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Legislation: U.S. Must Back Israel in Iranian Conflict

senator graham

A bipartisan group of US senators are pushing for a legislation to force the government to prop up any military action that the Israeli government adopts against Iran in “self-defense.”

The non-binding measure, introduced by Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Robert Menendez (D-NJ), is actually aimed at pushing President Barack Obama to intensify sanctions against


China Willing to Risk “Minor” Conflict with Japan Over Disputed Island

china japan disputed island

BEIJING – A Chinese official suggested the country was willing to risk a “minor conflict” over its territorial dispute with Japan, saying it was prepared to chase off Japan Coast Guard vessels from waters around the Senkaku Islands.

The statement follows an announcement by China’s foreign ministry Sept. 14 that it has submitted


Comparison: How Much of a Threat is Iran to the U.S.

Iran plays a critical role in the Persian Gulf and, with its strategic geography, totally dominates the northern gulf and the Strait of Hormuz. But does it have enough resources to block and hold the strategic route in the event of military conflict?

Asymmetric war policy

­Iran is a relatively inferior military


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