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U.S. Spy Gear Allegedly Tested on New Zealand Public

GCSB refuses to comment on claims communications were intercepted 

The Greens and Labour have repeatedly called for an inquiry into the actions of the GCSB. Photo / Tim Cuff

The Greens and Labour have repeatedly called for an inquiry into the actions of the GCSB. Photo / Tim Cuff

A high-tech United States surveillance


Economist: Eliminate Cats in New Zealand

cat with bird

A prominent New Zealand economist has set off a firestorm by suggesting that cats should eventually be eliminated from his country, claiming they are posing a dire threat to native bird species.

Gareth Morgan, an economist and environmentalist, says that the cat is actually a “friendly neighborhood serial


5 Dollars for one Cigarette, New Zealand Considers

New Zealand’s government is considering $100-a-pack cigarettes as part of its tough program to stamp out smoking by 2025, internal documents say.

The idea of charging $5 a cigarette is the most radical of several ideas floated in a Ministry of Health discussion paper obtained through a freedom of information request by the More…

Two Journalists Attempt Suicide

Murdoch-gate may have just taken a detour into the tragic following reports that two senior Murdoch journalists have attempted suicide.

MSNBC reports: “Two senior journalists working for Rupert Murdoch’s News International have apparently attempted suicide as pressure mounts at the scandal-hit publisher of the now-defunct News of the World.

The suicide attempts follow weeks of


Busted Hacker May Get Job With Cops

Nine months ago Whitianga teenager Owen Walker faced the possibility of extradition by the FBI for cyber crime. Yesterday he walked free from the High Court in Hamilton with the prospect of a career with the New Zealand police or an overseas computer company before him. In an extraordinary move backed by police, Justice Judith


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