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Researchers: Drug Laws Hampering Science

The outlawing of drugs such as cannabis, magic mushrooms and other psychoactive substances amounts to scientific censorship and is hampering research into potentially important medicinal uses, leading scientists argued on Wednesday.

Laws and international conventions dating back to the 1960s have set back research in key areas such as consciousness by decades, they argued


If All Science Were Run Like Marijuana Research, Creationists Would Control Paleontology


In the face of obstacles to marijuana research from both the Drug Enforcement Administration and the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a theoretical physicist at the California Institute of Technology and one-time MacArthur Fellow is calling out the federal government on its obstruction of science.

During an address before a medical marijuana conference


Why: €1 Billion Computer Model of a Human Brain

brain model

The Human Brain Project has just won a €1 billion research prize. Its director Henry Markram says the initiative will unify our understanding of the brain

Your project aims to recreate the human brain in a supercomputer. Why? We want to reach a unified understanding of the brain and the simulation on a supercomputer


Real Life Tractor Beam Device Created

tractor beam

It is hoped it could have medical applications by targeting and attracting individual cells.

The research, published in Nature Photonics and led by the University of St Andrews, is limited to moving microscopic particles.

In science fiction programs such as Star Trek, tractor beams are used to move much more massive objects.


Expected Inroads for Science in 2013


What Major Scientific Inroads are Expected for 2013

Stem-cell trials

Landmark results from an early-stage clinical trial using human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) should appear this year. Biotechnology firm Advanced Cell Technology of Santa Monica, California, is injecting hESC-derived retinal cells into the eyes of around three dozen people with two forms of non-treatable


Expeditionary Lab: Scientists in a Box for Military

Take a look at the Army’s new Expeditionary Lab – Mobile, a 20-foot shipping container filled with advanced, rapid-prototyping equipment designed to be dropped anywhere on the battlefield.

The Army’s Rapid Equipping Force deployed the first of these new labs, complete with two MacGyver-type engineers, to Afghanistan’s RC-South to help soldiers find on-the-spot fixes to


Augmented Reality Demonstration

Clever augmented reality applications are becoming the natural byproducts of our modern computers–computers that are tiny, have eyes and other location-aware sensors, and are able to place a synthetic layer of information on our view of the world around us.

The latest is this “invisible” block of solid concrete (shown in the video below) dreamed


Living Creatures in space

Outer space is a pretty rough place, death valley, step aside, space will trump you every time in every way. You would summize that nothing “alive” could survive there for any length of time. There’s the cold vacuum, of course, which can freeze-dry an unprotected astronaut. But there are other hazards, too, including the sun’s


Subatomic Particles may have free will

sub atomic particles

Sounds crazy right?, it’s almost like saying that your coffee table has free will, but two highly regarded Princeton mathematicians, John Conway and Simon Kochen, claim to have proven that if humans have even the tiniest amount of free will, then atoms themselves must also behave unpredictably” Standard interpretations


Quantum Computers Coming Closer

This is the dream of the NSA, the quantum Computer and the promise of breaking any code in a matter of minutes, Quantum computing , it is said will be the final step that ushers in the “computational singularity

D-Wave Corporation Claims to Have Created a Quantum Computer


Hubble to be Souped Up

It was not long ago, back in early 2006 that NASA decided to let Hubble ride it out and just die, but shortly thereafter there was an outcry from influential voices in the scientific community to get up there and service the Hubble Space Telescope.

Well, not only are they now (2 years later)


Scientists Grow a Working Heart

Medical research is apparently progressing quite nicely according to this video which depicts a heart that has been created from stem cells, it claims that any organ can be made from stem cells and in the future that means nobody will need to use ant-rejection medicine to keep their transplant healthy, because using their own


The Real Bottomless Pit

Here is what would happen if you really did have a hole all the way through the earth, in other words, a “bottomless pit” Although this video shows you could just jump from one side to the other, I always thought that you would eventually wind up at the center, which is probably what would


Oxytocin Spray Keeps them Trusting

Spray said to turn people into pushovers

Imagine all the possible implications of this technology, i.e., keeping the populace trusting in its government.

Re­search­ers have iden­ti­fied brain cen­ters acti­vated by be­tray­al of trust—and a way to keep them quiet.

A spray of a oxytocin, a hormone, makes peo­ple keep trust­ing even some­one who has be­trayed


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