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Antarctic Ice Melting Increasing

For the first time, scientists have managed to demonstrate that ten times more ice melts in the summer months on the Antarctic Peninsula now than it did 600 years ago.

Antarctic, with the Antarctic Peninsula highlighted. [NASA]

The Antarctic Peninsula is the biggest and most prominent peninsula in Antarctica. It consists of a rugged mountain


Life Discovered in Unlikely Environment


Scientists drilling in Lake Whillans, a remote body of water buried 2,600 feet below the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, have discovered evidence of living bacteria.

The water samples were first removed from the ice sheet at 6:20am on Monday, January 28, by the U.S. research team Whillans Ice Stream Subglacial Access Research Drilling, or


New York Stock Exchange Sold for 8.2 Billion


NYSE-Euronext is a 220 year old icon of global finance, but its 12 year-old Atlanta-based rival, IntercontinentalExchange (ICE) will buy it for $8.2 billion, according to a deal that has just been announced.

This revelation surprised a lot of people on the Street who thought all the exchange horse trading of


ICE Morale Plunges

As a direct result of Obama’s new policy regarding Illegal immigrants the folks over at ICE have become despondent over their reduced control and dominance, when you take control and dominance away from psychopathic control freaks that is what can happen. If you ask me, they should just be glad to have decent paying


Greenland Ice Sheet Melted in 4 Days

Greenland ice melted in four days…

The Greenland ice sheet melted at a faster rate this month than at any other time in recorded history, with virtually the entire ice sheet showing signs of thaw.

The rapid melting over just four days was captured by three satellites. It has stunned and alarmed scientists, and


ICE Agents Seize Sport Websites

Federal authorities said Thursday they had seized and shuttered 307 domains, 16 allegedly engaged in unauthorized live sports streaming and the remainder accused of selling fake professional sports merchandise, including National Football League paraphernalia.

ICE showing off a past seizure of goods from website terminations

The seizure, the biggest to date under the


ICE: Crackdown on Illegals, Criminals

Federal officials announced Tuesday the arrests of more than 2,400 illegal immigrants in a seven-day crackdown targeting those who are convicted criminals.

The operation, called Cross Check, was conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs officials in May, federal officials said in a press release.

“The results of this operation underscore ICE’s ongoing focus on arresting


The Right to Seize your Computer

The Government can Examine your Computer at Will

In what was presented to the public this week as a clarification of its privacy policy, the US Dept. of Homeland Security published a paper referring to new guidelines for its immigration and customs agents regarding how they may conduct border searches of travelers’ computers


Methane Time Bomb

Scientists say they have evidence that the powerful greenhouse gas methane is escaping from the Arctic sea-bed.

Methane Molecule

Researchers say this could be evidence of a predicted positive feedback effect of climate change.

As temperatures rise, the sea-bed grows warmer and frozen water crystals in the sediment break down, allowing methane trapped


North Pole May Completely Melt This Summer

scientists reveal new evidence of dramatic climate change

It seems unthinkable, but for the first time in human history, ice is on course to disappear entirely from the North Pole this year.

The disappearance of the Arctic sea ice, making it possible to reach the Pole sailing in a boat through open


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