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Solar Impulse Completes U.S. Coast to Coast Flight

On Saturday evening the solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse touched down safely at John F. Kennedy International Airport, completing its coast-to-coast journey across the domestic United States. The aircraft took off from Mountain View, California on May 3rd, piloted at the time by Bertrand Piccard.

Solar Impulse


It was the first


Snowden’s Flight from Moscow to Cuba was a Ruse

edward snowden

Moscow: Adding more twist to the mystery about whereabouts of NSA leaker Edward Snowden, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday that the US whistleblower had not crossed Russian border, reports said. Speaking at a press conference, Lavrow slammed the US for its comments against Russia in wake of the reports of Edward Snowden


Snowden Skips Flight from Moscow to Cuba

NSA leaker Edward Snowen’s seat on the flight he booked from Moscow to Havana was empty on Monday, but if the throng of reporters who gathered at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport to interview Snowden had done their research, they would have realized he was never likely to board the plane.

The flight Snowden booked


Inciting a Riot: U.S. Military Flies 2 B-2 Bombers Over South Korea


The United States said two nuclear-capable B-2 stealth bombers flew “deterrence” missions over South Korea on Thursday, defying apocalyptic threats of retribution from North Korea against ongoing war games.

B-2 Cockpit

The deployment of the stealth bombers were clearly meant to deliver a potent message to Pyongyang about the US commitment to defending South


Wright Brothers Not First in Flight

BRIDGEPORT, CONN. — The 100th anniversary edition of Jane’s All the World Aircraft, long considered the bible of just about every human-made object that got off the ground, will credit Bridgeport’s Gustave Whitehead as the first man to build an operational heavier-than-air aircraft.

Dedication of the Gustav Whitehead Memorial Fountain, in Bridgeport, Conn. May


Iran Doctors Photo to Show “New Fighter Jet” in Flight

qaher 313 in flight

Iran’s freshly unveiled fighter jet has already been derided by aviation experts who likened the plane to a mock-up model and expressed serious doubts over whether it could actually fly.

And a new picture of the domestically produced Qaher-313 apparently soaring over Iranian mountains has done little to curb scepticism, amid claims the plane


Russia Flew Tons of Cash to Syria

plane cash

This past summer, as the Syrian economy began to unravel and the military pressed hard against an armed rebellion, a Syrian government plane ferried what flight records describe as more than 200 tons of “bank notes” from Moscow.

The records of overflight requests were obtained by ProPublica. The flights occurred during a


US Airways Turns Away Dog Hero “Kevin”

kevin bomb sniffing dog

A bomb-sniffing military dog that has served two tours in Afghanistan was refused passage on a U.S. commercial flight to the Democratic National Convention last week by a pilot who was concerned the K-9 could be aggressive.

kevin bomb sniffing dog

The 6-year-old German shepherd named Kevin was prevented from boarding a US Airways


Woman Kicked off Flight: Retaliation, Child-Like Behavior by TSA

drink testing tsa

A TSA screener admitted to a woman traveling through Houston Airport that she was prevented from boarding her flight for retaliatory reasons as punishment for a bad attitude rather than any genuine security threat, after the woman refused to allow TSA agents to test her drink for explosives.

The audio and video in


Retarded Boy Banned From American Airlines Flight


The parents of a teenager with Down syndrome say they suspect they were kept off an American Airlines flight because the pilot didn’t want a disabled child in first class, while the carrier counters the decision was made for safety reasons.

It happened Sunday as Robert Vanderhorst, his wife and their 16-year-old son Bede


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