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Again: Israel Attacks Gaza Following Hamas Rocket Attack


Israeli aircraft have pounded targets in the Gaza Strip, the country’s military said, after six rockets were fired at Israel from the territory.

The military said its aircraft struck two weapons storage facilities and a rocket launch site. No injuries


Hamas Force Policing Gaza to Stop Rocket Fire Into Israel

Hamas has deployed a 600-man military force in the Gaza Strip that operates 24 hours a day in order to prevent rocket fire at Israel, a senior Arab source told The Times of Israel on Monday.

Hamas Security in Gaza

Since Egypt — with the election a year ago of President Mohammed


IAF Enacts Revenge for “Rocket Drizzle”


Israel will not tolerate a “drizzle” of rockets on its territory, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the cabinet Sunday, explaining an IAF strike in Gaza hours earlier against a terror facility and weapons storage site in southern Gaza.

israeli air force

The IAF action was in response to overnight rocket fire on the


Israeli Spy Satellite Spots Iranian Weapons Ship Bound for Gaza


Israel has reportedly vowed to destroy rockets and other weapons being sent to Gaza by Iran. Tel Aviv issued this threat despite a recent ceasefire following eight days of bitter conflict between Gaza and Israel.

Shahab Missile

Israeli spy satellites spotted a cargo vessel in the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas that was allegedly


Nasrallah: Ground Invasion for Israel Would be a Mistake


BEIRUT: Hamas has the capacity to engage militarily in a ground operation with Israel, should the Jewish State decide to launch one, Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said over the weekend.

Mammoth Israeli Bomb in Gaza city. Seen in the image is smoke billowing from a spot targeted by an Israeli air strike


Israel Targeted with Mass Cyber Attacks Over Gaza


JERUSALEM: Israel admitted Sunday it has been targeted in a mass cyber-warfare campaign that has witnessed millions of attempts to hack state websites since the start of its Gaza offensive four days ago.

Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz told reporters the government had been forced to wage war on “a second front” — of cyber


Hamas Prime Minister Office Destroyed

hamas prime minister office destroyed

Aftermath from Destruction of Hamas Prime Minister Office

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GAZA CITY — Israel broadened its assault on the Gaza Strip on Saturday from mostly military targets to centers of government infrastructure, obliterating the four-story headquarters of the Hamas prime minister with a


IDF Moves on Gaza

Palestinian militants barraged Israel with more than 200 rockets on Thursday, killing three people as Israel pressed a punishing campaign of airstrikes on militant targets across the Gaza Strip. Three rockets targeted the densely populated Tel Aviv area, setting off air raid sirens in brazen attacks that threatened to trigger an Israeli ground invasion of


Israel Takes Another Gaza Supply Ship

Israel risked a new wave of international condemnation today when its troops boarded a boat attempting to break the blockade of Gaza and forcibly diverted it to the port of Ashdod.

Five days after the botched assault on a six-boat flotilla ended in the deaths of nine activists and international isolation for Israel, an unknown


Israeli Defense Force Raids Gaza Supply Boats

JERUSALEM – At least 10 people were killed as Israeli forces stormed a boat carrying pro-Palestinian activists bound for Gaza, Israeli television and radio stations reported on Monday.

According to Israel’s private channel 10 television, Israeli marine commandos had opened fire after being attacked with axes and knives by a number of the passengers on


Gaza: World’s Largest Prison

Forty-two years of military occupation and sixteen years of the Oslo Process have made Gaza a smaller place. Already one of the most densely-populated strips of land in the world, its population has grown during this period from less than 360,000 in 1967 to 1.5 million today. Meanwhile, its borders have not only become more


White Phosphorus Shells hit Gaza UN Building

CNN’s John Roberts talked with John Ging who is the director of United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Gaza. Ging believes that Israeli shells that recently struck the U.N. complex contained white phosphorus. “It looks and smells like phosphorus and it’s burning like phosphorus. That’s all I can say. That’s why I’m calling


Huge Weapons Delivery to Israel

The Pentagon plans to make a large arms delivery to Israel, rising fears that the military campaign in Gaza will go on for a long time.

The US is trying to hire a merchant ship that can carry hundreds of tons of weapons from Greece to Israel later this month; Reuters reported citing tender documents


Hamas Claims Rockets Launched by Israeli Infiltrators

Hamas is now claiming that the cease fire was violated not by them, but by Israeli infiltrators inside Gaza who launched missiles at themselves in order to give Israel a good excuse to invade… do we or can we really believe that?

The Hamas rulers of Gaza Strip on Tuesday lashed out at gunners who


Gaza Strip Turned Into Living Nightmare

I think Hamas Should seriously “RE-Think” their tactics and just loosen up, if they stop attacking Israel with these relatively feeble rocket attacks the devastation would stop.

GAZA: A dentist stood at the bed of a doctor, his good friend Ehab Madhoun, 32, who had just died, his shrapnel-pitted body wrapped in a


Olmert Ready to Attack Gaza

Tel Aviv – Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warned Friday that Israel might soon launch a large-scale military operation in the Gaza Strip.

Decision day was drawing closer, the premier said at Tel Aviv airport on his return from a visit to the United States.

The pendulum was swinging more towards military action than to


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