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American Citizen Pleads for Help From N. Korean Prison Camp (Video)

The American citizen sentenced to 15 years in a North Korean labor camp, has appealed to the Korean authorities for forgiveness and asked the United States for help in securing his release in an exclusive interview from prison obtained Wednesday by CNN.

Pae Jun Ho, known as Kenneth Bae by U.S. authorities, was


7 Facebook Activists Jailed in Saudi Arabia

Facebook monitor

The Saudi authorities are particularly sensitive about political criticism expressed online

A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced seven cyber activists to between five to 10 years in prison for inciting protests, mainly by using Facebook.

The men were arrested in September last year, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW), and


Woman Sentenced to Life for Cutting off Husbands Penis

A California woman who cut off her husband’s penis and threw it in a garbage disposal has been sentenced to life in prison with possibility of parole.

The Orange County district attorney’s office says Catherine Kieu was sentenced Friday for a July 2011 attack that mutilated her estranged spouse. Kieu, who’s 50, can seek


Bolivia: Children Living With Parents in Prison

LA PAZ – The case of a 12-year-old girl who is pregnant after being raped for years by her father and others in a La Paz prison has sparked outrage in Bolivia over the practice of letting children live in jails.

The San Pedro prison in La Paz, where 500 children live with their


U.S. Consequence of Sending too Many Teens to Jail

Jail Bars

Sending teenage offenders to juvenile hall makes them 13 percentage points less likely to finish high school and 22 percentage points more likely to be imprisoned as adults.


That’s the finding of a new National Bureau of Economic Research working paper by Anna Aizer and Joseph Doyle.

The authors looked at defendants


Cat Discovered Smuggling Contraband Into Prison

Cat caught smuggling mobile phones to Russian prison

The security measures in Russian prisons have become very strict, after the fiasco at themaximum-security prison Matrosskaya Tishina, in Moscow. The cat was detained while trying to get into the courtyard of the prison in Komi region.

The guards I realized that the


Remarkable Profiteering From Prison Phone System

Those unfortunate enough to be picked up by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) often find themselves locked away in detention facilities that aren’t governed by the same rules as state prisons.

At the Contra Costa West County Detention Facility (WCDF) in Richmond, California, one of the differences is the cost


U.S. Prison Population: 784% in 10 Years

From 1999-2010, the total U.S. prison population rose 18 percent, an increase largely reflected by the “drug war” and stringent sentencing guidelines, such as three strikes laws and mandatory minimum sentences.

However, total private prison populations exploded fivefold during this same time period, with federal private prison populations rising by


Judge Sentenced to 28yrs for Selling Kids to Prison System

In the private prison industry, longer sentences earn more money from the state.

Since 2003, Ciavarella received millions of dollars in bribes for condemning minors to maximum prison sentences. In one case, Ciavarella sentenced a 10-year-old to two years in a detention facility for accidentally bottoming out his mother’s car.

Mark Ciavarella Jr.



Obama: ‘I Might Have Been In Prison’ If Not For The Opportunities I Had

Obama Smoking

President Barack Obama, in a soaring commencement address on work, sacrifice and opportunity, on Sunday told graduates of historically black Morehouse College to seize the power of their example as black men graduating from college and use it to improve people’s lives.

Obama Smoking

The president said his success was due to “the


Wrongfully Accused of Murder, Released After 23 Years

David Ranta, 58, is in prison at the Wende Correctional Facility in Alden, N.Y. Convicted in 1991, he is likely to be freed soon.

David Ranta once worked as a printer, though he is not certain that such jobs exist anymore.

Mr. Ranta, 58, has spent the last 23 years living in maximum


Japanese Prisons: Don’t do the Crime if you Can’t do this Time

TOKYO – On Feb. 21, Japan hanged three death-row inmates. These executions, the first in 18 months, took place only a few months after Shinzo Abe‘s new government took office.

There is no question as to whether Abe will use his mandate to abolish the death penalty. During his previous stint as Prime


DHS Official Resigns After Hundreds of Deportees Released

deport hearings

The senior Homeland Security Department official in charge of arresting and deporting illegal immigrants announced his retirement the same day the agency said that hundreds of people facing deportation had been released from immigration jails due to looming budget cuts, according to a letter obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press. The


Attempted Helicopter Prison Escape Failed in Greece


A helicopter swooped down on a prison courtyard Sunday as armed men on board fired on guards and lowered a rope to help a convicted killer make his fourth attempt to escape from a Greek prison.

But the plot was foiled after the prisoner was shot and the chopper forced to land in


North Korea prison camps ‘like the Holocaust’

NORTH Korea’s prison camps are a closed-off world of death, torture and forced labour where babies are born slaves, according to two survivors who liken the horrors of the camps to a Holocaust in progress.

“People think the Holocaust is in the past, but it is still very much a reality. It is still going


Secret CIA Rendition Site Discovered in Poland

cia prison poland

The story begins on a wintery Thursday. On Dec. 5, 2002 at 2:56 p.m., a Gulfstream G-IV identified as N63MU lands at the tiny airport of Szczytno-Szymany in northeastern Poland. Its seven passengers get into a SUV with tinted windows and race off.

They drive 22 kilometers (13.7 miles) north, to some woods off


U.S. – The Incarceration Nation

Jail Bars

Is it fair to call the United States the “incarceration nation”? That’s what some experts say. And even some veteran law enforcement and correction officials think something’s gone wrong.

At the Gadsden County Jail near Tallahassee, Fla., there are bunks, and mattresses on the floor.

The jail has a capacity of about 150 inmates, but


Has America Transformed into a Huge Debtor’s Prison

debtors prison in america

Shakespeare’s Polonius offered this classic advice to his son: “neither a borrower nor a lender be.” Many of our nation’s Founding Fathers emphatically saw it otherwise. They often lived by the maxim: always a borrower, never a lender be. As tobacco and rice planters, slave traders, and merchants, as well as land and currency


Murderers Request Fertility Treatment to Father Children from Prison

Jail Bars

Four murderers and a convicted drug dealer have asked to be allowed NHS fertility treatment so that they can father a child from behind bars, it was reported last night.

It is feared that legal advice may mean ministers feel obliged to grant the requests because of a previous European court ruling on human


Qatar: Life in Prison for Writing a Poem




Yes, if it weren’t so F***’d up it might actually be funny, however, a mans life has essentially been taken away for writing a fricken poem! Next time I feel like bitching about my country I will summarily refer back to this story!

A Qatari court has sentenced a poet to life


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