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Assange Vows to Release Files on Aliens and UFO’s

Now my life is at risk, says WikiLeaks chief … and he promises to publish files on UFOs and aliens

4th December 2010

The founder of WikiLeaks last night claimed his life was at risk for exposing government secrets.

In an extraordinary rant, Julian Assange also revealed he would publish classified U.S. files


WikiLeaks Boss Served Arrest Warrant for Rape

This video confirms that the Government of Sweden got their wish to have INTERPOL issue an arrest warrant for the owner of boss Julian Assange

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Wikileaks in the Hot Seat

Peter King Looking Pissed and wanting Julian Assanges' Ass in a Sling

Washington’s biggest state secrets – from Arab leaders privately begging for air strikes on Iran to American diplomats spying on UN officials – were laid bare Sunday in a massive online document dump.

The WikiLeaks publication of 250,000


Wikileaks Under Attack Just Before Secret Document Release

“We are currently under a mass distributed denial of service attack,” it said on its Twitter feed earlier today… 11/28/2010.

It added that several newspapers will go ahead and publish the documents released to them by Wikileaks even if the site goes down.

The US state department has said the release will put many lives


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