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FDR Fusion Drive Could Cut Mars Travel to 30 Days

NASA, and plenty of private individuals, want to put mankind on Mars. Now a team at the University of Washington being funded by the space agency is about to start building a fusion engine that could get humans there in just 30 days and make other forms of space travel obsolete.


Irish County Wants to Allow Drinking and Driving

A county council in south-west Ireland has voted to back a motion allowing for people living in isolated areas to drink and drive.

The motion was passed by Kerry county council on Monday by five votes to three, with the remainder of the councillors either absent or abstaining.

It supports the


Reach of Surveillance Amplified With Increased Data Storage

This Swiss army knife complete with 1 terabyte USB costing between $2500-3000

A wave of concern about a software program called TrapWire, designed to detect terrorists casing possible targets, appears to be unjustified, as was recently reported.

Based on stolen corporate e-mails posted by WikiLeaks, some reports


Saudi Woman Sentenced to ‘Whipping’ for Driving, Will Not Be Flogged

Jastaniah was one of many Saudi women who got behind the wheel last summer to protest the archaic law forbidding women from driving, which is both a symbol and embodiment of the country’s harsh treatment of its women. That September, she was sentenced to a punishment as barbaric as the law it was enforcing: ten


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