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Reaching Singularity Might be Self Desructive


Promises of ‘immortality’ and a disease-free life have led many individuals to long for the hope of artificial intelligence and what is known as Singularity. It is essentially a merging of man and machine, the development of a ‘new species’ — a ‘borg’ of sorts. The subject recently


The Singularity: Chips that Meld Man with Machine

Cramming biology on silicon is not a new effort, and it’s one that has helped advance the science of genomics and led to the $1,000 genome. But in the last few weeks, I’ve noticed some pretty sweet combinations of biology and chip research. They will first end up helping biological research and test new drug


The Path to the Final Machine


A central belief of the Singularity religion is that machines will one day have the ability to self-replicate. Not only that, but after crossing a certain threshold in this ability, it will become increasingly easier for these mechanical creations to make copies of themselves. According to Singularity believers, once this level of highly


Defining and Altering Human Nature

In a recent interview published on H+ Magazine, a new publication (online and print) that covers technologies that both “promise and threaten to radically alter our lives and our view of the world and ourselves,” AI expert Dr. Bruce Katz lays out a lofty vision for the emerging field of More…

Risk and Reward of Artificial Intelligence

What could a criminal do with a speech synthesis system that could masquerade as a human being? What happens if artificial intelligence technology is used to mine personal information from smartphones?

AI is becoming the stuff of future scifi greats: A robot that can open doors and find electrical outlets to recharge itself.


Preparations for the Computational Singularity

NASA and Google are throwing their weight behind a new school for futurists in Silicon Valley to prepare scientists for an era when machines become cleverer than people.

The new institution, known as “Singularity University”, is to be headed by Ray Kurzweil, whose predictions about the exponential pace of technological change have made him a


The Computational Singularity

Take a cross section of any class, religion or culture and you will find the wish to transcend death.

Bear that history in mind as you consider the creed of the singularitarians. Many of them fervently believe that in the next several decades we’ll have computers into which you’ll be able to upload your


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