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Hitler Hated These: Newly Released Photos


These are the private photographs Adolf Hitler didn’t want anyone to see.

Taken by photographer Heinrich Hoffmann, the extraordinary pictures show Hitler rehearsing while listening to a recording of one of his own speeches. They were reportedly taken in 1925, soon after Hitler was released from a nine-month stint in prison during


Comparing Hitler to Turkish Prime Minister

All political comparisons aside, you gotta love this similar facial comparison

Adolf Hitler Running for a 3rd Assembly Term in India


Adolf Hitler is running for election in India. So is Frankenstein.

The tiny northeast Indian state of Meghalaya has a special fascination for interesting and sometimes controversial names, and the ballot for state elections Saturday is proof.

Among the 345 contestants running for the state assembly are Frankenstein Momin, Billykid Sangma, Field Marshal Mawphniang


Board of Education President Compares Obama to Hitler

obama smokes

Until this week, few people in Ohio could have named the president of the State Board of Education, even if Vanna White gave them a sneak peak at all of the vowels and most of the consonants.

Presidents of these kinds of boards don’t usually make headlines unless they abscond with the funds or kidnap


DHS Graduates First Round of Recruits

dhs grads

The federal government calls them FEMA Corps. But they conjure up memories of the Hitler Youth of 1930’s Germany. Regardless of their name, the Dept of Homeland Security has just graduated its first class of 231 Homeland Youth. Kids, aged 18-24 and recruited from the President’s AmeriCorp volunteers, they represent the first wave of


Enemies of Israel Attacked by Advanced “Cyber-Espionage Worm”

Iranian security experts report a virus far more dangerous than the Stuxnet worm has struck the country’s computer systems.

Dubbed the “Flame,” the virus is one that has struck not only Iran, however, but a number of other enemies of Israel as well.

The Kaspersky Internet security firm is calling the “Flame” data-stealing


Fresh Prince Minimizes Hitler

US actor Will Smith has stunned fans by reportedly declaring that Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was essentially a “good” person.

In an interview with Scottish newspaper The Daily Record, the 39-year-old Men In Black star said he did not believe Hitler fully understood what effect his policies would have.

“Even Hitler


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