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GMO: Already Done to Humans

By Dr. Mercola

When I first read that genetically modified humans have already been born, I could hardly believe it. However, further research into this story featured in the UK’s Daily Mail1 proved it to be true. They’ve really done it… they’ve created humans that nature could never allow for, and it’s


GMO Foods: Documented Health Risks More Deception

The Research is Rigged

There are two types of research regarding GM (genetically modified) food — independent science and corporate science. It’s not hard to decide which one to trust.

By Dr. Mercola

Jeffrey Smith, featured in the video above, is the executive director of the Institute for Responsible


U.S. Begs Europe to Accept Genetically Modified Food

A top US trade official said she will bang down the door of the European Commission Thursday in a bid to break a long-standing impasse blocking the march of genetically-modified foods.

“When Europeans come to the United States, they come and enjoy our cuisine without any fears,” Deputy US Trade Representative Miriam Sapiro


Genetic Engineering Done at Home!

OK, this is pretty scary stuff, considering the possible implications for screw-ups and the intentional creation of killer viruses and bacteria. Imagine a deadly virus that is just as easily passed along as the common rhinovirus (common cold), the result of which would make the plague look like a skinned knee…….



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