Somalia’s expanding army of pirates are increasingly launching their attacks from large, already hijacked vessels that offer greater physical protection during boarding and


F.B.I. Operations Manual Raises Concerns

WASHINGTON — After a Somali-American teenager from Minneapolis committed a suicide bombing in Africa in October 2008, the Federal Bureau of Investigation began investigating whether a Somali Islamist group had recruited him on United States soil.

Instead of collecting information only on people about whom they had a tip or links to the teenager,


Somali Pirates Give Final Ultimatum

Somali Pirates warn they will blow up their captured Ukranian ship if their ransom demands are not met.

A pirate spokesman told news agencies by satellite telephone that the ransom of $20m (£12m) must be paid by Monday night or the ship would be destroyed.

He said the pirates were ready to die along with


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