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Girl Cured of Cancer Using HIV

Cancer Cure


Researchers Claim HIV Breakthrough Within Months

Researchers believe that there will be a breakthrough in finding a cure for HIV “within months”.

With modern HIV treatment if medication is stopped, HIV reservoirs become active and start to produce more of the virus

Danish scientists are expecting results that will show that “finding a mass-distributable and affordable cure to HIV is


14 Adults “Cured” of HIV

Two weeks after the revelation that a baby has been “cured” of HIV, reports suggest that a similar treatment can cure some adults too. Early treatment seems crucial, but does not guarantee success.

Asier Sáez-Cirión of the Pasteur Institute’s unit for regulation


First “Functional” HIV Cure for Infants Documented in U.S.

Doctors in the US have made medical history by effectively curing a child born with HIV, the first time such a case has been documented.

The infant, who is now two and a half, needs no medication for HIV, has a normal life expectancy and is highly unlikely to be infectious to others, doctors


NY Hospitals Warn Thousands of Accidental HIV Exposure

A hospital in New York State has notified 1,915 patients that they may have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C – days after another hospital in NY admitted making the same mistake – through reusing insulin pens, used by diabetics.

Insulin Injection Pen

Olean General Hospital is mailing 1,915 patients who


Drug Convictions Ban Many From Food Stamps


If she’d committed rape or murder, Carla could have gotten assistance to feed herself and her children, but because the crime she committed was related to drugs, she can’t.

Carla walked into my office with despair in her eyes. I was surprised. Carla has been doing well in her four months out of prison;


Girls Cancer Cured with HIV

emma whitehead

PHILIPSBURG, Pa. — Emma Whitehead has been bounding around the house lately, practicing somersaults and rugby-style tumbles that make her parents wince.

emma whitehead

It is hard to believe, but last spring Emma, then 6, was near death from leukemia. She had relapsed twice after chemotherapy,


Human Experimentation Under Depopulation Efforts for HIV Research

The Obama administration has given $80 million in grants to corporations working to produce AIDS related medication ; essentially using taxpayer money to help pharmaceutical companies in an initiative called AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). ADAP has been demanding more and more funding


Canadian Doctors Urge Obama, Romney to End Drug War

Two prominent Canadian doctors have joined an international campaign calling on world leaders to stop the spread of AIDS by ending the so-called war on drugs.

Their advertising campaign is being launched today and is endorsed by supporters of the 2010 Vienna Declaration, which urges governments to write evidence-based drug


Man Who Spread HIV Held Beyond Sentence

The state can try to keep a sex offender who infected at least 13 women with the virus that causes AIDS locked up beyond the 12-year prison sentence he completed in April, a judge ruled on Monday.

Nushawn Williams

Prosecutors can use the state’s civil-confinement law — intended to keep the most dangerous


Biological Weapons Threat

A range of highly virulent super viruses are created in the lab all the time, imagine what could be made or is being made behind the closed doors of the world’s superpowers, there is no doubt (in my mind) that viruses have been created that could strip the world of most of its population in


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