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China to Conduct Huge “Digitized Troop” Drills

China is to test its modern ‘digitized’ military units in an exercise next month. The Chinese military says developing such units is among its priorities for modernizing the armed forces.

‘Digitized’ troops are taking advantage of modern information technology to succeed on the battlefield. Integrated computerized systems are used to gather intelligence, assess the


Two U.S. soldiers stabbed during fight with Korean

DONGDUCHEON, South Korea — Police said Saturday they have taken a South Korean club owner into custody for allegedly wielding a knife and stabbing two American soldiers, leaving one in critical condition, during an early morning fight near a U.S. Army base.

The 33-year-old male had an altercation with four U.S. soldiers in front of


Psychiatry’s Military Spending to Create Super-Soldiers

Super Soldier

Drugs, Wired Warriors and “Virtual” Insanity

The mental health watchdog Citizens Commission on Human Rights announces the last in a four-part series by award-winning investigative journalist Kelly Patricia O’Meara exploring how the nation’s military forces have been used as guinea pigs for psychological and pharmaceutical experiments. This last installment looks at


Again: US Soldiers Killed by Man in Afghan Police Uniform

The killer shot the soldiers Thursday in Khas Uruzgan, Uruzgan province. It was not clear if he was an Afghan policeman carrying out another “insider” attack on US soldiers, or an attacker disguised as one.


Suspects Arrested: Murder, Weapons, Presidential Assassination and Government Overthrow Plot

Update (4:51 p.m.): Isaac Aguigui, the alleged leader of the anarchist militia group, bears a striking resemblance to one “Isaac Aguigui” identified as a 2008 Republican National Convention page by Reuters, as Gawker’s John Cook points out. View the side-by-side comparison of his current mug shot and 2008 RNC photo here.


Some U.S. Troops Using Heroin in Afghanistan

afghanistan poppy fields

Investigative reports have shown that 8 U.S. soldiers have died from a heroin overdose or by mixing prescription and other opiate drugs during 2010/2011.

The United States Army Criminal Investigation Command has released a report on 56 U.S. soldiers who were investigated on suspicion of using, possessing or distributing heroin


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