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Japan on the Verge of Restarting Reactors

Japan is moving a step closer to restarting nuclear reactors as utilities are set to ask for safety inspections at their idled reactors, the clearest sign of Japan’s return to nuclear energy nearly two and a half years after the Fukushima disaster.

With all but two of its 50 reactors off line since the


Japan and S. Korea Ban all U.S. Wheat Following GMO Discovery

U.S. Wheat Banned in Japan, South Korea After Discovery of Monsanto GMO

deadly GM wheat

Japan and parts of South Korea have banned U.S. wheat imports after the discovery of a genetically modified crop in Oregon. Testing has confirmed the GMO wheat comes from the agri-giant Monsanto. The herbicide-resistant strain was field-tested several years


Growth Fears Sends Nikkei to 6 Week Low


Japan’s Nikkei falls to six-week low amid growth fears

value change % 13261.82 –

-512.72 –


Japanese shares fell further in Monday, hurt by weak manufacturing data from China and fears over the US scaling back a key stimulus measure.

The worries are that a slowdown in the US


Experimental GMO Wheat Found in Oregon Farm, Japan Cancels Order

gmo dangers

LONDON (MarketWatch) — Japanese authorities have cancelled a tender offer to buy wheat from the U.S., after unapproved genetically modified wheat was found in an Oregon field, Reuters reported on Thursday.

Other major wheat importers South Korea, China and the Philippines also said they were monitoring the situation, after the find


Japanese Economy Ripping at Seams

The financial system of the third largest economy on the planet is starting to come apart at the seams, and the ripple effects are going to be felt all over the globe. Nobody knew exactly when the Japanese financial system was going to begin to implode, but pretty much everyone knew that a day of


U.S. Economy: The Bubble and the Black Hole

What is going to happen when the greatest economic bubble in the history of the world pops? The mainstream media never talks about that. They are much too busy covering the latest dogfights in Washington and what Justin Bieber has been up to.

And most Americans seem to think that


STD Superbug Discovered in Hawaii

TB bacteria

Say aloha to the new sex “superbug.” A drug-resistant strain of gonorrhea has been confirmed in Hawaii, and doctors are warning that it has the potential to be “a lot worse than AIDS in the short run because the bacteria is more aggressive and will affect people more quickly.” The Centers for Disease Control and


Whitehouse Worried over Japanese Nuclear Plans

Japan is preparing to start up a massive nuclear-fuel reprocessing plant over the objections of the Obama administration, which fears the move may stoke a broader race for nuclear technologies and even weapons in North Asia and the Middle East.

A 2012 photo shows the Rokkasho nuclear-fuel processing plant’s control center in northern


China Deploys More Military Hardware near Disputed Islands with Japan

Chinese military planes, mostly fighter jets, made more than 40 flights close to Tokyo-controlled islands at the center of a territorial dispute on a single day this week, a press report said Saturday.


The flights took place on Tuesday, when eight Chinese marine surveillance ships entered the 12-nautical-mile territorial zone off


Users of TOR Anonymous Network Targeted by Police

Japanese police target users of Tor anonymous network The hacker “Demon Killer” taunted police via remotely compromised computers Japanese people who “abuse” the Tor anonymous browsing network could be blocked from using it.

The recommendation was made in a report drawn up for the National Police Agency (NPA) in Japan by a panel of technology


Japan Hit Record for Aircraft Scrambled Against China

Japan scrambled fighter jets 306 times in response to Chinese aircraft in fiscal 2012 through March, a record high, the Defense Ministry’s Joint Staff said Wednesday.

Scrambles by Air Self-Defense Force jets against Chinese aircraft rose due to heightened tensions over the Japanese-administered Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea following Japan’s purchase last


Japan Mistakenly Tweets North Korean Missile Attack

OFFICIALS in the Japanese city of Yokohama were left red-faced today after mistakenly announcing the launch of a North Korean missile to 40,000 followers on Twitter.

The city, south of Tokyo, prematurely fired its tweet, announcing “North Korea has launched a missile” with blank spaces to indicate the exact time.

Patriot missile interceptor batteries


Japanese Prisons: Don’t do the Crime if you Can’t do this Time

TOKYO – On Feb. 21, Japan hanged three death-row inmates. These executions, the first in 18 months, took place only a few months after Shinzo Abe‘s new government took office.

There is no question as to whether Abe will use his mandate to abolish the death penalty. During his previous stint as Prime


N. Korea Threatening Japan

kim jong un

North Korea has lashed out at Japan for calling for “independent additional sanctions” against Pyongyang.

The North’s official Korean Central News Agency carried a statement from the Foreign Ministry Sunday saying that it would be a fatal mistake for Japan if it thinks it will be safe when a war breaks out on the Korean


China Trying to “Wear Out” Japans Navy


China’s naval and paramilitary ships are churning up the ocean around islands it disputes with Tokyo in what experts say is a strategy to overwhelm the numerically inferior Japanese forces that must sail out to detect and track the flotillas.

A daily stream of bulletins announce ship deployments into the East China Sea, naval


Russia Denies it Violated Japanese Air Space, Japan Scrambles Fighters

Two Russian fighter jets briefly entered Japan’s air space near disputed islands and the northern island of Hokkaido on Thursday, prompting Japan to scramble combat fighters and lodge a protest, Japan’s Foreign Ministry said.

Russia, which is currently holding military maneuvers around the disputed Kurile islands, denied any such intrusion took place.

Former Japanese


China Locks Missile Radar on Japanese Ship

dispute location

A Chinese navy frigate has locked its weapon-targeting radar on a Japanese ship, Tokyo says, amid mounting tensions over a territorial row.

Japanese Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera said the incident happened on 30 January near islands claimed by both nations in the East China Sea.

Image shows approximate location of incident.

He said


Top Japanese Official: Elderly Should Hurry up and Die

Taro Aso

TOKYO – Taro Aso has never been one to hold his tongue. But Japan’s 72 year-old deputy prime minister may have outdone himself with his latest gaffe.

At a government panel to discuss social security reforms, the former prime minister called the elderly who are unable to feed themselves “tube people,”


Japan Defends Right to Fire Warning Shots at China

japanese flag

Japan says it may fire warning shots and take other measures to keep foreign aircraft from violating its airspace in the latest verbal blast between Tokyo and Beijing that raises concerns that a dispute over hotly contested islands could spin out of control.

Japanese officials made the comments after Chinese fighters tailed its warplanes


Japan and China Both Scramble Military Jets


Tensions continued to escalate between Japan and China over disputed islets in the East China Sea on Thursday, with Japan reportedly sending two F-15s from Naha, Okinawa, after several Chinese military aircraft crossed into its Air defense identification zone (ADIZ). China responded by scrambling two J-10s of its own.

Japan’s Air Self-Defense Force spotted


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