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Putin: War may be Necessary to Defeat Monsanto Protection Act

obama putin

While I was listening to a recent interview with Graham Hancock about his new novel and his TED lecture, the startling claim was made that Russian President Vladimir Putin commented that war might be a necessary result of the Monsanto Protection Act. I was skeptical, but did a little digging around,


Russia to Give Assad Serious Weaponry

vlad putin

Last week, Noble Peace Prize winner President Barack Obama advised that his administration would be arming the Free Syrian Army with weapons to resist the armies of Syria’s President Bashar Assad.

Furthermore, they would look to implement a Libya-style no-fly zone over the country, which like Libya, would likely involve widespread carpet bombing of suspected


Obama and Putin Fail to Agree on Syria

obama putin

ENNISKILLEN, Northern Ireland — President Obama and his Russian counterpart, Vladi­mir Putin, failed to resolve on Monday their significant differences over how to bring about an end to Syria’s civil war, as each leader steps up military support for opposite sides in the worsening conflict.

Meeting for two hours on the sidelines of the


Putin: Syrian Rebels who Eat Human Flesh Should not be Armed

vlad putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin, arriving in Britain ahead of an international summit set to be dominated by disagreement over the U.S. decision to send weapons to Syria’s rebels, said the West must not arm fighters who eat human flesh.

In Syria, rebels fought back on Sunday against forces of President Bashar al-Assad and his


Putin Accused of Stealing $25,000 Ring


President Vladimir Putin stole a $25,000 (£16,000) ring from one of America’s biggest sports tycoons, who was then pressured by George W. Bush’s White House to say it was given as a gift, it has been claimed.

Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots American football team, said that the Russian president took


Putin Offers Peacekeeping Force for Israeli – Syrian Border

Russia may replace Austrian UN peacekeepers who withdrew from the Golan Heights on the Israel-Syria border. A UN representative has welcomed the proposal, first announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“In view of the complicated situation which is currently unfolding on the Golan Heights, we could replace the Austrian peacekeeping contingent, which is withdrawing from


S-300 Not Delivered yet Says Putin

Russia has not yet completed its contract to supply Russian-made S-300 surface-to-air missiles to Syria, President Vladimir Putin said.

Russian S-300 Missile System

“As for the S-300s, it’s one of the best air defense systems in the world,” Putin said following a Russia-EU summit. “It’s a serious weapon. We would not like to tip


Putin Gives “Thumbs Up” to Topless Protestor


This is the Face Putin made while confronting topless protestor

While visiting Germany today, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was confronted by a topless protester from the organization Femen. This is the face he made in response. Here’s a GIF:



Hold on! Is that a… let’s go to replay: 


Yes, folks:


Putin Gives Himself Power to Select Political Candidates


Russian President Vladimir Putin [official website, in Russian] approved a law on Tuesday giving him the authority to select candidates for regional elections.

Under the new law, Putin will have the ability to submit three candidates [Bloomberg News report] to legislature for approval for any of the country’s 83 regions.


Putin Makes Suggestion to Muslim Extremists in Chechnya (Video)

vlad putin

Enemy of Putin Found Dead in UK

Boris Berezovsky, a self-exiled and outspoken Russian tycoon who had a bitter falling out with Russian President Vladimir Putin, was found dead in southeast England on Saturday. He was 67.

FILE – A Wednesday, July 18, 2007 photo from files showing Russian exile Boris Berezovsky, a close friend of former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko


Putin Loyalists Luxurious Excess Exposed by Bloggers

Dmitry Medvedev

Bloggers who oppose Russian President Vladimir Putin are targeting top lawmakers loyal to the Kremlin with scandalous revelations about their luxury apartments and jet-setting lifestyles which run counter to their patriotic rhetoric.

Recent exposes have focused on the most outspoken lawmakers from the ruling United Russia party who have voted through legislation restricting foreign NGOs


Putin to Revive Soviet Era Fitness Tests

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin called Wednesday for the revival of a Soviet-era physical evaluation program that required all schoolchildren to pass fitness tests.

Putin, a judo enthusiast and a regular swimmer, said that the restoration of GTO, the Russian acronym for Ready for Labor and Defence, would teach children to “to stand up for


Putin Preventing Americans from Adopting Russian Children

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday he will sign a controversial bill barring Americans from adopting Russian children, while the Kremlin’s children’s rights advocate recommended extending the ban to the rest of the world.

The bill is part of the country’s increasingly confrontational stance with the West and has angered some Russians who


Russia Closes Newspaper for Laughing at Putin’s Expense

vlad putin

A Chechen newspaper has been closed down just hours after its editor-in-chief embarrassed the region’s Kremlin-backed leader while questioning Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Belkis Dudayeva, the editor-in-chief of Kadyrov’s Path, provoked laughter when she asked Mr Putin a question which began: “Thank God that Chechnya has now become a region of peace and prosperity…”



Moscow: Huge Putin Protest

Putin- Protest

MOSCOW — Thousands of opposition supporters gathered Saturday in central Moscow for an unauthorized rally to mark a year of a wave of massive protests against Vladimir Putin and the government.

The turnout was far smaller than the tens of thousands who filled Moscow streets in protests that erupted after fraud-plagued


Hillary Vows to Stop Return of the Soviet Union

soviet union flag

The US is trying to prevent Russia from recreating a new version of the Soviet Union under the ruse of economic integration, Hillary Clinton warned on Thursday.

“There is a move to re-Sovietise the region,” the US secretary of state told a news conference in Dublin hours before going into a meeting with her


Russia Will NOT Renew Its WMD Dismantling Agreement

putin military parade

So, in other words Russia wants to have a larger amount of nuclear and chemical weapons available to them for the future than what this agreement would have left them with….. NOT good.

Russia will not renew a decades-old agreement with Washington on dismantling nuclear and chemical weapons when it expires next year, Deputy


Putin Lavishing Himself Like a Pig in Mud


Russian President Vladimir Putin is spending billions of taxpayers’ rubles on 20 luxurious residences, 43 jets and four yachts, a top opposition leader claimed Tuesday.

All heads of state use government property and funds for presentation purposes, but Boris Nemtsov says Putin’s lifestyle is far more lavish than his Western counterparts.

In the report


Russia Ramping up Air Force Spending

Russia’s air force will get 1,600 new warplanes and choppers by 2020, announced President Vladimir Putin. The program will cost Moscow some US $723 billion.

“We are talking primarily about providing our forces with state-of-the-art modern technology,” Putin said at an air show in the Moscow Region ahead of the 100th anniversary of the country’s


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