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MOP: Penetrator Bomb now Capable of Eliminating Iranian Enrichment Facilities

US defense planners have rebuilt the country’s biggest bomb, the bunker buster, to ensure the country can still destroy Iran’s fortified underground nuclear plant.

Iran’s fortification of the Fordow Enrichment Plant, where it has thousands of centrifuges refining uranium that could be converted into a nuclear bomb, has drawn warnings from Israel that the


Iran Says it Wont Stop Enriching Uranium


The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) says the Islamic Republic will not stop enriching uranium for its nuclear energy program.

Aerial Photo of the Fordow Nuclear Facility in Iran

“We produced 20-percent-enriched uranium for Tehran’s Research Reactor and we will continue producing it as long as we need the fuel,”


Spy Device in Iran Explodes Upon Discovery


A spy device camouflaged as a rock exploded when it came into contact with Iranian troops near an underground nuclear enrichment plant, The Sunday Times reported this week.

Last month, Revolutionary Guards at the Fordo nuclear facility, near the northern city of Qom, came across the rock and attempted to move it, according to


Iran Strikes Back: Cuts Oil to Six EU Countries

Iranian state TV says Tehran has cut oil exports to six European countries in response to European Union sanctions, which include a boycott of new oil contracts with Iran.

The World Runs on Oil

No details were immediately made available on the Press TV report on Wednesday, including which six nations were affected by


Bad Timing: Iran Reportedly Expanding Enrichment

A hardline newspaper close to Iran’s rulers says the country has begun uranium enrichment at a well-protected underground facility.

Nuclear Enrichment Centrifuge

Reports were received yesterday that shows Iran has begun uranium enrichment at the Fordo facility amid heightened foreign enemy threats,” the paper said in a front-page report. Kayhan’s manager is a


Iran Still refusing to Stop Enrichment

TEHRAN, Iran – Iran won’t stop uranium enrichment activities the U.N. has demanded it halt, the country’s nuclear chief said Monday.

Iran says it needs stockpiles for a medical research reactor, and that the level of enrichment — up to 20 percent — is far below the more than 90 percent needed to build a


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