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Obama Inflicts More Sanctions on Iran

Turning the screw on Iran and its nuclear program, the Obama administration imposed new sanctions Monday on Iran’s currency and auto industry, seeking to render Iranian money useless outside the country and to cut off the regime from critical revenue sources.

The executive order from President Barack Obama broadens an already concerted and multifaceted


Additional N. Korean Sanctions Agreed on by China and U.S.

kim jong un

The United States and China have reached agreement on a new draft sanctions resolution to punish North Korea for its latest nuclear test, U.N. diplomats said late Monday.

The U.N. Security Council announced late Monday evening that it will hold closed consultations on North Korea and non-proliferation at 11 a.m. (1600 GMT)


Iran Rejects Gold Sanctions Offer

gold bars

Iran criticized on Monday a reported plan by major powers to demand the closure of a uranium enrichment plant in return for an easing of sanctions on Tehran’s trade in gold and other precious metals, Iranian media reported.

The Islamic Republic, which says its nuclear program is peaceful, started building the Fordow plant inside


Iran Attempts to Placate by Converting Portions of Enriched Uranium into Powder

iranian technicians uranium

TEHRAN, Iran — In a bid to ease international concerns over its nuclear program, Iran has converted more than a third of Tehran’s most highly enriched uranium into a powder for a medical research reactor that is difficult to reprocess for weapons production, experts and UN monitors say.

Iranian technicians work at a facility


Iran: Sanctions Bring First Signs of Unrest as Currency Plunges

rial currency


Iranian riot police have clashed with protesters in the capital Tehran over the collapse of the rial, the country’s currency, which has lost a third of its value against the dollar in a week.

Police on Wednesday reportedly fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators, including currency exchange dealers.

It was the first sign


Iran’s Currency Sinks to Record Low

rial currency

Iran’s rial sank about five percent in trading against the U.S. dollar on Monday, after the central bank said it would change the currency’s official exchange rate, prompting fears of another devaluation as the economy suffers from international sanctions.

Reuters reported that the rial was trading in the free market at around


U.S. Considers Blocking Shipping and Aircraft as Part of Iran Sanctions

According to the Israeli intelligence apparatus DEBKAfile, the Obama administration is considering an embargo on aircraft and sea vessels visiting Iranian ports.

From a DEBKAfile exclusive report issued on June 4, 2012:

Any national airline or international aircraft touching down in Iran will be barred from US and West European airports. The same


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