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Israels Undeclared Nuclear Arsenal

Much attention has been placed on Iran and their supposed nuclear weapons program by the United States and Israel.

What isn’t talked about on a regular basis in the corporate controlled media is the fact that Israel has an illegal, undeclared nuclear arsenal.

While many are already aware of the facts regarding the


Myanmar Gunning for Nuclear Weapons

Every time a new rogue nation gets a step closer to the possibility of making nukes, or even just one nuke, thats another step towards the possibility of a Nuclear weapon exploding in your backyard

With the help of North Korea, Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has acquired components for a nuclear weapons program,


Israeli Iranian War Inevitable

Israel is seriously considering taking unilateral military action to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, according to a report by top US political figures and experts released Wednesday.

The report also says Israel’s time frame for action is growing shorter, not only because of Iranian advances, but because Teheran might soon acquire


How Nuclear Technology Spread Worldwide

Nuclear technology it turns out, was replicated by information passed mostly by spies, dirty politicians and free sharing of “Nuclear Know how”, no nation, it turns out, other then the U.S., invented the atomic bomb on it’s own, all the nuclear roads appear to have been started in the U.S., from the Manhattan


Covert Nuke Hunters Swarm Hot Spots

This video depicts the day to day operations of operatives from the U.S. NNSA (nuclear national security agency) who apparently fly around “target” cities and other areas of interest using state of the art detection equipment to seek out nuclear devices, there are also ground units who can close directly onto the weapon once detected


Did the U.S. Deliver a Nuclear Strike in Basrah Iraq in 1991

This first video depicts the account of an ex army engineer involved at he time of the alleged nuclear strike on Basrah Iraq in 1991 and describes in detail the weapon used and the reasons he believes such action was taken.

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Take a good look at this


Nuclear Attack Plans Against Russia Modified

The military’s Cold War-era nuclear strike plans against Russia have finally been revised, according to the Federation of American Scientists (FAS). The Red Integrated Strategic Offensive Plan, or RISOP, was used for decades by the U.S. military to determine which targets in Russia (and pre-1991, the Soviet Union) would be attacked. It appears, however,


Iranian President Claims Assasination Attempt

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday accused the United States of plotting to kidnap and assassinate him during a visit this year to Iraq, state media reported.

The hardline president told a meeting of clerics in the central city of Qom that Iran’s “enemies” planned to kill him when he went to Baghdad in March,


Newly Released Photos of Hiroshima

Apparently these are never before released photos of the aftermath at Hiroshima Japan, Im just guessing but I would say within a couple of days after the blast.

Here are ten “Brand New” Reminders of maybe why we need to keep a close eye on our neighbors, and why our neighbors try and keep a


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