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U.S. Government May be Worlds Most Prolific Hacker


The United States government is investing tens of millions of dollars each year on offensive hacking operations in order to exploit vulnerabilities in the computers of its adversaries, Reuters reports.

air force cyber command


According to an in-depth article published Friday by journalist Joseph Menn, the US and its Department of Defense contractors


Internet Spies, Government Hackers

After October 1 thousands of US military hackers and spies will get down to their cyber war activities.

The declarations for taking cyber defense measures can be heard more and more often in the US. US analysts state that information and communication networks, on which the national infrastructure depends on, are becoming vulnerable for cyber


DoD Seeks More Control Of Private Data Networks

The U.S. military wants to exert more influence over the protection of power grids, transportation networks and financial network systems, a Pentagon official says in a broad-ranging essay published in Foreign Affairs.

In cyberwar, who’s in charge?

To do so the Pentagon is urging that its defense expertise be put


FCC Considers Cyber Security Role

Yet another federal agency envisions a possible broader role for itself in securing private sector Internet infrastructure. The Federal Communications Commission issued on August 9 a notice (.pdf) soliciting public comment on an anticipated FCC plan to address vulnerabilities to core Internet protocols, as well as cybersecurity threats to all end users.



Activation of U.S. CYBERCOM (Cyber Command)

On June 23 U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates signed a memorandum that announced the launch of U.S. Cyber Command (CYBERCOM). A plan by sec-urocrats in the works for several years, the order specifies that the new office will be a “subordinate unified command” under U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM).

According to the memorandum, CYBERCOM


Government Cyber Attacks in Georgia

Right along with bombs guns and bullets come cyber attacks on the government computer systems of Georgia, who at the time of this article is in a military conflict with Russia.

Cyber Attack

As Georgian troops retreated to defend their capital from Russian attack, the websites of their government, also under fire, retreated


Busted Hacker May Get Job With Cops

Nine months ago Whitianga teenager Owen Walker faced the possibility of extradition by the FBI for cyber crime. Yesterday he walked free from the High Court in Hamilton with the prospect of a career with the New Zealand police or an overseas computer company before him. In an extraordinary move backed by police, Justice Judith


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