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DARPA: Cheetah Robot Runs Faster than Fastest Man

Cheetah robot ‘runs faster than fastest man, Usain Bolt’

The Cheetah Robot developed by Boston Dynamics breaks the speed record – Video courtesy of Darpa and Boston Dynamics

A robot called Cheetah has set a new world speed record for legged robots, running faster than the fastest human.

The headless machine, funded by


Aldebaran Robotics Showing off Level of Functionality

So I didnt hear anyone say that these robots are well on their way to wielding small arms ,bazookas and, causing havoc in enemy occupied neighborhoods overseas, what a thought, I’m supposing their main problem would be endurance, ie. power supply, but once that is overcome in a major way I these little guys easily


U.S. Army Holds Robot Rodeo

FORT HOOD, Texas–Soldiers and civilian contractors braved the heat here this week for the first Robotics Rodeo to view and interact with a long lineup of robot systems and to give feedback on which ones could potentially find a place in the U.S. Army’s robo stable.

Despite the hundreds of military robots that


Self Sufficient Military Robots

Military nerds believe that they have developed IT tech which can “regenerate” autonomously, allowing it to self-repair in the face of shutdown attempts – and even to learn and develop its capabilities. More terrifyingly still, plans are afoot to put this technology into the US forces’ next generation of robotic weaponry. Armed Robotic Vehicle, Assault,


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