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Quantum Computing gets a Step Closer

The arrival of practical and usable Quantum Computing Systems seems now to be much more than science fiction, it is in fact inevitable, just a matter of time, this article describes another step that has been achieved which will bring us closer to the computational singularity



NSA Partially Funds it’s way closer to Quantum Computing

An international team of scientists—including researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory—has succeeded in storing quantum data in an atomic nucleus for nearly two seconds, then retrieving it for processing. Although two seconds is a short period, it is thousands of times longer than reported in previous studies and marks a milestone in quantum computing.


Quantum Computers Coming Closer

This is the dream of the NSA, the quantum Computer and the promise of breaking any code in a matter of minutes, Quantum computing , it is said will be the final step that ushers in the “computational singularity

D-Wave Corporation Claims to Have Created a Quantum Computer


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