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Iran Allegedly Busts Mossad Network

Iran has dismantled an alleged “terror network” backed by Israel’s Mossad intelligence services that had a headquarters in Britain, the intelligence ministry said on Sunday.

Officials claimed that the network had planned to disrupt the upcoming presidential election in the Islamic republic, the state broadcaster said, according to AFP news agency.

“The intelligence ministry


X-Mossad Chief: Iran Should be Wary Over Next 12 Weeks

Aerial Photo of the Fordow Nuclear Facility in Iran

Former Mossad chief Efraim Halevy added to speculation of an impending Israeli military strike against Iran’s nuclear program in a statement published by The New York Times Wednesday.

“If I were an Iranian, I would be very fearful of the next 12 weeks,” Halevy said.


Mossad “Agent” Executed in Iran


The man convicted of espionage for the Israeli spy agency, Mossad, and assassinating a top Iranian nuclear physicist has been executed in Tehran’s Evin Prison.

Majid Jamali Fashi, (Iranian Citizen) who assassinated Massoud Ali-Mohammadi in January 2011, was brought to justice under the Iranian judicial system on Tuesday.

Jamali Fashi was also found


Mossads’ Platform for Spying on Iran

Israel is using Azerbaijan, a former soviet republic bordering Iran, as a base to spy on the regime in Tehran, the London Times reported Saturday.

The newspaper cited testimony from an anonymous Mossad agent, referred to only as Shimon.

“This is ground zero for intelligence work,” Shimon told The Times. “Our presence here is quiet,


Israel Accused of Teaming with Terrorist Group to Assassinate Key Iranian Scientists

Israel teams with terror group to kill Iran’s nuclear scientists, U.S. officials tell NBC News

Mehdi Marizad / Fars via AP file

A car that was bombed by two assailants on a motorcycle in Tehran on Jan. 11, killing Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahamdi Roshan, is removed by a mobile crane. The photo was distributed


Mossad Posed as CIA to Recruit Assassins

Israeli Mossad agents posed as CIA officers in order to recruit members of a Pakistani terror group to carry out assassinations and attacks against the regime in Iran, Foreign Policy revealed on Friday, quoting U.S. intelligence memos.

Foreign Policy’s Mark Perry reported that the Mossad operation was carried out in 2007-2008, behind the back of


Covert CIA Operations Started in Iran

In public Sunday, President Obama was at a summit unsuccessfully leaning on Russia and China to back diplomatic efforts to curb Iran’s nuke program.

In private Sunday, there was more evidence of an efficient and brutal covert operation that continues to degrade Iran’s military capabilities.

Iranian Centrifuge

Iranian officials revealed that one of the


Sex Condoned for Female Mossad Agents

(JERUSALEM) — An Israeli rabbi has blessed the use of female spies in “honeytrap” or “honeypot” stings against terrorists, according to a study called “Illicit Sex for the Sake of National Security.”

The ruling by Rabbi Ari Schvat, contained in a study published by the Zomet Institute, was first reported by the news agency DPA


Israeli Mossad Recruiting U.S. Muslims

The CIA took an internal poll not long ago about friendly foreign intelligence agencies.

The question, mostly directed to employees of the clandestine service branch, was: Which are the best allies among friendly spy services, in terms of liaison with the CIA, and which are the worst? In other words, who acts like, well, friends?


H1N1 Vaccine Whistleblower Silenced

This Article describes a far reaching conspiracy involving the H1N1 Vaccine, basically stating that this vaccine is intended to be used to harm / kill it’s victims, not just that the H1N1 vaccine is dangerous, but that it is INTENDED to be dangerous… Can this be true?, well, that’s what the authors apparently have set


CIA to Create “Man-Hunter” Section

CIA director Leon Panetta got into hot water with Congress, after he revealed an agency program to hunt down and kill terrorists. A recent report from the U.S. military’s Joint Special Operations University argues that the CIA didn’t go far enough (.pdf). Instead, it suggests the American government should set up something like


Israeli mossad Accused of Pirating Freighter Arctic Sea

Moscow- A Russian newspaper claimed Friday that suspected pirates who boarded the freighter Arctic Sea were actually agents of the Israeli secret service trying to stop it smuggling arms to Iran. According to Russian media, the Arctic Sea may have been carrying illegal X-55 cruise missiles destined for Iran hidden among its cargo of lumber.


Israeli Spy Elephant in the Room

Ask a counterintelligence officer in the US government and they’ll tell you that Israel is not a friend to the United States.

This is because Israel runs one of the most aggressive and damaging espionage networks targeting the US. The fact of Israeli penetration into the country is not a subject discussed in


Israeli Mossad Assassinating Nuclear Scientists

Apparently Israel is presently taking another route to confront the Mid-East nuclear threat that it currently faces.

Instead of an overt action like “kill em all” or some other heavy duty military strike on Iran, it is using the hightly secretive Mossad Intelligence agency to access and assassinate key scientists involved in the nuclear weapons


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