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Eating and Drinking up, Manufacturing Down

For a long time we have been seeking a chart that captures the pure essence of America’s transition into its “new normal” mutant clone, in which record high stock markets coexist with record high foodstamp usage; in which record public debt amounts coexist with record low interest rates; in which the Fed is responsible for


N. Korean General Executed for Drinking

general executed

Attendees of the Funeral for Kim Jong-il

A high-ranking North Korean Army official was reportedly executed with a mortar round for drinking liquor during the 100-day mourning period after Kim Jong-il’s death, South Korean media reported on Thursday.

According to the Chosun Ilbo daily, General Kim Chol, who served as vice minister of the


Your Tax Dollars: U.S. Mercenaries Drunk, Shooting IV Drugs in Afghanistan

Cellphone video recorded earlier this year at an operations center of a U.S. defense contractor in Kabul, Afghanistan appears to show key personnel staggeringly drunk or high on narcotics, in what former employees say was a pattern of outrageous behavior that put American lives at risk and went undetected by U.S. military officials who are


Nuclear Transport Agents Drinking on Job

Federal agents tasked with driving the United States’ nuclear weapons around the country in trucks to keep the arsenal safe from terrorists were drinking while on overnight convoy missions, according to a report by the U.S. Energy Department’s watchdog.

The department’s assistant inspector general, Sandra Bruce, said her office reviewed 16 incidents from 2007


Had Bush Been Drinking?

Have you heard the rumors that Bush had started drinking again during a part of his administration?, well here is some possible video evidence of his intoxication during a press conference.

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