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DARPA Researching Oxytocin

The Pentagon’s loftiest research agency wants to add a little love to national security. Sort of. In a new request for research proposals, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is asking investigators to develop refined techniques for the measurement of oxytocin — a neurohormone implicated in myriad human behaviors, but best


DARPA: Perfect Speech Recognition, Conversations Stored Forever

George H.W. Bush operations

The Pentagon’s blue-sky researchers are funding a project that uses crowdsourcing to improve how machines analyze our speech. Even more radical: Darpa wants to make systems so accurate, you’ll be able to easily record, transcribe and recall all the conversations you ever have.

Navy information technicians aboard the U.S.S. George H.W. Bush on Jan.


DARPA: Robot Satellite Salvagers


A research team at the Pentagon has reported launched a new project aimed at harvesting parts from old communication satellites in an attempt to use them to make new ones.

The project, which is being led by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA),


DARPA Seeks to Scatter “Sleeping” Weapons Under the Ocean

The U.S. Navy is attempting to develop a stealth underwater system capable of providing worldwide “operational support and situational awareness,” according to a Jan. 11 release from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The announcement, called “Falling Up”, cites cost and


Hidden Darkness Behind DARPA’s Sunshine

The DARPA Vacuum

A conscious, pragmatic movement, as well informed as it is technically competent, pursuing advanced localism, post-scarcityand the reduction of disparity, elitism, insidiously imposed social engineering, and economic interdependency, has little to fear as it moves forward. However, as the paradigm-shift exists now – there lacks any clear vision


DARPA Researching Drone Submarines


Surveillance drones in US airspace is soon to be inevitable, but what about unmanned vehicles patrolling the seas? The Pentagon is working hard at perfecting a stealth underwater drone for maritime monitoring.

Drone submarine being tested in tank

Science Applications International Corporation of McLean, Virginia was recently awarded a contract from the Pentagon’s Defense


DARPA: Super Soldier Research Heavily Funded

Super Soldier

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has a $2 billion yearly budget for research into creating a super solider as well as developing a synthetic police force. Working with the human genome, DARPA hopes to manipulate certain gene expressions. In experimentation, DARPA and the military industrial pharmaceutical complex are using natural


DARPA: Cheetah Robot Runs Faster than Fastest Man

Cheetah robot ‘runs faster than fastest man, Usain Bolt’

The Cheetah Robot developed by Boston Dynamics breaks the speed record – Video courtesy of Darpa and Boston Dynamics

A robot called Cheetah has set a new world speed record for legged robots, running faster than the fastest human.

The headless machine, funded by


DARPA Researches Genetic Manipulation to Create Super Soldiers

The US military’s future technology division is reportedly eyeing tampering with soldiers’ genes, allowing them to go for days without food or sleep and re-grow limbs lost in battle or due to landmines.

Scientists at the Pentagon’s high-tech Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency hope to find a way to affect certain genes to


DARPA: M3 Robotic Actuation Challenge Program

It was only a few months ago that DARPA initiated their ambitious Robotics Challenge that reserves a cash prize for a (probably) humanoid robot that can drive to a disaster area and perform several rescue functions including breaking through rubble and closing off a leaky pipe. But a rescue robot won’t be


H1N1 Vaccine Created by DARPA from GMO Tobacco

A DARPA-funded vaccine company working on ways to quickly develop immunizations for potential pandemics, has successfully made over 10 million doses of H1N1 flu vaccine in a single month.

The company, Medicago Inc., used a “rapid-fire,” plant-based production method to make them, according to DARPA. The plants used in this case, however, aren’t factories,



“Because the origins of cyberattack have been in the intelligence community, there’s a tendency to believe that simply doing more of what they’re doing will get us what we need,” said Kaigham J. Gabriel, acting director of DARPA. “That’s not the way we see it. There’s a different speed, scale and range of capabilities that


Hypersonic Test Results Released by Pentagon

The results are in from last summer’s attempt to test new technology that would provide the Pentagon with a lightning-fast vehicle, capable of delivering a military strike anywhere in the world in less than an hour.


In August the Pentagon’s research arm, known as the More…

VR Contact Lenses a Reality

Contact lenses that help enhance normal vision with megapixel 3D panoramic images are being designed by scientists using military funding.

For those who do not want to rely on contact lenses, future versions could involve lenses directly implanted within the eye, researchers added.

Over the decades, the video displays that


DARPA Funding Interstellar Travel Study

A government agency that helped invent the Internet wants to award an organization $500,000 in seed money to begin studying what it would take to send people to

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, wants a study that would take a look at what it would take organizationally, technically, sociologically, and ethically to


DARPA Targets Social Networking as Weapon

The Pentagon is developing plans to use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter as both a resource and a weapon in future conflicts. Its research and development agency is offering $42 million in funding to anyone who can help.

Social media will change the nature of warfare just as surely as the telegraph, the


DARPA Developing Telepathy Technology

The Pentagon’s Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is currently developing technology that will allow soldiers of the future to communicate via telepathic mind signals.

The aim is to “allow user-to-user communication on the battlefield without the use of vocalized speech through analysis of neural signals.”

It is a program program called Silent Talk.


Insight Program: DARPA’s Ubiquitous Intelligence

Aircraft Intelligence collection station

The Pentagon’s surveillance net is massive. But it was holes and seams. Spy drone videos and communications intercepts may be aimed at the same target. Analysts have a hard time flipping easily from one kind of intel to the other, however — allowing those targets to get away.


Remote Ultrasonic Neuromodulation

Dr. William J. Tyler is an Assistant Professor in the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University, is a co-founder and the CSO of SynSonix, Inc., and a member of the 2010 DARPA Young Faculty Award class.

Every single aspect of human sensation, perception, emotion, and behavior is regulated by


Vehicle Tracking: Radar Around Corners

US Military Scientists are developing what they claim is a “spy in the sky” – a remote-controlled airborne detection system which can bounce radar off buildings to follow a vehicle though a city.

According to the ‘New Scientist’, Pentagon’s Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is developing the new radar system, which sees around corners


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