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Class Suspended Over Evil Spirits

MANILA, Philippines – School administrators have suspended classes in an elementary school in Mandaluyong City on Thursday after “evil spirits” possessed 20 students.

Report said some of the female students of Isaac Lopez Elementary School on Barangay Vergara began yelling while others fainted inside the classroom.

Teachers rushed to the scene and tried to


Terror Attempt Against U.S. in South Korea

ANTI-U.S. arsonists have mistakenly attacked a school in South Korea in what officials believe was a failed attempt to strike against America.

Inspectors gather evidence after two anti-U.S. arsonists mistakenly attacked a school [NEWSIS]

Two arsonists reportedly hurled glass bottles filled with flammable liquids in the building located in Suseong District, Daegu.Police said terrorists


NYC: Mom Refuses Daughter’s Vaccination, Daughter Blocked from School

A New York City kindergartner has been blocked from school over her mom’s refusal to give her the chicken pox vaccine.

Frankie Elizabeth Staiti, 5, is due for the vaccine, which is mandatory in New York City schools. But her mom, Elizabeth, worries the vaccine could put her 14-week-old baby at risk.

“The doctor


American Nightmare: Concentration Camp for Boys

For years, almost no one at the Dozier School even knew about the burial ground in a clearing in the woods on the edge of campus. It was forbidden territory. The soil here, churned in places by tiny ants, holds more than the remains of little boys. Only now is it starting to give up


Canada’s Residential School Deaths Number At Least 3,000

Residential School Deaths 20130218

TORONTO – At least 3,000 children, including four under the age of 10 found huddled together in frozen embrace, are now known to have died during attendance at Canada’s Indian residential schools, according to new unpublished research.

A tin marker, likely issued by the Dept. of Indian Affairs, marks the resting place of a


“Active Shooter Drills” to be Conducted by Illinois High School

Emergency drill

CBS News reports that a high school in the far northwest suburb of Chicago will be conducting a school shooting drill which will include all the usual securing of the classrooms by teachers: locking of doors, closing of curtains, switching off of lights, and


Armed Guard Disarms School Shooter

armed guard

Atlanta • A student opened fire at his middle school Thursday afternoon, wounding a 14-year-old in the neck before an armed officer working at the school was able to get the gun away, police said.

Multiple shots were fired in the courtyard of Price Middle School just south of downtown around 1:50 p.m. and


Texas School: Jews Practice Flawed Religion, Blacks Descended from Ham

religion and politics

Texas Public School Teaching Kids That Jews Practice “Flawed Religion” and that Blacks Are “Descended from Ham”

A Southern Methodist University religious studies professor found instances of students learning a literal interpretation of the Bible, and some racist obsessions of the religious right.

A new report put out by


School Guard Leaves Gun In Bathroom

clark arnold

A prosecutor in Lapeer, Michigan says, “No harm, no foul,” after a charter school took the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) advice and hired a armed security guard who promptly left his handgun unattended in a student bathroom.

Chatfield School co-directors Matt Young and Bill Kraly announced last week that they had hired


Ohio Town Considers Arming School Janitors

grimes superindendant

MONTPELIER, Ohio — As the mother of three children in Montpelier Exempted Village Schools, Teresa Hickman calls the district’s plan to arm the custodial staff with guns an effective way to prevent incidents like the shootings in Newtown, Conn.

“I don’t have a problem with it. With all the shootings going on in these little


Witness Claims Second Suspect Arrested in Connecticut School Shooting

witness connecticut school shooting

A witness to the aftermath of the terrible school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut on December 14th described police cuffing a man in camouflage pants and a dark jacket who was walked past him, and who looked at gathered parents and told them that he wasn’t responsible for the shooting. At the time


Connecticut School Shooting


Students being led away from the scene in Newtown

A shooting involving two gunmen erupted at a Connecticut elementary school this morning, prompting the town of Newtown to lock down all of its schools and draw SWAT teams to the school, authorities said today.

State Police confirm that one


Rape Victim Expelled for Tarnishing School Image



An Indonesian school has expelled a 14-year-old girl, claiming she “tarnished” the institution’s image after she was raped by a trafficking syndicate, a child rights activist says.

Arist Merdeka Sirait, chairman of the National Commission for Child Protection, said a private school just outside Jakarta expelled the teenager during a ceremony attended by


FLASHBACK: 69 Children Droned to Death in One Day


LONDON: It is one of the worst incidents of the entire drone campaign, yet one of the least reported. A CIA strike on a Madrassa or religious school in 2006 killed up to 69 children, among 80 civilians.

Predator Drone Firing Hell-fire Missile

The attack was on a religious seminary in Chenegai, in Bajaur


TSA (Total Stupidity Agency) Let 25 Illegals Attend Flight School Owned by Illegal

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approved flight training for 25 illegal aliens at a Boston-area flight school that was owned by yet another illegal alien, according to the Government Accountability Office.

The illegal-alien flight-school attendees included eight who had entered the country illegally and 17 who had overstayed their allowed period of admission into the


Afghan Girls Poisoned for Getting Education

Some 160 schoolgirls are suspected to have been poisoned in the north-eastern Afghan province of Takhar. This comes less than a week after another similar case was blamed on the Taliban, that have repeatedly spoken out against female education.

There are suspicions that the classrooms had been sprayed with a toxic material before the girls


Pre-Schoolers Tracked Inside School

RICHMOND, Calif.—California officials are outfitting preschoolers in Contra Costa County with tracking devices they say will save staff time and money.

The system was introduced Tuesday. When at the school, students will wear a jersey that has a small radio frequency tag. The tag will send signals to sensors that help track children’s whereabouts,


School Administrators: Webcam Spying

According to the filings in Blake J Robbins v Lower Merion School District (PA) et al, the laptops issued to high-school students in the well-heeled Philly suburb have webcams that can be covertly activated by the schools’ administrators, who have used this facility to spy on students and even their families. The issue came to


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