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Human Experimentation Under Depopulation Efforts for HIV Research

The Obama administration has given $80 million in grants to corporations working to produce AIDS related medication ; essentially using taxpayer money to help pharmaceutical companies in an initiative called AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). ADAP has been demanding more and more funding


CIA Performed Experimets on Prisoners

Over the last year there have been an increasing number of accounts suggesting that, along with the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation” torture program, there was a related program experimenting with and RESEARCHING the application of the torture.

For example, in the seven paragraphs released by a British court summarizing observations by British counterintelligence agents


Genetic Engineering Done at Home!

OK, this is pretty scary stuff, considering the possible implications for screw-ups and the intentional creation of killer viruses and bacteria. Imagine a deadly virus that is just as easily passed along as the common rhinovirus (common cold), the result of which would make the plague look like a skinned knee…….



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