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Russian Satellite Launch Crashes


A Russian booster rocket carrying three satellites burst into flames and crashed during a launch shown on live TV Tuesday, the latest in a string of failures for Russia’s commercial space program.

The Proton-M booster unexpectedly shut down the engine 17 seconds into the flight and crashed some 2 kilometers (over a mile)


Chinese Space Junk Destroys Russian Satellite

A small Russian spacecraft in orbit appears to have been struck by Chinese space junk from a 2007 anti-satellite test, likely damaging the Russian craft, possibly severely, has learned.

Dots Representing Objects Orbiting Earth

The space collision appears to have occurred on Jan. 22, when a chunk of China’s Fengyun 1C satellite, which


China Grabbing More Satellite Launch Business


China is looking to increase its share of the global commercial satellite launching business, targeting a 15 percent share by 2020, a leading space program official said Saturday.

China hopes to increase its market share by establishing strategic alliances with major launch services providers and satellite manufacturers, along with developing its own technology, the deputy


DARPA: Robot Satellite Salvagers


A research team at the Pentagon has reported launched a new project aimed at harvesting parts from old communication satellites in an attempt to use them to make new ones.

The project, which is being led by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA),


N. Korean Satellite Flailing out of Comtrol

un in space

After failing miserably on numerous occasions, North Korea has finally put a satellite in orbit. But according to US officials, it is now “tumbling out of control.” This is bad news, and more bad news, covered in a double layer of extra bad news.

un in space

NORAD detected the launch yesterday


Satellite News Jamming Blamed on Iran

satellite transmisson dish

The Broadcasting Board of Governors, which oversees the Voice of America and other U.S.-funded international broadcasters, has joined European public media outlets in condemning the jamming of satellite signals across the Middle East and Europe. BBG Director Richard Lobo said in a statement Friday that the jamming of U.S. satellite signals and those of


SpaceX Glitch Causes Destruction of Satellite

spacex rocket

SpaceX Rocket – Falcon 9

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – An experimental communications satellite flying piggyback aboard a Space Exploration Technologies’ Falcon 9 rocket fell out of orbit and burned up in the atmosphere following a problem during liftoff, satellite operator Orbcomm said on Friday.

The New Jersey-based company’s OG2 satellite was a prototype for


Hackers Consider Satellite Launch

Hackers reportedly plan to fight back against Internet censorship by putting their own communications satellites into orbit and developing a grid of ground stations to track and communicate with them.

The news comes as the tech world is up in arms about proposed legislation that many feel would threaten online freedom.

According to


Israeli Electronic Intelligence Base Uncovered

It’s been described as Israel’s ‘big ears’. A huge facility where it’s claimed phone calls and e-mails from all across the Middle East and beyond, can be monitored for intelligence. Hidden from prying eyes for decades in the desert, it’s become a focus for investigative journalists.



Military Money Focused on Space

Cold War paranoia may have eased up on the Space Race decades ago, but a new report finds that military projects still take up nearly half of all spending worldwide on space assets.

The United States is by far the biggest spender on defense-related space programs, yet its technical savvy also makes


$7bn for Intelligence Imaging Satellite Development

The next generation of hi-res satellite imaging technology is on the way, at least if the United States government has anything to say about it. The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency has awarded satellite imaging firms GeoEye and DigitalGlobe, which provide images for Google and Microsoft among others, contracts upwards of $3.5


Satellite Tending Robot

Dots Representing Objects Orbiting Earth

Robots that rescue failing satellites and push “dead” ones into outer space should be ready in four years, it has emerged. Experts described the development by German scientists as a crucial step in preventing a disaster in the Earth’s crowded orbit.

Last year it was reported that critical


New Costly Method to Track Space Junk

Space is full of stuff, especially the space close to Earth. And the U.S. military would like to know more about what it is and where it is.

There are thousands of pieces of space junk – bolts, broken chunks of satellites, fuel tanks, rocket motors and other odds and ends from five


Spy Satellites Spying on Each Other

In a top secret operation, the U.S. Defense Dept. is conducting the first deep space inspection of a crippled U.S. military spacecraft. To do this, it is using sensors on two covert inspection satellites that have been prowling geosynchronous orbit for nearly three years.

An artist’s concept shows a DSP satellite deployed in


Planet Earth’s Orbital Junkyard

The first ever collision between two giant satellites in orbit has created vast clouds of debris, adding to the deadly perils facing future space explorers.

Yes I know how vast it is in space, how much room is up there in low earth orbit, but the more this


Americas Earliest Spy Satellite Images

Below are declassified spy satellite images from Americas earliest attempts at looking in on its international neighbors, mainly the Chinese and the Russians during the cold war, although these images look grainy and crude they were considered the best in their class at the time.

Click on each image to read the description and then


Google Earth gets new eye in the sky


A super-sharp Earth-imaging satellite that can detail an area the size of a baseball diamond’s home plate from space has been launched into orbit from Vandenberg Air Force Base on the Central California coast.

A Delta 2 rocket carrying the GeoEye-1 satellite lifted off at 11.50am on Saturday. Video


China Plans to Destroy Satellites

China’s anti-satellite and space warfare program includes plans to destroy or incapacitate ‘every enemy space vehicle’ that passes over China.

The annual report of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, released last week, listed among Beijing’s goals that of ensuring that Chinese space weapons are “conducted covertly so China can maintain a


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