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Obama Mulls Over “Zero Option” in Afghanistan

President Obama is still considering the “zero option” in Afghanistan — no U.S. troops there after 2014.

Obama with Afghan President Karzai

While the two countries have talked about keeping a residual U.S. force in Afghanistan after combat operations end in 2014, The New York Times reports Tuesday that Obama is


Does the CIA Director Have Obama’s Fraudulent Records

obama smokes

We know that John Brennan got the head job of the Central Intelligence Agency. However, as we stated in a previous article, by obtaining the records of Barack Obama he may well show that Obama is not eligible to be President.

We have to go back to 2008 and a


Kerry Implies U.S. Spying is Business as Usual

French President Francois Hollande is demanding that the United States immediately stop its alleged eavesdropping of the European Union.

In this picture, taken Saturday June 29, 2013, a demonstrator protests with a poster against NSA in Hanover, Germany. Germany’s top justice official says reports that U.S. intelligence bugged European Union offices remind her of


Putin: War may be Necessary to Defeat Monsanto Protection Act

obama putin

While I was listening to a recent interview with Graham Hancock about his new novel and his TED lecture, the startling claim was made that Russian President Vladimir Putin commented that war might be a necessary result of the Monsanto Protection Act. I was skeptical, but did a little digging around,


Obama: Snowden Flight Won’t be Intercepted

edward snowden

The US will not try to intercept NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s flight, President Barack Obama said during his tour to Africa.

Obama announced that US will not be using military jets to go after Snowden, rejecting reports that America might force down a plane carrying the NSA leaker.

The president specified that the US


Obama’s First Strike Policy

nuclear false flag

I have now had the chance to read Obama’s Report on Nuclear Employment Strategy of the United States, that just came out on Friday, June 21, 2013. The critical passage can be found on page 5:

“The 2010 Nuclear Posture Review established the Administration’s goal to set conditions that would allow the United States


Russia to Give Assad Serious Weaponry

vlad putin

Last week, Noble Peace Prize winner President Barack Obama advised that his administration would be arming the Free Syrian Army with weapons to resist the armies of Syria’s President Bashar Assad.

Furthermore, they would look to implement a Libya-style no-fly zone over the country, which like Libya, would likely involve widespread carpet bombing of suspected


Obama Referred to as War Criminal in Irish Parliament


Obama and Putin Fail to Agree on Syria

obama putin

ENNISKILLEN, Northern Ireland — President Obama and his Russian counterpart, Vladi­mir Putin, failed to resolve on Monday their significant differences over how to bring about an end to Syria’s civil war, as each leader steps up military support for opposite sides in the worsening conflict.

Meeting for two hours on the sidelines of the


Your Cell Phone: Obama Alerts You Can’t Turn Off

obama smokes

Just in case you want more Obama in your life…

AT&T is loading iPhones with emergency alerts from Barack Obama…

That you can’t switch off.

Engadget reported:

AT&T has begun rolling out Wireless Emergency Alerts updates for iPhone 4S and 5, so you won’t be the last folks to know if the


Here we go: Iran Sending 4000 Troops to Syria

Washington’s decision to arm Syria’s Sunni Muslim rebels has plunged America into the great Sunni-Shia conflict of the Islamic Middle East, entering a struggle that now dwarfs the Arab revolutions which overthrew dictatorships across the region.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard

For the first time, all of America’s ‘friends’ in the region are Sunni Muslims and


As a candidate, Mr Obama applauded the courage of whistle-blowers (and rode into the White House on their disclosures); as president he has prosecuted them far more vigorously than his predecessors

government spying

THICK and fast they came at last, and more and more and more. On June 5th theGuardian, a British newspaper, reported that America’s National Security Agency (NSA) was collecting the telephone records of millions of Americans not suspected of crimes.

A day later, the Washington Post reported the existence of a program code-named PRISM,


U.S. Proposes to Enact No Fly Zone Over Syria


The United States has conclusive evidence that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime has used chemical weapons against rebel forces and is now proposing a no-fly zone in the country.

The use of weapons such as the nerve agent sarin crosses what President Barack Obama has called a ‘red line’ that would trigger greater American


Whitehouse: Red Line Crossed in Syria, Chemical Weapons Used

Syria has crossed a “red line” with its use of chemical weapons, including the nerve agent sarin gas, against rebels, a move that is prompting the United States to increase the “scale and scope” of its support for the opposition, the White House said Thursday.

Rebel fighters fire at government forces in the northern


Birds of a Feather: Obama and Bush on NSA Surveillance (Video)

Bush and Obama, Birds of a Feather


Xi Jinping , Obama Agree to Curb N. Korea, Cyber Attacks

Officials say US and Chinese presidents have pledged following talks to work towards denuclearising Pyongyang.

The US and China have agreed that they cannot accept a nuclear-armed North Korea and pledged to work closely to end Pyongyang’s weapons programme, a senior US national security official has said.

Tom Donilon said the US President Barack


Whitehouse Admits Incredible Expanse of Online Spying

obama smokes

THE White House has confirmed that US intelligence agencies have been collecting data held by Facebook, Google, Apple and other web giants for nearly six years in a bid to ward off threats to national security.

The confirmation of a “classified program” giving agents access to material stored by some of the biggest internet


Secret Court Order Exposed, NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily


Top secret court order requiring Verizon to hand over all call data shows scale of domestic surveillance under Obama.

See Court order

The National Security Agency is currently collecting the telephone records of millions of US customers of Verizon, one of America’s largesttelecoms providers, under a


Obama Inflicts More Sanctions on Iran

Turning the screw on Iran and its nuclear program, the Obama administration imposed new sanctions Monday on Iran’s currency and auto industry, seeking to render Iranian money useless outside the country and to cut off the regime from critical revenue sources.

The executive order from President Barack Obama broadens an already concerted and multifaceted


Obama: ‘I Might Have Been In Prison’ If Not For The Opportunities I Had

Obama Smoking

President Barack Obama, in a soaring commencement address on work, sacrifice and opportunity, on Sunday told graduates of historically black Morehouse College to seize the power of their example as black men graduating from college and use it to improve people’s lives.

Obama Smoking

The president said his success was due to “the


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